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   Chapter 3 Contract

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"We have left everything 2 years back. Now how can they demand like this?" Asked Ishu trying hard to control her tears back.

"I know Sister. But our contract was for five years. For the past two years, they managed with our old works well aware of our situation. They favoured us without disturbing us for the last two years. Now their company faces some problems. If we work with them again, their status will gain its position back. The least we could do for them is not to create any problem" said Mihir trying hard to convince Ishu and Siddharth who are standing far behind listening to their conversation.

"But, how can we all work the same as before?" Asked a curious Ishu as she now can understand the depth of the matter.

"Not we" exclaimed Siddharth coming forward "let's first convince kuber and shall discuss later. Sister, I think you should take rest rather than breaking your head for this silly matter" commented Siddharth as to put a full stop to the discussion.

Mihir stood up to meet kuber as per Siddharth's instruction.


"Cancel all my meetings" yelled an angry Arjun who is on the verge of murdering everyone in front of him. Throwing the contract papers over the floor, he zoomed off from his room.

"How dare they?" Screamed Arjun when driving his car. He pulled his hair out of frustration. This can't be done. He is trying hard to move on in his life from all those memories which are still haunting him day and night. Now everything seemed to get spoiled right in front of him. He can't get himself involve in such a thing again.

With his inner battling, Arjun reached the kuber office. Without knocking on the door, he stormed inside. "Hell with you and your contract" yelled an angry Arjun even without noticing the one sitting there with many expressions on his face. The major one is happy seeing Arjun.

Arjun removes his coolers looking at that pair of eyes that demands answers from him. "Mihir" mumbled Arjun slowly not able to form any other words. "Arjun Dude" exclaimed Mihir. He badly wants to hug this man in front of him.

"Mr.kuber, I don't know why are you doing this," said Arjun shifting his eyes from Mihir to kuber.

"Arjun. I knew everything. But right now some exclusive project can save my company. And other than this, I don't know what could save my company" said kuber wanting badly that Arjun could agree to this.

Arjun didn't wait any longer to hear anything from kuber. As he knew if kuber says anything more, Arjun would surely agree to it. He can't deny this old man as he is the one who gave the first chance to them.

"Mihir, if this is not my last option, I would never compel you guys. You all know about this uncle of yours right?" Asked kuber emotionally blackmailing Mihir

"Relax uncle. Let me talk to these two men and fix something" said Mihir almost promising that he would make sure to do this contract work.

Coming outside he gets glad to see Arjun waiting for him already. pulling him to a hug Mihir cries a little "you even didn't wish to share with me?" Asked a curious Mihir to which Arjun remained silent.

"How are you?" Asked Arjun ignoring Mihir's complaint completely. "And!" Continued Arjun casually and stopped in middle abruptly.

"And…? Everyone?" Completed Mihir raising his eyebrows. Arjun turned his face to another side to avoid showing any reactions.

"We all are fine Dude. Where did you go? I have tried all my contacts to locate you. But you did a great job in hiding" said Mihir sarcastically making Arjun smile a little.

"Now I am back. I won't run from anything and anyone " said Arjun more confidently.

"I have rights at least to know what had happened between you two?" Asked Mihir hoping that Arjun would open up himself.

"I have nothing to say about that. If you could stop asking about it, we shall go for a coffee. If not, I have many works in my office" said Arjun abruptly cutting Mihir from inquiring further.

"If anything is important for me is it, then that would be to know about your side of the story," said Mihir annoyingly and left the place not wanting to drag anything more to it. Arjun patted his head seeing the little anger of Mihir. Mihir is always a soft guy who always cares about everyone around him. He never gets angry in any matter. But worst can happen if he ever gets angry. No one can console him. Arjun entered the office again to talk to kuber to negotiate about anything.

"Listen Arjun, it's a better option if you could agree to it easily. Otherwise, I too have my ways to make you both agree it" said kuber in a little raised voice as he is highly annoyed with these two jerks who are not at all even addressing him as an uncle. Moreover, he has to make them agree to it by any means. By any means could be by any damn means.

