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   Chapter 4 Night 4

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The sound of the door being unlocked woke me up. When the light on the ceiling was turned on, I saw her. The same bodysuit, but this time, she wasn't wearing the hood, so I could see her long red hair.

"Clara! What's the meaning of all this?"

I yelled at her. I was suspicious, but now I was sure. She smiled at me, a beautiful and gentle smile while saying:

"Since you were such a good boy and told me everything, I was able to get a lot of money from you. So, I'm going to treat you. But next time that you call up my name, you're going to regret it. You must call me Master, always. And only speak when I let you."

I was so surprised, that I yelled:

"What? Master? Are you crazy? What's the meaning of all this?"

She quickly went to the desk and grabbed the square remote, while looking at me very angry.

"I don't like to repeat myself, you stupid Slave!"

I shut my mouth real quick.She approached me, and she placed my dick inside a bottleneck of a large bottle. She then went to the left side of the bed, and she gave me some slack while warning me:

"You can pee like that, but if you try something funny, I'll zap you."

I turned over a little. Finally! I was almost peeing myself. When I finished I told her:

"I'm done Master, thanks."

She approached me and removed the bottle and after I was again well restrained, she went out of the room and returned a little while after with a towel, a trawler, and a bowl. , she asked:

"Do you want to poop, my dear?"

I was so surprised, that for a few seconds I didn't answer,

"... No, I'm good… Master..."

With a smile, she said:

"When you want to, ask me if you can, OK? I'm going to wash you then, you are all sweat and I want to give you a nice reward after that."

She approached me and started to gave me a nice sponge bath, cleaning me gently and through. She even took the vibrator from my ass and cleaned it, placing it on the desk. When I was done, I felt the softness of the towel across my body, along with some gentle kisses.

"Ready for your reward? Since you were such a good boy, I'll let you make me feel good."

Next, I felt a gel rubbed around my butt hole and the same vibrator when in, already turned on. She started kissing my belly button, sticking the tongue in. She then went down and sucked my balls, while caressing my thighs. When I felt her fingernails scratching gently my dick, I didn't care any more of what was happening to me, from the past hours or days. I had a hard-on.

"Good boy, already waiting for me."

That's what I heard, right before feeling her tongue caressing the tip. She went all in. I could feel her teeth gently caressing the tip, while her tongue was just sliding up and down. By using her lips around the prepuce, I felt a chill across my spine. When she increased the vibration on my ass, it felt so good!She stopped and looking at me with her hands stroking my balls and my dick, she said:

"See? If you are a good boy, I will treat you well, if you are not..."

I understood immediately what she meant by that.

"Now, I'm going to ride you like a dirty horse. Don't you dare to stop or do anything without me ordering you? Understood, you fucking Slave?"

"...Yes, I understand..."

I said while I looked at those threatening eyes of hers.She placed on my dick three squeezing rings, one near the balls, one at the middle and a last one right below the prepuce.She seated on top of me, then lift a little and while holding my dick with one hand, the other was opening the lips of her pussy. When she slid down, I could feel the wetness inside her, gently spreading all over me and I closed my eyes while squeezing my butt. When I looked at her again, I could see that she had the two remotes, one on each hand. I didn't see when she grabbed those, but she placed them on top of the bed, an

d then she started to ride me. Really ride me, literally. First, she was slow, but then she increased the speed of her jumps for a while, slowing down again. Every time that I started to jump also to thrust her even harder, she slapped me and asked with an angry voice:

"Who said that you could move, Slave?"

But the away that she squeezed her pussy around my dick every time that she was going up, and relaxing when was going down, it was almost like her pussy didn't want that my dick got out, even a little. With that stimulation and the vibration that I was feeling on my prostate, it was too much for me to handle. So I forgot her warning and thrust her again, a few times. I regretted immediately. She quickly grabbed the square remote and she zapped me. Again, and again, and again. Every time, I screamed my lungs out, and every time, she screamed to me:

"Yeah, scream some more, you fucking Slave, scream!"

After the zapping stopped, I remained completely still, even with her still fucking me. I thought it was better to warn her that I was almost coming, but she warned me:

"Did I said that you could come? Hold it in."

She continued to jump up and down, moaning and pinching her nipples.I tried my best to hold it. I managed for a couple of minutes, but then I tried to let go of my load, but I couldn't because of the three rings. She didn't stop or slowed down, in fact, she went faster. My dick was hurting of so much rubbing, but I didn't dare to say anything.I knew when she had her final orgasm because she screamed a lot and stuck her fingers in my chest, making me scream as well. But instead of screaming of pleasure like her, I was screaming from the pain!She was taking deep breaths, and with a satisfied smile on her face. When she got her breath back, she got off me, removed the vibrator from my ass and cleaned it with a towel. She removed the collars from my dick and cleaned the cum that finally got out. Then, she looked at me and said some things that totally broke me, after so much pain and pleasure:

"Your dick is not so bad, but you need more training. If you're thinking that you will be able to escape or I will let you go, forget it. I have emptied all your bank accounts and I took everything inside your safes. I had some of my people at your house and at your office, to take everything and sell it. I have a big bonus to your secretary and I even found her another secretary job. For every purpose, you just gave up and went away. I even had one of my slaves using your name to buy a plane ticket to Brazil."

I wasn't expecting that, at all. I was astonished, of course. So, I asked her:

"But why are you making this to me? What did I do to you?"

She smiled weirdly and bit her lips.

"Not that I need to explain myself to a low life like you, Slave, but some months ago you drugged and fucked the ass of one of my Slaves, making her low her value because you hurt her. Instead of selling her that week with a huge profit, I had to wait some months until she recovered her injuries. My slaves had a lot of trouble, but when they found you, I ordered them to discover everything about you."

That declaration scared me, so I asked:

"You are a sex Slave Trader?"

She gave me a triumphant look before answering:

"Yes, and one of the best in the market. And after I'm done with you, you'll become an amazing sex Slave, able to provide pleasure to your Master, every time that he or she wants, never complaining and always, enjoying it. If I fail, you die and I start to look another low life to train".

After saying that, she zapped me again, and again, saying:

"You asked me, without calling me Master and I didn't allow you to speak. Either you're slow, or you really like the pain".

After saying that, she left, and I was again in complete darkness.


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