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   Chapter 4 Truth or dare

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Chapter 4

Ava's POV

What is he doing here, huh? Hope he is not here to tell my parents something bad about me.

I stood up and walked towards the door.

"Welcome sir "l greeted, respectfully as I saw him with an older man which I presume to be his Dad.

They had a striking resemblance.

"Come in, sir "I said and opened the door wider and his dad walked in with him.

Bryan looked on and i signaled for him to go get mom and dad and he got it and ran upstairs at once.

"So what would you like to have sir? "I asked him and gazed at the dickhead.

He mimicked me silently and l frowned deeply. I rolled my eyes.

"Seems you guys have known each other before now "His dad chipped in and l quickly composed myself, taking my gaze to his dad.

"Yeah "

He replied, lowly and gave me a wink.

Why is he acting this way?

"Wow, that's nice "he was saying when Dad came in.

"Welcome Mr Sanchez "Dad said as he walked downstairs briskly

"Thank you Mr Montes "His dad replied, standing up. Dad got to him and they shook hands.

"Please have a sit "

They sat down and Dad looked at me.

"Ava, why don't you take Andre for a tour and chitchat so you could get to know each other better? "Dad asked but my brows wrinkled.


Why do l feel like l've heard that name somewhere but l just can't figure out where ..

Maybe it's the name of a friend or something.

"It's a good idea tho "Andre's voice interrupted my thoughts and he pulled me outside.

Andre's POV

So Ava's her name, huh?

The name sounds really familiar.

Maybe am just overthinking this .. it could be the name of one of my b*tches.

I stole glances at her which she was doing before but quickly shifted her gaze.

l smirked.

"Don't tell you are already in love with me cos you've been glancing at me for as long as l can remember now "I said, sardonically.

"In your dreams "she said, sarcastically.

We walked to what looked like a garden at the back of the house and she sat on a bench while l did the same.

"So why are you suddenly accepting the wedding proposal? "I asked, inquisitively.

"Nothing "she snapped and stood up, trying to walk away.

Where's she going?

I think it's high time I loosen things up a bit.

"Snake!! "I yelled, terrified.

"Snake? Omg! snake! "she yelled and ran into my arms at once.

I burst into loud laughter and she looked up at me then to the floor.

"You pranked me!! "she poked my chest and frowned.

"Just you wait and see what l do to you "she added, furiously.

"Ava! "We heard from behind and turned to see her brother.

"Dad's calling the both of you for lunch "he said and ran away at once.

"Arrghh! Andre, I hate you "she yelled in distress.

Ava's POV

Why did he have to prank me, huh?

I had to get close to him now my brother saw us so close to each other.

He's gonna use this to taunt me all day long.

"Ava, ain't you coming along? "Andre yelled from behind and i grunted.

"Leave me alone! "


We were having lunch and l continually stole glances at Andre thinking of a way to m

ake him ..

Don't really know the right word to use now.

I examined him for the first time since he arrived here and he was putting on quite an expensive shirt.

I got an idea!

Why didn't l think of this before now??!

I bet this plan will work cos he's sitting opposite me.

I kicked the exact spot the glass of juice laid and it fell, the contents pouring on his shirt.

He spranged up at once.

"Serves him right "

Andre's POV

"What in the world??!! "I clamored as the content of the glass emptied on my shirt

It cost a fortune and the orange juice ruined it!

"Ava, take to bathroom so he can get cleaned up "Ava's dad countered and a frown plastered on her face.

"But Dad .. "

"He's gonna be your husband soon, remember? "Her mom jibbed and she sighed.

"Okay then "

She stood up and walked away hastily while l trailed behind her.

My eyes were on her a*s the entire time - they were so curvy and delectable

It bounced as she walked on ..

"What a pathetic manwhore! "She yelled and l smacked back to consciousness and glared at her.

"What did you call me? "I queried, annoyed.

"A manwhore of course, what else could it be?. Besides, you look and act like one "

"You are just being a liar right now. I am sure you must be feeling on top of the world cos a demi god is staring at your pathetic a*s "i spat out angrily

"Who said you were staring at my backside? You just exposed yourself "She said and laughed.

"Yeah..yeah. Whatever! "He muttered, lowly.

We got into a room i presume must be the guest room and led me to the bathroom.

"I'll wait outside while you clean up "she uttered.

"You are gonna be my future wife soon, right? So why are you being shy, huh? "I smirked as l opened my buttons slowly.

"W..what are you doing? "She stuttered, moving back.

"What you can see that am doing "l drawled and she ran towards the door, trying to open

"Someone get me outta here "she yelled and began hitting the door


Who looked the door?

Ava's POV

Who the hell locked us in the bathroom?

I'm pretty sure this is mum's handwork. Besides, she's full of surprises.

I gave up and turned, breathing heavily.

Why am l even shy?

We are getting married soon, right?..

"They locked us in "l answered as he stared me and shrugged afterwards.

"Hey! Let me help you with that "l offered and made advances towards him.

"Huh? "He asked, surprised.

"You are going to be my husband soon so it isn't bad if l help you with the buttons " i enthused as l fasten his buttons open.

What in the world?

I exclaimed within me as he pulled off his shirt and stared at his arms.

His muscles were just too perfect and l was beginning to drool ..

"Help me with the cloth and stop drooling like a bloated goat "he cussed and l rolled my eyes.

I took the shirt, heading for the bathtub.


"Since we are locked up in this bathroom, let's do something. Let's play a game "he chipped in and l stared narrowly at him.

"What game? "I queried, casually.

"Truth or Dare "


Interesting .

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