"What about both?" Asked Arjun in a changed voice. Though he knew Siddharth would deny working together with him, hearing it from kuber Arjun's lips curved upwards. some evil plans started piping inside that little brain of him.

"Siddharth has called me tons of times to ask about variables in this," said kuber throwing his hands up in the air in frustration.

"If that's what he wants, I am ready for this contract," said Arjun casually making kuber jump in joy. Putting his glares back Arjun smiles thinking about Siddharth's reactions. All Arjun needs are to torture Siddharth by doing all those things which he denies.


"How can he agree to it?" Asked Siddharth in a deadly rough voice bringing every ounce of his energy to his voice. Mihir stood there in no reactions.

"Bittu relaxed please," said ishu trying to calm down his brother.

"Now kuber wants to compel me in all ways possible," said Siddharth gritting his teeth harder.

"Why are you running away from reality. Face the world Dude" said Mihir amuses everyone in the room including ishu.

"If your presence doesn't affect him, why are you getting affected with his presence.?" Asked Mihir more like provoking Siddharth to agree to it.

"I have talked to kuber uncle already about it. This must be the last work for this project. And after that, he won't bother us with anything." Said Mihir convincingly.

"This one last time" pleaded ishu wanting Siddharth to agree to it. She doesn't want kuber uncle to suffer because of them.

"Fine. If that's what everyone wants, that will happen" saying so Siddharth stormed off to his room leaving behind everyone.


"Thank you kuber. This help of yours means a lot to me" said Raj Singh raizada over the phone to kuber.

"Raj. They all are my kids too. Don't thank me. If this contract could bring them closer, I would love to sign many more contracts illegally also. Said kuber with a wink.

"I just hope they could solve everything with this chance" sighed raj in a heavy voice who is nothing but a concerned father wanting the welfare of his children.

"Of course raj. Have faith in God" saying so kuber hangs up the call.


"I won't leave that Mogambo and Gabbar of my life," said Mishty after explaining about Arjun and S

iddharth to payal.

"Wow, Mishty. You just hit a lottery. Two villains on either side, one innocent heroine in the centre. Wow so romantic" exclaimed payal dramatically cupping her cheeks.

"Jiji. Stop dreaming impossible things" whined Mishty shaking payal to land into reality.

"Whatever Mishty, I am sure you will meet these two again. And their fates will change because of you. Maybe a love triangle is possible" said payal winking at Mishty making her gasp in horror. A love triangle with these two monsters. "I will be dead meat. Have you seen how they do eye lock romance?" Asked Mishty unbelieving. "What. You have already entered into the first stage of love?" Asked payal excitingly.

"Jiji… it's not between me and any of them. It's between themselves… they both were glaring each other as if wants to eat them alive with their mouth" said Mishty remembering about Siddharth and Arjun.

"Now relax and don't think about them. Tomorrow I have to attend my interview and do my best to attract everyone with my skills" said payal dreamingly when Mishty nods in agreement.


Sunrises indicating the end of the previous day in such a soul mood of everyone.

"Mishty gets up na... see I couldn't find anything. I have to rush.. help me Mishty.." Yelled payal shaking kush to wake up from her dream.

" one can't live without me," said Mishty in her sleepy stammer voice making payal furious at her irresponsible reply.

"Sharuk's pet... Sharuk can only flirt... my Sallu. I mean Salman Ji tho. what a body.. what an expression. no girl can escape from falling for Salman Ji…" exclaimed payal dreaming about her favourite actor SalmanKhann making Mishty get up from her dream of Sharuk khan

Garima beats Payal with a pillow…"What will I do with these two mad girls? Payal. You were getting late?.. for which you even forget to listen to Salman's songs in the morning. right?" Asked Garima wanting badly to get her daughter some senses inside her head.

"Yeah. Mishty Idiot... you made me late... come on get up and give me my favourite Salman's pic.. which u have stolen yesterday... give me Mishty.. so that I could get best wishes from Sallu…" said payal making Garima gasp in angry. This girl is sure lacks senses. Here she thought, payal was searching for some important files for her interview and there she was just searching for her favourite actor's picture. Such a crazy fangirl.

