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   Chapter 3 Self Control

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Lucas had no idea what to do, a part of him wanted to take her down at that moment when his eyes landed on her bare body. Nathalie immediately covered herself with her palms and shouted in rage, although her half red face said more than it was supposed to.

"Stop staring at me, you jerk!"She yelled which made Lucas come back to his senses, he imminently turned around and covered his mouth. The man could sense heat rising in his jeans and his ears getting red with shyness. After all it was the first time something like had occured which made them both embarassed.

"I'm sorry I did not mean to...I was just,"Lucas could not even answer proper that his voice stammered at the yelling. Undoubtedly her voice caused a visible affect on him, which did not go unnotice from her.

"You what? Know your place Lucas, or else I will make sure you won't be able to say your own name!"She warned him sternly which made Lucas smirk in his own heart as he whispered to himself in heart.'But I will make sure you say it for me, and repeat it on lonely nights!'The man was determined to win her heart despite Nathalie had made up her mind to shove him away.

He immediately dashed out of the room and slammed the door behind him, Lucas gasped at the recalling.'Oh my goodness! I never knew you had been hiding such assets underneath those clothes, my love!'The man chuckled to himself and leaned against the door knowing that the damn sexy woman he just saw ws his wife, legally!

But well he had yet to win her heart which itself was his main mission, after all that's why he had arrived in her life. The influential man of the whole continent Lucas Petrakis, the man who had the world within the snap of his fingers. The multibillionaire man who could lit up a few thousand dollars in the fireplace to warm up his home, was serving as a manservant in Nathalie's home

But the question which arises here is as to why such a man would go to this length to win her heart? Why didn't he just throw money at her and bought her? Or perhaps he could simply flex his power in front of her, or promise Nathalie her share of money!

Well the answer to all was clear and simple, love! He loved her and was aware that his potential bride was not an ordinary woman,

but a powerful lady. Nathalie's grandpa proposed a possible man for her but she rejected the person, her experiences of childhood and her own family had affected her a lot.

Can you possibly guess who the man could be? (wink)

Lucas had seen her in the headlines every now and then, the man had fallen in love with her at first sight. He requested his father to set him up with her, thus in turn his proposal was placed in front of Nathalie. But she rejected him without even bother to meet or see him at all. Although the world too had not known him either because Lucas preferred to stay away from the headlines.

He paid a visit to Nathalie's grandpa and the old man agreed to pave his way inside the house, so he could create a warm corner in her heart. Lucas wanted her to fall in love with him first before he could help her out with the throne claiming.

It was not wonder that her family was also like all other wealthy aristocrats too, fucked up and filled with pythons and greedy asses!

Lucas had already grasped the idea that she wanted to seize the throne of their family business all by herself. That's why he did not attempt to help her in case she caught an unknown entity intruding in her mess. He wanted to complete his love mission while staying hidden as a commoner, to see whether she would ever fall for an ordinary person or not.

Meanwhile back there in the room Nathalie was in her own reverie and could not breathe sanely, she had never expected to get exposed in front of him after considering that he was simply her husband in the name.

"No, no, what had happened was definitely wrong. I have to clear up the things before they out of my hands."

She picked up the towel and wrapped it around herself again, but at that moment she recalled his staring face. Nathalie wanted to scratch the memory out of his head but could not because somehow his self control had left a good impression!

'Maybe he is not a bad person, and definitely not like those sex maniacs.'She thought to herself and went inside the dressing room when she heard the door of the room opening with a creak. Nathalie could not help but confess to herself that she really was impressed by him.

But denial was still there with its own ego at peak!

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