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   Chapter 2 Night 2

The Wrong Target By krushandkill Characters: 6114

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I know that I'm lying on top of something that feels like a bed, facing up and I have my arms and feet tied up, and widely spread. I can feel something inside my ass, and it's stuck really deep because if I squeeze my butt I can feel it inside me.Strangely, I feel something around my neck with two pointy things, pressing. It's a collar, of some sort?How much time has passed? It's still night or its already day? I can't see anything, around me! That's the scariest part, the dark with no sound what so ever. I'm alive or not?


I think I've passed out again. Still dark and still, no sound.

Click! Screech...

"Ouch! My eyes!"

Too much light coming from an open door. I blinked, trying to get used to the sudden clarity inside the room. I noticed that there was a light bulb on the ceiling. I looked at my arms and legs. Like I thought, I'm well restrained to a bed, completely naked.The room walls and ceiling were covered by a thick foam like I have in my secret hideout, to make it sound-proof.I looked at my front and what I saw, almost made me faint again. There was a woman looking at me. Dressed in a complete bodysuit made of leather. There was some kind of dark lens covering her eyes, while her head and face were covered by a leather hood. The suit had an opening around her mouth, and I could see a mouth with bright red lipstick. Looking down, she also had two openings around her perfectly round breasts, with the nipples looking hard as rocks. She seemed very aroused when she smiled at me. I could also see that there was an opening to her triangle-shaved pussy. When she turned back to close the door again, I could see an opening in her suit, around her ass.Well, it can't be that bad, if I'm naked and a woman is in here with me, was what I thought. Stupid!!She came close to me, and opened a wallet that she had on her hands. She was also holding a black notebook and a pen. She opened the wallet, and showed to me my very own ATM card. She held the notebook, opened, grabbed the pen and looked at me while tilting her head sideways. She showed to me what was written:

"ATM code?" I just said:

"Yeah, right, like if I was going to tell you!"

She smiled, turned a page and it said:

"House safe combination?”.

I remained silent. She turned another page.

"Office safe combination?"

I laughed. Stupid!! She smiled again and turned another page.

"Caiman Island account number and access code?"

I stopped laughing.

"What? How do you know about that?"

She smiled, returned to the first page and tilted again her head, waiting.I screamed, angry.

"Better if you seat down, while you wait for my answers."

Stupid!!She licked her upper lip, and with her left hand, she pinched one of her nipples while looking at me. I became silent.She turned around slowly, and she walked to a desk near one of the walls. I saw also a chair and a big closet nearby.She grabbed two rectangular objects. One round and one square. She pressed on a button on the round one and I immediately felt a vibration touching my

prostate. So that what it was! I had a vibrator on my ass! She then started to turn a small knob on that remote, and the vibration increased to an amazing level. I was starting to feel good, and I moaned.


Hearing that, she turned it off. I looked at her, questioning. She then quickly pressed on the square thing. I felt an electric shock on my neck! It was so strong and painful, that I screamed like crazy.


The pain suddenly stopped. When I looked at her, she was pinching one of her nipples again. So I asked her:

"What was that for?"

She smiled, went to the desk and returned again with the notebook. I yelled, angry:

"No, I'm not telling."

She did the same thing, liked her lips and pinched her nipples, and she placed again the notebook on the desk.She looked at me and went to the closet. She stood there for a while, searching for something. When she turned to face me, she had a bottle on one hand with some sort of liquid or gel and a leather whip strap with a bunch of straps attached on the other hand.She had also a towel. She placed the towel and the bottle on top of the table.She then approached me, gently passing the whip straps along my legs, my crotch, and my chest. And then, the hell went loose.She started to whip so hard my chest, my stomach, and my legs, that I almost pissed myself in pain! While I was still screaming, she went to the table, put down the whip and took the bottle. She then poured the gel on my red marks, left behind by all the whipping, and she started to use her hands to massage me and to spread it. It was some sort of anaesthesia, I felt relieved and refreshed. She was a very good masseuse! And when she gently bit my balls and started to give me an amazing blow job, I moaned again.Hearing that, she stopped. She went to the desk, and she returned with the round remote. She started again with the blow job, and when she turned on the vibrator on my ass, I went literally to the moon! When I said:

"I'm almost there..."

She stopped the blowjob and the vibrator. She got up and zapped my neck again with the other remote, making me scream. She zapped me again, and again, and again. When I was almost fainting, she slapped me, to wake me up.I was still blinking my eyes, when I saw her standing next to me, with the notebook on her hands. I screamed at her:

"Forget it, you crazy bitch!".

After that, I lost track of the number of times as she repeated that routine. First, vibrator. After, neck zap. Notebook again. I refuse. More whip, followed by anaesthesia gel and massage, blow job and vibrator. More zapping. Notebook again. Never once, she let me come. I was almost going crazy.Finally, she stopped. She cleaned her hands with the towel, placed again in the closet the whip, the gel, and the towel.She opened the door, looked at me for some seconds while pinching her both nipples, and she turned off the light. When she closed the door, I was again in complete darkness.I lost track of time and I think I've slept, completely beaten.

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