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   Chapter 3 Am I late

Wild Horses By Janis Ross Characters: 3434

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Chapter 2

Rose’s pov

I went into the house and saw my dad at the table drinking his coffee. He looked so fragile that I almost forgot why I was mad at him, but he wasn’t getting off that easy. I felt like he just didn’t listen to me. That he was setting me up to fail. Didn’t he believe in me? Haven’t I proven myself to him over and over again?

“Hello Rose, did you have a good ride?”

“Yes, I did until I got back, and saw you went behind my back and hired someone after I told you not too.”

“Look Rose about that I know you’re a hard worker, but we needed the help. Plus, I am thinking about selling my half of the ranch and I think Lee would be a perfect partner.”

“What dad no. You cannot sell the ranch to someone else. I will buy your half of the ranch.”

“Rose you need to have a life outside of this ranch. Fall in love, get married, and have some children.”

“I do have a life dad. I don’t want to get married nor have children so stop forcing that on me.”

“Rose I’m sorry I was just trying to help.”

“I know dad. I guess I’m stuck with Lee for at least a year, but please don’t sell the ranch to anyone but me.”

“Ok I won’t I just want what’s best for you. I won’t be around forever, and I don’t want you to wind up alone.”

“Daddy I’ll be fine stop worrying so much.”

“I’ll try and work on that.”

“Ok well I am going to go up and take a shower before I start super for everyone.”

“Becca off tonight?”

“I gave her the night off because she was feeling ill, so I will be the cook tonight. I thought you liked it when I cook?”

“I love your cooking but don’t tell Becca I don’t want to hurt her feelings any.”

I just laughed at him as I walked up the stairs to take my shower. I still needed to

put fresh linens and towels in the guest room for Lee before he got back. I’m still not happy about him being here, but there’s nothing I can do about it. At least for the next year I guess unless I can figure out a way around that.

I got done with my shower and dried off. I hurried and put on a tank top and shorts then went to get the things needed for the guest room. I made up his bed and put extra’s in the closet and put his towels in his bathroom. I went downstairs and got everything out I would need to make for supper. I had to make a lot since I would be cooking for everyone. I made sure everyone that worked for me got a good home cooked meal when they were done. After all they deserved for all they do around here.

Becca was the full time cook, but I was not about to make her cook for everyone while being sick. Besides I loved to cook and take care of everyone. It made me feel good to do it. Cooking was my other passion. If I didn’t own this ranch, I’d be a chef somewhere. I got everything ready and started preparing the lasagna. I was also making garlic bread and a salad to go with it. I heard the door shut and wondered which one of the workers had come in. I looked up to see a shirtless Lee walk in.

“Am I late?”

“No, you’re early. If you want, you have time for a shower before supper. I put towels in the guest room for you.”

“Ok thanks I’ll go do that.”4I looked up one last time to admire Lee’s body then went back to cooking.

He had one hell of a drool worthy body that was for sure. He had to go and fast before I did something I would later regret. I didn’t have time for these foolish fantasies about a boy I grew up with a crush on. I didn’t have time for this. Or him.

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