Payal herself found her pic... and leaves in a rickshaw with a fairy white skirt and top with a blue scarf.


Payal enters the office where interior work is going on. The office is getting renovated...

" wow.. everyone got to know about me. that's why getting this. one.. " payal said those with a naughty smile. And she looked at someone busy organizing. When she pats that man a big-screen fell over them and both get stuck inside the screen.

Mihir who was busy renovating his office saves payal at the last moment from falling. He looks at those innocent black eyes which were blinking continuously to check whether she is safe or not. He indeed gets mesmerized by the natural beauty of the little girl in his arms. He managed to take the screen with one hand while he protectively loops his other hand around her waist.

Payal stands on her feet and looks around to check the office again.

"I know that I am so beautiful. Anyone can fall for me so easily. right?" Asked payal innocently with a cute smile.

"excuse me. Who are you what are you telling?" Blinked Mihir in confusion with her statement.

"Then why are you holding me for so long time after the screen is taken out?" Asked payal with a cute pout making Mihir realize his mistake and takes his hands back in embarrassment.

" oh, miss. universe. Who are you? What are you doing here.." Asked Mihir in his little authoritative voice making payal stiffen her position with his gesture.

"I am here to give my interview.. " mumbled payal softly seeing Mihir's changed behaviour.

"Should I ask your name again.. so that miss universe can give her intro?" Asked Mihir in a taunting tone making payal flinch at his comment.

"Why should I give my intro to you? just tell me where should I go for my interview.." Said payal hiding her fear, trying to sound confident.

Mihir smiles and directs her to his cabin dreaming about her reaction when she would see him there herself.

The shock was an understatement when payal noticed Mihir in the cabin. She gave her best sheepish smile to Mihir so that he might forget her rude behaviour down there.

"This is an SSR fashion house and I am a part of this office. I am here to take your interview and may I have your permission to take your interview ma'am" asked Mihir taking her files in his hands to which payal was so embarrassed to even smile back at him.

" sorry. I was not aware of that," said payal biting her lower lip in a cute way which is not gone unnoticed by Mihir who seems to enjoy every reaction of her.

" now may I know ur name ? or else should I undergo some tests so that u will reveal your name," asked Mihir in a teasing tone raising his eyebrows.

"Sorry, sir. I am sorry. I didn't know what came to my mind that I spoke....." Blabbered payal noticing his cold tone. She thought he is hell angry with her behaviour before.

"Name?" Asked Mihir again little raise in his voice to send some chills to payal who seemed to get instant fear in her cute eyes.

"Payal. I have completed a fashion designing course this year. here is my curriculum and my sample designs" said payal in one go without wanting to drag any more sorry sessions.

Mihir sees the samples and says beautiful staring at her... He is damn attracted to her the way she speaks... The way she rolls her eyes... The way she bites her lips... It's damn cute… she is scared by his little anger voice that's what attracted him the most.

Siddharth enters and sees them. He looked tense. He wanted to talk to Mihir right now. Looking at the resume of payal, he knew she would be appointed now or later for sure.

"look payal.. you are appointed.. you may join by tomorrow. now you can leave. Now" said Siddharth stressing the last word a little louder so that the girl runs from there immediately

"Wowowowo thank you so much sir" screamed payal in happiness when Siddharth glared at the girl again with his sharp eyes making her gulp her happiness deep inside. She picked her files at once and left the cabin.

"If you want to agree to that contract, I have one condition" voiced out Siddharth breaking the silence.

"Whatever I will make sure you get it," said Mihir confidently.

"Keep Sister out of this at any cost," said Siddharth more like a warning to Mihir where Mihir nodded his head in approval as he too thought of the same. Though he is quite excited to work with everyone again, he knew his Sister would be the one who might be suffering the most.

"I have already informed my uncle about it. and he is already searching for someone to replace Sister in this project." Said Mihir consoling Siddharth to his best.

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