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   Chapter 6 Night 6

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I woke up, drenched in sweat. I had a nightmare. I tried to open my eyes, and it was still dark all around. It wasn't a dream, after all. My stomach was hurting and it seemed that I wanted to poop. Maybe because I was here for a couple of days, just eating and drinking and never taking a dump. While I was doing my best to endure it, the door unlocked. Clara entered with a towel, a trawler, and a bowl. As soon as she opened the door, I said:

“Master, I need to poop.”

She laughed. She placed the trawler on the chair and the rest on top of the table, and she said:

“Wanting and me allowing it, are two different things. You must put inside that thick head of yours that it's me that chooses when, how, and how many times you can do anything. Understand, you fucking Slave?”

I just answered:

“Yes, Master...”

She then grabbed the remote for my collar, and she gave me some slack. I went directly to the chair. I didn't have to push harder, I was almost blowing up. The smell on the room was hideous. I looked around for some toilet paper but I could only see the towel and a clister with a pump. Clara noticed it and said:

“Use that to clean your insides. I want you nice and clean for your next session.”

I did what she told me and I inserted the clister in my ass and pressed the pump a few times. I felt water gushing in. I had another urge to dump, so I did it. She told me to do it until the water came out clean. After some more pumping, my next dump was crystal clear. Clara laughed and hurried me to use the towel and lay on the bed, stomach down and on my knees. I guessed what was going to happen, but I still gulped when I looked at Clara. After she restrained me again, she went to the closet, and she skilfully put a strap-on. A fucking strap-on with a vibrating dildo attached! She grabbed some gel and put on her right hand a thin rubber glove. By placing some gel on two fingers, I guessed what she was going to do.

“Now, just relax while I teach your sphincter how to behave.”

She placed the towel on the sheet, under my dick. Next, I felt one of her fingers caressing my butt hole. Slowly and gently, she pressed in. Rotating, going in and out, it was making me feel good. I felt then a stretch. Seems she was using two fingers next. The feeling became even better, so I had a hard-on. She noticed it, and she went for my balls and dick with her free hand. Another stretch. Three fingers now? She made it so slow and so gentle that it became amazingly good. I was drooling over the pillow and moaning like crazy. I felt her fingers leaving my ass and I back down a little, asking for more. Something larger and vibrating was pressing me. I looked back and Clara was on my back, getting ready to fuck me. I was afraid of that thing but when Clara saw the look on my face, she smiled and said:

“You are going to like it, don't worry. I'm very good and gentle with this.”

And she then thrust all in! Her gentle part went out of the window! She even put the vibration to the maximum, and she was grabbing my dick very hard and piercing my back with the fingernails of her other hand. Like that, she thrust me over and over. Again, and again, in and out, no stop. I hea

rd her moaning also, so I guessed the strap-on had a vibrating part over her clit. She fucked me for so long that I lost track of time and the number of times I came. Fortunately, the towel was there or I had to sleep over my own cum.She finally screamed from her orgasm. Finally! I felt the vibration stopping, and she took out the strap-on from inside of me. She took the towel from under my dick, cleaning the last drop.She gave me some slack and told me to lay on my back again, which I did. I was well restrained again. I saw her taking out the strap-on and clean it very thoroughly.After the lights went out, I was alone again.

I woke up with someone shaking me. When I opened my eyes, I saw the brunette looking at me with a small smile. She caressed my face.

“Hello, I'm Mizzurela Wood. Mizzy for my owner. Master Clara ordered me to keep you company for a while. She was pleased, and she decided to give you a reward.”

I thought that I had nothing to lose, so I tried to persuade her:

“You could at least let me out. I don't want to be here, any longer.”

She looked at me, caressed my face and said:

“You really should just let yourself go. Master Clara treats very well her Slaves. And even if she decides to sell you, she will make sure that your next Master will be good to you. I once was on this same bed, like you are now, and I tried to say to the slave that was talking to me, those same words. It took me 2 months to accept my new life. I'm a sex slave for 5 years now, and I was never so happy. Never!”

It seems that I couldn't count on her help for escaping, so I just shook my head.

“I can't accept this. I just can't.”

She smiled, caressed my dick and said:

“For what I know, you are more into drugging random women and fuck their ass, but you must admit that you are having a lot of fun, being the one on the other side of the abusing.”

She had a point there. It pains me to admit that every time that Clara enters the room, I have a hard-on, thinking about what she will do next. The brunette kisses me, and she goes for the door, saying: “Times up. Maybe next time you waste less time on talking and more time on fucking me.”

She turned off the lights and if I could, I would bang my head against the wall. Stupid!

Night ????

Two years have passed already. Mizzy was right, once I let myself go and accept my new life, I became happier. It took me just one month of training every day, to become one of the best and more eager to please, sex slaves of Master Clara. I was sold by her after one year. According to her, she made a profit record with me.I was bought by an eccentric Master, the famous painter, Mack Bolt, which I love deeply. He takes good care of me, and he always makes sure that I come. As a Master, he doesn't need to be so thoughtful, but he once told me that a happy slave is more willing to provide his Master with better service.Now, I am on his bed, getting my ass pounded by his big and large dick. He made me come three times already, so as soon as he fills my butt with his sweet and warm cum, I need to make sure that he comes at least six times. Those were his orders for today and I will gladly obey.

The End

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