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   Chapter 1 Night 1

The Wrong Target By krushandkill Characters: 3581

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One more night, one more target. That's what I thought that night, as soon as I left the cab.With that goal on my mind, I went to another bad reputation bar. This one was hard to find, I had to do a lot of research.As soon as I entered the bar, I did a quick look around and I saw a beautiful woman with red hair, seated in a corner of the bar.She seemed out of place, more beautiful than any of the woman there.She had a cocktail in front of her, almost finished. When I was approaching her, she took another long sip and finished it. She was looking at the empty glass and looking back at the bottles on the bar, like if she was choosing.My chance appeared, just like that.

"Hello. Mind if I join you?"

My usual polite question.

"Sure, maybe you can help me choose what to drink."

One unusual response. I thought this one was going to be easy, but not this easy!Thinking about that now, while I'm lying here in the dark, I should have stopped there and run away.But no, this stupid me that only thinks with his dick in times like this thought it was his lucky night, so I played along and said:

"A pretty girl like you should be drinking a pink raspberry cosmopolitan, obviously."

That made her tilt her head sideways, and she said:

"For a colourful drink, I rather drink absinthe, if you join me."

Jackpot!  That was my lucky night! Stupid... It was better if I ran out of there, but no...

"Sure! Bartender! Two shots of absinthe".

And another alarm that should have warned me, the woman said to the bartender:

"No, make it three shots and a slice of lime for each of us".

Perfect! I almost jumped with lust. As soon as I poured my drug inside of those, she would pass out, I would take her to my safe apartment and I would pound that ass of her while squishing her

tits! And what big and round ones, she had!I played the cool guy.

"Oh, an adventurer! Nice! What's your name, you beautiful woman?"

She just smiled, while saying:

"I'm Clara. Clara Chill. And you aren't so bad either. Care to tell me your name?"

As usual, I used my fake name:

"I'm Alex Curtis."

But she frowned her eyebrows by hearing that and told me:

"You don't look like an Alex. Maybe a Joseph or a Paul."

And the stupid me instead of finding that suspicious, laughed!The bartender came with our drinks, and I was already reaching for the hidden small bottle that I had in my pocket while looking for an excuse to distract her so that she didn't see me pouring it inside her drink. As soon as the bartender left, she said:

"I don't know if you noticed, but on your right, there's a woman that's totally inviting you to join her."

And the stupid-head-of-a-dick of me looked!What I saw, was truly amazing. There was one beautiful brunette woman seated at a couch, with her legs widely spread and another girl was on the floor on her knees, licking the brunette woman's pussy. This was happening while two guys were seated at each side of the brunette, kissing her and occasionally, kissing each other. And that woman was staring at me, smiling seductively!I had a hard on, all my body wanted to join that party. Thinking back, I think it was when Clara poured something on my shot of absinthe.When I turned to face Clara again, she was smiling at me, and she quickly gulped down her three shots and bite on the slice of lime, making a funny face.I followed her. After what I saw, I needed to drink something strong. Biting the slice of lime was the last thing that I remember. After that, everything is a blur.I don't know how long I've been here in the dark.

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