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   Chapter 4 Four- Strange noises and a warning

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A week passed but Chloe was yet to make any discovery that could serve as a lead. Instead, the week was filled with chores and chores and a quiet house as the men were hardly around. But then, taking care of a huge house was more than she had anticipated.

After her second day, Chloe just had to appreciate the fact that Lucille was employed as her partner.

With tiredness coursing through her system as that particular day happened to be more tedious considering that she helped Madam Lugi, the head domestic help (she is mainly the cook) with the laundry. There were so many clothes enough for a community of fifty people to wear repeatedly for three years.

Not bothering to take off her uniform, Chloe kicked off her shoe and jumped onto the amazing bed which she added to the list as one of the few things she liked about the house after she had experienced a wonderful night sleep on it the first day.

Gradually, sleep carried her, distant voices from outside her room entered her sub-conscious but they did not achieve the aim of getting her out of her state.

As she deepened into the dream world, a particular, non- ignorable sound reached her ears. Her eyes snapped open. Alert, she listened carefully for the faint scream to call again and when it came, few minutes later, Chloe’s sleepy self jumped, wore her slippers and tried to trace her way to the strange noise.

It might actually be the lead she has been looking for.

The scream came again, louder this time as she walked few steps away from the entrance of her room. The voice or maybe voices sounded like they were in pain. Chloe wondered if the NAG brothers ran their trafficking business in their house.

Chloe doubted it, the house had didn’t have the construction of a building with hidden places.

But she was still going to find out where the sound was coming from.

As she took a turn away from where all the rooms where, her legs walked her up a short spiralled staircase, and into a library. Wondering how on earth she missed the room during her survey of the house, Chloe found herself moving towards the shelved books. There had to be about ten huge shelves in the room, all arranged like you would see in public libraries.

Her hand running through a row of books, she admired the collection and wondered if all three men were into reading. If they were, she had found a reason to like them.

“Having sleeping problems too?” She had not noticed anyone in the room. As she turned, Gabriel had the side of his mouth tugging.

“Uh... I did not know you were here.” He was the only one she had not officially met and she was glad it was not under weird situations like it was with Nathaniel.

“I was at the other side when you came in. So, do you like books? Or did you come to scowl at them?”

“Who scowls at books?”

He tendered his palm. “Amir does.”

Making a fake wince, Chloe said, “Amir doesn’t know what he is missing. Books are amazing.”

“Finally, someone that appreciate a rare form of art. Would you like some orange juice?”

Chloe smiled, genuinely. Even though she was meant to be putting up a fake act, this one could not help but be natural. So, she did not fight it. “Yes, I do.”

“Alright, let’s go have some orange juice.” She liked his personality. He sounded simple, he sounded like someone who would hardly have issues with the world because of his obvious introvert persona.

‘It will really suck to see him in prison.’

At the other side of the shelves was a round table, like those in coffee shops and a few books lay on it. Chloe smiled to herself, she had found another favourite thing in the huge house. Her eyes followed him as he reached for the mini- fridge just behind them and brought out a carton of orange juice, two glass cups tucked in his hands.

A library with snack source? Their library was officially the best thing in the house.

“Thank you,” she gestured with her filled cup.

He smiled, cuteness over-riding his already cute face. As he took his seat on the red cushioned seat, he said, “So, I am guessing you did not come up here because you knew there was a library here.”

“No. I actually just...” Chloe did not see the need to lie. “I heard some noises, it s

ounded like someone was screaming.”

“You heard that? Oh my, I am so sorry if I woke you up. Sometimes I prefer to listen to the audio version of a book, it gives the story more life you know. I was listening to the audio of a crime novel, hence the screams. I woke you, didn’t I?” She did not miss the apology in his eyes.

“No you didn’t. I was just curious and a bit concerned.” Her shrug was a huge one as she went on to gulp her juice.

Chloe could feel his eyes watching her, studying her. It was as though he were eager to know all about her. If humans came with the ability to read about a person just by looking at them, Gabriel would have finished the book about Chloe seconds ago. “I am curious about you Chloe. Tell me, what kind of books do you read?”

His voice carried a bit of authority. It was not surprising. “Uh.." She was sort of glad to be having a genuine conversation.

“I generally like any good story. But if I want to be specifically selective, I love horror, fantasy, adventure, historical fiction, crime and uh, yeah, romance.”

“It is actually funny how romance finds its way into each and every other genre of books. I like your taste.” He punctuated his approval with a sip from his drink. Chloe noticed he hadn’t taken much compared to her.

“What about you?”

“Um... I love all genres. Is that weird?”

“No. It is not.”

“How do you find this house?”

Chloe gave a laughter that sounded outrightly ridiculous. “Oh, it is huge. Very huge for just three men to be living in.”

“Well, five people live here presently, Chloe.” Her brows quirked as she calculated the statistics. Eventually nodding in agreement to his statement, she heard him say, “But you are right. This house is huge. But I like it anyway.”

Chloe had no words to reply him with, so she just sat there, twisting the side of the glass cup against her palm, her eyes anywhere but on Gabriel.

“What do you think of us?” Boy, did he ask questions.

“The three of you?” He nodded. Chloe pretended to think. But what she thought of them was not so hard to fetch from her brain.“Well, I think you are cool and gentle and maybe amazing.”

“Maybe amazing?” His nose scrunched in amusement.

“I don’t fully know you yet.”

Chuckling softly, he said, “What about Amir?”

Chloe felt her insides coil as she recalled the video of Natalie. “Honestly speaking, without meaning to be rude or anything, I don’t really like him. I mean, he acts like he wants to sleep with me every time he sees me. That can be so uncomfortable.”

“I apologize on his behalf. Amir is,” a little sigh escaped his thin, firm lips. “,well he can be a douche most times.”

“It is fine.”


The image of the tall man with face chiselled almost perfectly and eyes so blue they peered through whoever he was looking at, flashed through her mind. What else did she think of him apart from the fact that he appeared authoritative? Shrugging, Chloe replied Gabriel. “I see him as a figure with a lot of authority.”

“You don’t like him?”

Why on earth would he ask her such a question? Has she been acting like she does?

“Uh... no I don’t.”

“That’s a shame.” Chloe frowned, her hand raising the glass to her lips. “He really likes you.” She gagged the juice back into the glass.

Trying not to have a fit of coughs, Chloe cleared her throat, her eyes glaring at Gabriel who sat as he was, watching her like he did not just make some ridiculous claim.

“I have to warn you though. Ever since I have known Nathaniel, I have never seen him with a woman despite the advances he gets. Chloe, this is the first time he is showing interest in a woman and I can’t blame him, you are a beautiful woman without even trying.”Chloe bit her lip as she awaited the warning which might cause a disruption in her mission.

“Once Nathaniel shows interest in something, he never stops until he gets it in his grasp. And I don’t think you will be an exception Chloe. The way I am seeing things, Nathaniel will soon start working on ways to make you his and trust me when I say..."

Chloe could not help but get a bit uncomfortable as Gabriel’s eyes displayed a lot of seriousness. “Nathaniel Stone doesn’t like to fail, at anything.”

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