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   Chapter 2 2. Those Sapphire Eyes.

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HAZEL.I woke up with the harsh shouting of Ruth and Anna, exactly near my ears. Annoyingly I asked, "Why the hell are you two shouting like this?" "Because you don't come here to sleep but to have adventure. Right? So time for fun," Ruth shouted again.I dragged myself from the bed to be ready. Within an hour we all gathered together in the middle of the camp and we were divided into five groups along with one Prof. as a group head. Our group included Ruth, Anna, Helen, Christi, Nick, me and Prof. Harry. Prof. Harry had a really handsome flawless face with his sharp jawline, narrow sky blue eyes and thin eyebrows and he was always very gentle and helpful towards me. We got a task to complete like other teams which would complete their task first and returned to their camp before others would be considered as winners. We started our journey towards the forest though Boreal forest owned a large area of Northern zone but we had a map and compass and of course Google so there was no chance of getting lost. There was a mound in the middle of the forest, we had to reach there and plant our flags before others. That was the task."It is going to be an easy task so we should walk fast," said Anna, "We have to win the special prize and especially we will be free from preparing dinner for tonight as a reward. I am so excited"After shouting excitedly, Anna started running exactly the opposite way leaving us behind. "Anna, you fool! You are going exactly the opposite way. This is how you will win my dumb girl?" asked Ruth with a smirk. Anna instantly came back but with a grumpy face and they started again their usual arguing.After a long 40 minutes' walk we all started losing our enthusiasm one by one as we didn't reach even one third of our destination. So we decided for a short break. As the temperature was around 10.c so it was quite cold and we all were in our winter clothes. I put on a red fur coat, a pair of black denim jeans and red boots with matching earrings. Prof. Henry sat beside me on the huge rock and gently murmured, "Already tired, Hazel?" I was so drowned in praising the mesmerizing beauty of nature I didn't notice him and slightly startled. I replied mockingly, "Yes Sir, after all I am not as fit as you." His eyes were as serene as a morning dew, with an angelic smile in his fuller lips he whispered exactly near my ears, "But you are the most beautiful girl I have seen, Hazel." Then he left slowly after winking at me causing Goosebumps all over my bodies. That reply was really unexpected.My two demon friends attacked me when we started to walk again and started throwing their numerous questions towards me."Was Prof. trying to flirt with you, Hazel?" asked Ruth."No no I think it is love. I was guessing from the very beginning that he likes you." Declared Anna.Ruth murmured, "Have you seen the way he stares at you? This is indeed love. So our friend is going to be the girlfriend of the hottest Prof. of our college I can't-"Ruth was cut in the middle of the sentence as Anna demanded, "I want a grand treat. You have to give

us a party."I replied blushingly, "Are you two going to shut up? There is nothing like that. We just had a normal conversation. After all he is my sir and I-"Ruth added, cutting me in the middle, "Yes, the hottest sir of us and all girls have a crush on him."I replied hastily, "But I have no interest in him. So please stop this now otherwise we are going to be in trouble if anyone hears it."I absentmindedly looked at Prof. Henry, his fair complexion glowing but at the moment when he stared at me raising one eyebrow and with a mischievous smile I got back my senses and instantly looked away with a blush on my cheeks. That was really awkward.We had already crossed the halfway line of our destination and it was already noon suddenly I heard a loud shout of Helen exactly from my behind and within a second a large wild cat attacked me from my left side and I fell on the ground. The black wild cat was exactly on me ready to bite, its saliva was drooling over my right cheek and its two front legs were holding my two arms firmly. I even forgot to shout and was looking helplessly at its red eyes. My friends started shouting for help and they were continually throwing small stones towards it even Prof. found a dry branch and poked it with all his strength with that branch but all went in vain. It just growled towards them for twice then again started drooling over me. As its face was just inches apart from my neck I closed my watery eyes, the extreme pain of its scratches numbed my both hands and it was bleeding. Even my red fur jacket were torn at many places. I started feeling its hot breath. Suddenly a fiery energy started to run all over my body and along with my heart my whole body started to burn. I felt extreme heat emerging from my growing emotion. Exactly that moment I heard a loud noise of gun and in a blink of an eye my hands were freed from its grasp and I saw the bloody dead body of the wild cat exactly over me.A strong smell of lavender and honey filled my heart (I didn't know I had such a sharp nose before that moment)and instantly I saw the source of it.Two heavenly handsome men with their devil may care outlooks and stellar smiles were looking at me anxiously. But my eyes were caught by those sapphire eyes which were as deep as the endless ocean. He had the stunning beauty of Greek God with his Viking gold hair, clean shaven sculpted face, Roman nose, tall chiseled muscular physique and broad shoulders. I even noticed his concrete jaw and Adam's apple. But Ruth's caring voice broke my reverie and only then I realized I was gawking at him. Ruth, Anna and Christi all were checking for my wounds which were really fatal. I started feeling dizzy. I heard the other man who had light brown hair and hazel eyes talking with Prof. Henry.The sweet smell of lavender and honey increased suddenly though I wasn't able to hear my friends or Prof.'s voice any more as darkness started to engulf me but I saw those Sapphire eyes exactly near my face, looking at me with concern. Then there was nothing except eternal darkness and silence.

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