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   Chapter 2 Don't mess with me

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Chapter 1

Rose’s povRose was ordering supplies in her office and hiding from her dad. He kept telling her that she needed to hire someone on because she couldn’t do it all by herself anymore and he was getting weaker and weaker by the day. She hated seeing her dad like this, but he was wrong when he said she needed help. She didn’t need to hire anyone else. She could handle it. She always did. Why bring someone in now that she would only end up doing more work by training. No, things were good just the way they are. So, now here she was hiding out in hopes that he would just drop it, and she wouldn’t have to hire anyone new. It’s like a big happy family here. Bringing in an outsider could ruin that. It was Rose, her father, Becca the cook, Seth her husband that trained the horses and was the vet, and their son Michael that was the ranch hand so to her they already had everyone the needed.Rose thinks he’s just doing this, so she will stop working so hard, so she will go out and find a husband. She just doesn’t have time for all of that. She doesn’t need a man to make her happy. She’s perfectly content with her life just the way it is. She knows her dad means well and is just trying to see her happy, and she loves him so much for that.She knew he doesn’t want her to be alone if something happens to him, but she won’t be. She has the ranch and the extended family that comes along with it. She decided she stayed holed up in her office for far to long. So, she walked out of her office to go down and check on the horses and see I anyone needed anything.I thought about going for a ride just to clear my head. Maybe then I could come back with a better attitude and try talking to my dad again about all of this. I went to the stalls and told Michael I was going to take Lady out for a run. I got her harness and saddle on her and took off. I loved riding because it made me feel free.I decided to go to my favorite spot and spend some alone time with nature. See I didn’t need a man because if I had one, I couldn’t do things like this. I enjoyed my time alone. I liked the feeling of being free not tied down to someone. I laid down under my favorite old oak tree and I let Lady rest and drink from the pond. I just let my thoughts wonder and felt at peace out here. It was my thinking spot. I would spend forever here if I could.It’s so peaceful and beautiful like there’s nothing in the world I have to worry about. After a while I decided I should get back and talk to my dad. I didn’t like arguing with him. I just needed him to see that I could handle the ranch on my own. I got back on Lady and headed home.Everyone was outside and didn’t seem to be very happy. There was a guy there I have never seen before pointing at things and trying to tell everyone what to do. I jumped off Lady and walked over to Michael handing him her reigns and asked if he could put her away for me then marched right over to this man, so I could give him a piece of my mind. Who the hell did he think he was any way. This is my ranch and my friends no one talks to them like that. “Ok do you mind telling me who in the hell you think you are coming on my ranch and trying to tell my friends and family what to do?”“Your ranch! I think not! I’m here to help out a friend of my father. This is his ranch. And now that I am here, I will be taking over everything.”“I don’t know who you think your talking to, but you need to leave now.”“I won’t be going anywhere. Maybe it’s you that needs to leave so go.”Who the hell does this guy think he is talking to me like that? Everyone was looking at us because he was making a huge scene. It was time I take charge with this fool maybe that would prove to my dad that I could handle my own and run this ranch without more help.“I am going to give you five seconds before I grab my shotgun and call the police.”“Oh, please call the police so I can tell them how the help is threatening me. They can make you leave this property for good.”“Listen here jackass I am part owner of this here ranch. My

father is the other owner, but I run everything. I sure as hell know I didn’t hire you so get the hell off of my property.”“Wait you’re Rose?” He said as he just stood there looking at me.“Yes, how the hell do you know my name?”“You don’t remember me, do you?”“No should I?”“Well we kind of grew up together our dads are really close I used to come here all the time before I moved out of the state with my mom when my parents divorced.”I thought about it, and then it dawned on me this cocky stranger was none other then Lee my childhood best friend. Time sure has been good to him now that I have calmed down, I see how attractive he is. But why was he here on my ranch of all places telling everyone what to do saying he is running things around here.“Lee?”“Yep well it’s good to see you again Rose sorry about the misunderstanding.”“Yea me too, but what are you doing here on my ranch?”“Your dad didn’t tell you?”“Tell me what?”“He hired me. He said he was getting to weak to work and asked my dad if I could come and help. He didn’t say anything about you, so I figured you moved away or gotten married. I didn’t mean to cause any problems.”I was so furious with my dad right now. He went behind my back and hired the only boy I have ever had feelings for. What the hell was he thinking? Was he trying to play matchmaker right now? This wasn’t going to work. Lee had to go. I don’t play around when it comes to my ranch and he already proved he wouldn’t fit in by ordering everyone around like he did.“Look I’m sorry you came all the way out here, but we are not hiring. My dad misinformed you.”“Ok are you sure because you father called me begging me to come out here and work?”“Yes, I’m sure so if you could just leave, I’d really appreciate it. I will pay you a months’ worth of work for the inconvenience, and it was really nice seeing you again.”He smiled at me and headed to his truck. Wow that was a little to easy. He got something from his truck and then walked back over to me. Oh, here we go. I knew he wouldn’t just go away that easy. I was going to have a long talk with my dad about all of this once I finally got Lee to leave. “So, what should I do about this contract your father made me sign saying I would be working here for at least a year?”I looked over the papers he handed me and sure enough it was a binding contract, but it didn’t say he would be running the ranch. In fact, it didn’t say what his job had to be. I was his boss, and I would get him to do as I said, or I would make him leave.“So, it says you have to work here for at least a year, but not what you’ll be doing. So, you will not be running my ranch like you had thought. You will never talk to anyone here like you did when I rode up. You are my employee and you will do as I say or contract or not, you’ll be out on your ass.”“Yes, boss I hear you loud and clear.”“Good now since I have to put you to work, I want you to walk the fence around the land and see what needs fixing then go and fix it.”“Ok I will get right on that, and where will I be staying?”“What do you mean?”“Your dad promised me a place to stay since I don’t exactly leave anywhere near here.”“Ok for now you can stay in the guest room in the house until we can figure something else out.”“Ok thank you.”“Dinner is at 6:00 pm sharp if you miss it then you will be responsible to fend for yourself.”“Ok boss thank you for letting me know I better get to work on that fence.”I walked up to the main house, so I could find my father, and have a very long talk with him. Why would he even do this? I told him I didn’t need the help, so he goes behind my back and tries to give my ranch to someone else? I have put my blood, sweat, and tears in to this ranch and I’ll be damned if some pretty boy comes in and takes it all away from me.

I would make his life a living hell, so he would break that stupid little contract. I would not make any of this easy on him. I wasn’t that sweet girl he used to know anymore. So, bring it on Lee I am the wrong women to mess with.

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