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   Chapter 5 Sexual Desires

Married by Mistake By Fehimuan Characters: 5769

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Karen's POVI tried to push him but his grip around my waist tightened as he began to lick my neck. "Help," I screamed and tried to kick him with my legs, I couldn't because he had already pinned me to the floor. "Somebody help." I screamed again.

Someone kicked him and I whimpered rolling to the other side as I stood up. It was Brody who saved me. "Stay away from her, you maniac." Brody warned"Stay out of this, boss." He said."Are you insane? I won't let this slip away if you try anything.""I don't care." He said, it was obvious that he was tipsy as he almost fell on the floor but gripped the cupboard handle."You're drunk, get a grip of yourself or get another woman but not Karen." Brody said and clenched his fists as his body arched into an offensive stance."Alright, we don't have to fight over a useless thing." He replied."I'm not a useless person, you're the one who is useless by wanting to take advantage of me, asshole." I snapped."Whore." He muttered and walked out of the kitchen.

"Did you hear that? He called me a whore." I asked him angrily."He's drunk, his actions can't possibly define him at this stage." He answered. I gave him a frown at his words. "I'm not comfortable here." I said. It was true, I wanted to be somewhere else but not here. It was just frustrating that I couldn't leave the party till the next morning."We should probably go upstairs, maybe one of the rooms." He suggested.That did look like a good idea. "Are the rooms free?" I asked.He shook his head. "The rooms are not free but I have my way around things." He said.

I was happy that he saved me, I knew I had to thank him. "Thank you for saving me." "It's actually nothing, you needed help and I decided to help you." He said."That's great. Let's go to any room you choose for me." I replied with a smile.

Henry's POVThe doorbell rang and I walked towards the door and opened it. Emily walked in immediately. It took me seconds to realize that the door was still opened. Slamming the door, I asked. "What are you doing here?" "I'm scared. I can't stay in that house alone." 

I chuckled. "You watch too many horror movies." She raised her eyebrows slightly, and I softened my eyes a bit. "Do you think Brody and Karen are having fun right now?" She asked.I pondered on it for a little bit and smiled. "They should be having fun, are you regretting not going there?" "Maybe," she said and looked at me. She glanced at the clock in the wall and cringed. "It's already late, I should be sleeping.""Well, do you want to stay over at my place tonight?" I asked."I wish I could stay everyday." She answered with a smirk.Smiling, I held her hands and took her to my room. "Is this your room?" She asked and I nodded.

She laid on the bed and looked at me. "Don't you want to sleep now?" She asked in a flirtatious manner."No, I mean huh, I'll just go watch a sho

w on TV. I'll sleep later." I replied and quietly left the room, I didn't want to be tempted to do anything that I'll regret later.

Brody's POVI smiled as we walked into the room. "I was surprised you convinced the men easily." She said and climbed the bed. I was very sure that she was drunk. "Lisa, you had enough to drink already." I said cooly. We were both drunk but I had controlled myself a bit. "I like you." She muttered and I chuckled. Fine, she was very, very drunk.

I nodded vigorously. "Yeah, you should. I'm a nice and friendly person." I said and removed my shirt. Placing it on the bed, I yawned.She coughed and laid on the bed. "You have a cute name." She said and sniffed my shirt.Now, she was being bold as hell and it irritated me. One of the major disadvantages of being drunk was exposing secrets subconsciously."So are you going to stay on the bed or I should sleep on the floor?" I asked."I want you to sleep with me, honey." She answered.Her lush lower lip quivered slightly. "You mean, I should sleep on the bed with you." I wanted to be sure."Whatever you say." She replied throatily. I removed my trousers leaving my boxers on, a gasp escaped her lips.

"I'm sorry, I don't sleep with too much clothes on." I admitted with a side smirk and she stood up, yawning.She bit her lip uncertainty. "I should probably sleep like that, without clothes too." She said.My eyes dark, I watched as she shuddered helplessly. "You're drunk," I countered with a frown. "Karen?" I called out softly as she walked towards me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and lifted her hips. "I want you." She said, excited color flooding her cheeks.

Her lips were forcing mine apart, I meant to resist her, I swore I tried but it was almost impossible. I was unable to contain the erotic sensations I was evoking. I was so drunk that I didn't realize I was falling for her charms. Following my instincts, I passionately returned the kiss, it tasted good even though I didn't want to take advantage of her. I could feel my erection pressing against her, my heart slowly racing as I slowly pushed her away.She pulled me in for a kiss again. "I know you want this." She muttered and my eyes gleamed with a satisfied light. Desire trembled inside of me and I could feel my hands trembling. I could feel her heart thudding heavily in her chest as I undid the button of her shirt and she removed the shirt flinging it on the bed.

"Karen?" I called out in a whisper. "Let's do this." She said and I pushed her to the bed. "You're clearly drunk and I'm not going to do this to you, I can't take advantage of you." I replied trying to take my eyes off her two breasts. I could tell she was sleepy already, I just placed her on the bed and pulled the bed sheet over her. I laid on the floor and tried to get some sleep but I couldn't. It just felt like I was stupid.

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