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   Chapter 3 Night 3

The Wrong Target By krushandkill Characters: 4250

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I don't know how long I was out. I woke up with the sound of the door being unlocked.When the lights turned on, there she was again, with the same leather bodysuit. But this time, she was holding a food tray.She approached me, fixed my pillow and helped raise my head a bit. She gave me water from a straw. She gently feeds me, while caressing my face from time to time.When I finished the plate, she let me drink again. She placed the tray on the table, and she approached me again. She confirmed the restraints on my arms and ankles.She then smiled and started to kiss me. A gentle and long kiss, with some tongue and lips biting.She then let go of me and went to the desk. She showed me the notebook again. And I refused, again. Stupid!!I guess she knew that I wasn't going to be that easy.She smiled and then she went for the closet. She took from there some things and approached me again. When I looked at what she had, I froze. I tried to fight back, but she zapped me again and again. Next, I had a gag ball in my mouth. She then placed a rubber vibrating pussy on my dick. As soon as she turned on the vibrator on my ass, I moaned.


And I got a hard-on. I started to feel the rubber pussy vibrating also, but the vibrating was not only around my dick, but it was also stronger on the tip, where I was more sensitive.I lost control. When I looked at her, she seated at the chair, spreading her legs, and she started to caress her pussy. Gentle at first, but as soon as she increased the strength of my vibrators, she was also sticking her fingers faster and faster inside her beautifully shaved pussy, while looking at me.We came almost at the same time. I guess I was the first. No wonder, I had more stimulus than her. But she didn't stop fucking herself with her fingers. And she didn't turn off also my vibrators. I lost track of time and also, the number of orgasms I had. I tried to tell her to stop, but with the gag ball, I could only twist my body and try to free myself. My balls were hurting like hell, I was feeling them burning! That only made her increase, even more, the speed

and strength of my vibrators.I passed out. It was too much, even for me.

I don't know how much time I slept. When I woke up, she was seated in the chair, looking at me with the notebook on her hands. I yelled at her:

"I will never tell you anything, you stupid, crazy bitch! As soon as I get myself lose, I will fuck you until your eyes pop out and then I'm going to kill you, really slowly."

She threw the notebook to the desk, judging by the wrinkles on her lips, she was angry.She quickly went to the closet, when she returned and I saw what she brought, I screamed:

"Wait, please, let me go!"

She had a huge hunting knife. She came next to me, and with a quick movement, she grabbed my dick and put against it the knife, while looking at me. I screamed my lungs out.

"Wait, I didn't mean that! I just want to go home! Wait!!"

She let go my dick, and slowly put the tip of the knife on my belly button, while shaking her finger, like saying that I shouldn't threaten her. I understood immediately. I was being trained. Bad choices from me were equal to punishments. That time I was lucky.She got up slowly while looking at me, and she placed the knife in the closet. She then went to the table, and she showed me again the notebook. I said:

"Sorry, but I won't tell you."

She put down the notebook, and grabbed another thing from there. I was zapped again. I screamed a lot, that thing hurt so much! She continued to zap me, over and over. I don't know for how long, but from time to time, she went for the collar around my neck and changed its position, so I could feel the pain in different positions.She zapped me for what it seemed, hours and hours. I finally broke and told her everything. My ATM code, my safe boxes combination, my bank account on the caiman islands, everything.After she writes down everything, she kissed me gently and gave me a small bit in my lower lip.I'm all alone in the dark again. I don't know who she is or why she's doing all this.At least when I was on that side, the women were passed out, so they were never so afraid as I was.I slept, feeling so tired.


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