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   Chapter 4 Blue Balls

Melting Her Between Thighs By Aysel Inara Characters: 5955

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'Hey damn you little brother, play cool okay!'

Lucas groaned at the poking in his jeans which was not unexpected but at the wrong time.

'Shit! Now I have to take off this first before going back inside.'

He raked through his hair with a chuckle and shook his head, the moonlight coming inside from the side window resented him as an eye feast. 

His shirt was wet and the upper three buttons were open to let women drool and worship his torso. No wonder Lucas never liked to attend the business parties and gatherings, the multilayered makeup girls with horrendously caked faces.

That's why probably he liked Nathalie and her righteously tough attitude fueled his emotions. She was the one who successfully stirred a storm of sensations within him at first sight.

Lucas had decided to make her his woman at that very moment. The man looked down on the visible bulge and smirked meaningfully. 

'See this is how much you affect me, my love. I wish I would do the same to you.'

He sighed not knowing what to do with her because a part of him wanted to take things slow but the other devil wanted to take her down by force. 

But flowers should always be handled gently or else they lose the fragrance of love and the texture of beauty!

The man sighed and walked away towards the kitchen, all the guests were supposed to stay in the manor that very night. And everyone had already scurried away to their room since it was past midnight.

'I hope no one catches me in this state at this hour. Damn! How ashamed I will be if anyone saw me like this despite having a wife!'

He talked to himself while gliding through the spiral staircase to pay a visit to the kitchen bathroom. 

No doubt that was the only place allotted to him other than Nathalie's room since they were a married couple. 

'But well men should understand that thror women are also humans and have needs and privacy too.'

He walked through the massive entrance hall which had huge portraits hung on the red painted walls, the lineage shrieked of success and resplendent royal history of her family. 

Lucas was aware that she had a strong foothold in her family but her closest ones had the audacity to get on her nerves, not knowing that Nathalie was not the soft cry baby they once knew.

She was every man's desired seductress and every woman's sassy savage bitch!

'Hopefully just no one catches me sneaking around.'

He could not help but to pray for his reputation, well technically he did not have one in that household. 

Lucas opened the door of the kitchen carefully with the intention of rushing towards the washroom imminently. But the next sight scared the shit out of him, moreover shocked him too wondering over his vision.


Yes, Nathalie' grandpa stood in front if the refrigerator with hgs head shoved in the thing. As soon as Lucas opened the door he immediately turned around with a chocolate bar in his mouth.


The ol

d man could not speak and totally forgot about the bar in his mouth which dropped in the ground. They both stood there silently when the old man was feeling awkward since his stealing attempt had been exposed.

But the very next moment when he saw the visible signals by Lucas' jeans he smirked meaningfully, making him immediately turned around in embarrassment. 

"Hey, hey grandpa, why are you stealing your granddaughters rights!?"

Lucas yelled in a whisper by hiding the jeans with his palms.  The old man chuckled and then knekt to pick up the chocolate when he gestured Lucas to walk inside.

"Haha, okay, okay. Walk inside. Lets just be each other's secret keepers."

The old man with his white beard and bald head was a strict influential figure around the whole continent. 

Despite being in his prime old age he was still capable of running the damn empire by himself, and the people were obliged to hear and obey his decisions rather than paying heed to Nathalie' father.

That was the reason why he wanted to hand over his hard earned and established empire to someone worthy, as the potential male heirs had been indulged into alcohol and women. 

Only Nathalie proved to be worthy of the wealth and assets that too she did not desire at all until her grandpa fell ill. She came to know all the conspiracies and malicious intentions by her own blood ones, the day she decided to keep her grandpa's wish alive!

The woman was ready to take over the throne but accordingly the board people she could only do that after getting married!

"You don't tell anybody that you caught me eating sweets late at night, I will keep my mouth shut about you being thrown out of your room with blue balls!"

The old man could not help but chuckle at the condition of his grand son in law! 


Lucas pouted dramatically knowing that they both were caught and were now innan awkward situation. Whereas back there in her own room Nathalie was in her bed trying hard to sleep but she could not.

Her mind was consistently wandering that she had no clue why her heart had been running crazily over his thoughts.

'I should stop thinking about him. Tsk, he did not even feel aroused even after seeing me naked.'

The woman was angry yet nervous about herself that she clearly saw Lucas getting breathless and red but somehow he was not aroused at that moment. 

'Am I a total turn off?'

She sat up on her bed while wearing a lingerie and stared down at herself. Nathalie could see a good set of breasts upon which any man would love to play.

The thought of Lucas doing so immediately popped up which made her hot that she tapped her cheeks to dismiss the idea.

'Why am I even thinking about him, when eventually we are going to divorce each other?'

Her heart fell in the pits of grief right after realizing that the divorce and marriage contract was her idea. And now she was falling for him despite every denial and restraint!

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