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   Chapter 5 A little to happy

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Updated: 2021-04-29 10:04

Chapter 4

Rose’s pov

I was actually enjoying talking to Lee. He was still that sweet kid that used to be my best friend. I guess having him around wasn’t so bad. Just as long as he realized this was my ranch and didn’t try to overstep my authority. Everyone else started to pile in so I put my plate in the sink and went to fix everyone’s plates for them.

I went up to my room since Lee promised to wash up. I got in my closet and dug out an old shoe box full of memories from my past. I found the picture of me and Lee and kids. I was so in love with him. We always said we were going to grow up and get married.

Funny how things change so much when we grow up. Things were so simple at that age, but sooner or later you have to grow up. Why out of everyone did my father have to hire him to work on the ranch? Why couldn’t it have been someone I didn’t share a past with?

If he thinks that me and Lee are going to rekindle some sort of romance, he is sadly mistaken. That part of my life is dead and buried. I learned a long time ago the past is meant to stay in the past. I tried my hand at love and got burned. Why go through all that again. No, I am better off alone. A lot le

ss pain to deal with that way.

I needed to stop thinking about Lee and focus on the ranch. It needed all my attention right now. No matter how incredibly sexy Lee was. I had to get some distance between us, so I could rein in my emotions.

Maybe I should send him out on a run for feed. That would take a few days, and by then I could deal with all of this better. I went down stairs to see if he was still down there. Sure, enough he was at the kitchen table sipping some coffee.

“Hey, I’m glad you’re still up. I need you to go on a run for feed if that’s ok with you. Our normal driver is sick, and I have no one else to do it.”

“Sure, just give me all the details and I would be happy to do it. How long will I be gone?”

“Not long 3-4 days max.”

“Ok sounds fun.”

“Ok I will give you all the paperwork first thing in the morning.”

He seemed a little too happy to be leaving the ranch. Maybe the city boy was getting bored already. Or maybe he just wanted to get away from me. Either way maybe he would be breaking the contract sooner than I thought. If I wanted him gone so badly why did the thought of him leaving upset me so much? I really needed to get a grip on things.

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