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   Chapter 5 A kiss

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Chapter 5

"We all know why we are getting them married .. "Andre's Dad started, dolefully.

"Why? "Bryan chipped in, curiously. "I don't know so i want to know "he added and everyone turned to look at him.

"Bryan, go to your room "his mom chipped in, somewhat angry. "You are still a kid and shouldn't be listening to .. "

"Let him be, Mira "Bryan's Dad stated, interrupting her and Bryan who was frowning, smiled heartily.

"No, i want him out of here "she blurted out, lividly.

"Bryan, go to room right this minute "she said, repulsively and Bryan stood up, reluctantly.

He grumbled as he headed for the stairs.

He really wanted to know why his sister is getting married to a stranger? Like he has never seen this guy.

He walked pass a locked room and stopped walking, he went to the back to the door.

He wondered why his mom has always stopped him from going in here. Now that she's busy, he can see what's inside.

He made to open the door when his mom showed up.

"Bryan, i've told you countless time not to come an inch closer to this door. Come on "she said and held his hand, leading him away.

Ava's POV

"Okay then. The rules are - after two consecutive truths, a dare follows. The questioner gets to say the penalty if the other player fails to do a dare or otherwise "l rasped and he paused before nodding.

"I'll start "

He chipped in and i shrugged.

"Truth or dare "

He asked and i folded my lips to think for some moments.

"Truth "

I replied and waited for him to speak up.

"Ever gotten wet? "He asked and i furrowed my brows. Its like he noticed and spoke up, afterwards.

"I mean have you ever had the urge to have sex? "he asked and my eyes widened.

"Andre, are you crazy?! Why would you ask a question like that? "I yelled, embarrassed.

"Well, its a game so answer. Ever gotten wet? "He asked again and my cheeks heat up.

"You are still saying it. Anways, no "i replied, quickly and before he could say anything else, i began.

"Truth or Dare? "I chipped in and he laughed out loud.

"Ava, you didn't even allow me speak up. Well, i know you are lying and am sure of it "he stated and i squinted my eyes.

"Why? "I asked.

"Well, you don't seem like a nerd or something. You gat the ass, babe. The bo.. "he was saying and my cheeks went red with colour.

"Oh my God! Stop it, Andre. Are you crazy?! "I fired at him and he laughed out loud.

"I love this "he muttered. Coward! He's doing all these on purpose but i won't fall for his tricks so easily.

"Truth or Dare? "I asked again and he thought for sometime.

I was expecting Dare then he'd be as good as dead.

"Truth "he replied, simply and i sighed, dolefully.

"Why didn't you choose dare, huh? "I stressed, annoyed.

"I'm smart, okay?. You are just one block head "he muttered his last words.

"What did you say?

"I asked, scrutinising him and he shrugged.

"Nothing. Now, ask. Am ready "he stated and clenched his hands, taking deep breaths.

I racked my brain for a question but couldn't find the most suitable.

"Whats your biggest fantasy? "I asked, simply and he smiled.

"F*cking three b*tches at the same time "he stated and licked his lips. My lips squirmed in disgust.

"Gross! Andre, you are so raw! "I blurted out and he smiled.

"So whats wrong with that, huh? "He said, sardonically. "Do you knpw how much fun i could get from it? " he started and i stopped him with a wave of my hand.

"Don't start, Andre. Its my turn now "i said, still irritated.

"No need to ask, its a dare "he said and i chuckled.

"How is that possible? You haven't even asked me so how would you know if ita a dare i would choose "i blurted out and he sighed.

"Its the rules, have you forgotten? You said it, yourself "he said and i 'oohed'.

I bit my lips, i'm sure he's gonna give me a hard dare.

"Okay. Dare, i choose dare "i stated.

"Well, you don't have to choose. You must .. "

"Oh, shut up! Just tell me what i need to do "i cut him, abruptly.

"Oh really? Okay then. I dare you to give me an intense kiss that will blow my head off for five minutes "he smirked and l gasped .

An intense kiss?

"I bet you can't do that "he muttered lowly and l frowned, deeply.

His words triggered me and went to where he sat and attacked his lips at once.

His lips seemed stiff but moved later on, he placed his hand on my waist

He sucked on my lips and moved in again and our tongue waggled

I was really enjoying it!

Tho it's a dare but who cares anyways ..

The door suddenly opened and we quickly disengaged and when l glanced at the door ..

The whole family were there!

"Awwn, they've sorted out their differences already and even kissing "my mom exclaimed, delightfully and they burst into laughter

"Okay. You guys can come out now "Dad stated and they walked away

Ugh! Now my mom has seen this, she will tease me with it all day long.

Omg! This is so embarrassing.

"You know, you don't have to feel embarrassed. You called for it "Andre said, unperturbed and l eyed him angrily

"Just shut up, okay?! I never wanted my mom to see this "l muttered my last statement

"Eish! Like l care "he chided and l poked his chest .

"Hey! That hurts! "He winced and l smirked, existing the bathroom

"You are just too difficult, you know? "He muttered, painfully.

"I'm not a maths equation or something "l replied, sternly

"Let's get downstairs, they might be looking for us "he arranted and l sighed.

We walked downstairs together

"You guys came at the right time "Mom chipped in and l rolled my eyes and settled down

"We've made a decision; your wedding will be in two weeks "

"Wait, what??? "

We both chorused, abacked.

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