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   Chapter 2 The Tension Between The Duo

Melting Her Between Thighs By Aysel Inara Characters: 4841

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'What was I even thinking? Ugh!'

Lucas scolded himself with clenched fists as he walked straight towards the kitchen to handle his usual daily chores.

He banged the door open when all the other servants nearly jumped in their places acknowledging the arrival of the devil.

All of them immediately turned back to their duties pretending not to bother to look at Lucas. The staff was clad in white uniforms with gazes glued to pots, no one dared to lift his head up.

Lucas headed straight to the back of the kitchen where the staff was supposed to take rest. The man slammed the door with a loud bang indicating his agitation.

"Is the boss angry?"

One of the men spoke in a whisper carefully asking the opinion of the other comrades. No wonder he addressed Lucas as boss because all of them were his men.

The useless son in law had a powerful background to back him which was apparently unknown even to his wife, Nathalie. 

"I think he got refused by Miss Nathalie for something again."

The youngest of them responded to the chat by intervening with his dirty brain. 

He smiled at the other men when a lady staff gently smacked his head with the base of the frying pan. 

"Shut that gutter brain of yours, it stinks."

The young chef scoffed and rubbed his head while they all became even more curious. 

But of course, no one was really allowed to disturb the boss in such a situation and that's why no soul dared to sneak peak through the glass in the door.

Meanwhile outside the villa at the back of the huge cube of house, Nathalie was dumbfounded with what just happened. 

"What was that?"

She lifted her hand up to her lips and gently trailed the pores of her fingers. No doubt the heiress could sense his taste lingering on her lush lips.

"Fuck! He was about to eat my lipstick."

The woman rolled her eyes as she saw her face in the nearby glass window. Although her heart was still beating fast at his thought.

'But why would he even do that, when clearly I keep at hands length?'

Nathalie was unable to decipher why would Lucas try to kiss her when she humiliated him each  day with the spades of her words.

She saw her reflection and could utterly hear the blush revealing the truth that she wanted Lucas to kiss her.

'No, no. You can't fall for him.'

Nathalie shook her head to dismiss the thought of Lucas.

Whereas somebody standing nearby just a

round the corner had witnessed it all and was smirking with an evil grin.

Nathalie inhaled deeply and calmed her pounding heart with the thought that she had to face Lucas at night. However she despised him for not standing up to her family for any humiliation, she couldn't deny the fact that Lucas was her husband and they both shared the same room.

The woman could hear her heart going crazily wild upin the very thought and some adult images played in her head like a film. And she could feel her ears getting hot and reddened so as the cheeks.

Meanwhile back there in the kitchen cabin Lucas slumped himself in the chair with head thrown at the back.

"Gah! What she will be thinking of me now?"

Lucas had his own reasons to assume that particular premise, because he had always been in control during the past months.

But he could visibjy sense the hrwoing secual tension between them both and he too, wanted to give in but not forcefully. 

"Gosh! I have to clear up my situation tonight or else I wouldn't be able to elevate my image in her eyes."

The man was determined to make things right because he already knew that his earlier behavior had messed up the things.

It was the moment when an alarm rang snagging his attention and a brief smile appeared on his face.

"Ah! Time for grandpa's medicines."

Lucas shot out of the chair and strode towards the cabinet behind him and took out a few meds.

But why was she appointed to feed the old man when the task could have been served by another family member? Could it be that trusted Lucas more than anyone else? 

I mean if that's the case it makes sense why took the side of Lucas and rescued him in the hall back there.

[At night]

"Should I go in?"

He was wandering here and there in the hall not bothering anyone's presence because all the 'guests' had gone away.

"Will she burst out on me?"

Lucas mustered up his courage and grabbed the handle of the door, flinching with a blank mind but utter hesitation he walked inside.

To his surprise Nathalie had just come out of the shower and was draped in a towel. Sure enough Lucas had arrived at the room earlier than usual which made her caught off guard.

Whereas he felt the gush of sensations crawling in his body that Lucas wanted to take her right there. Nathalie stared at him blankly and clenched the towel unconsciously which made it fall.

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