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   Chapter 2 Angry Mishty

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Updated: 2021-04-26 19:10

“Mam. Sorry, you are late for exactly 20 minutes. You can leave” said Rita with her polite smile to which Mishty bites her lower lip to control her little sob.

“Listen, I am sorry for my delay. But I can explain inside to them. Can you please excuse me inside?” asked Mishty in her little voice more like pleading. After all, it might be her last opportunity after the attempts of 1 whole year trying to get appointed in some prestigious company. If she misses this, she should give up her dream and should accept work for anything which could give them a fine amount as pay. Searching for jobs as per her qualification is the main dream of Mishty which was slowly shattering in front of her eyes making her eyes clouded with lots of emotions.

“Ma'am please I can't do anything,” said Rita feeling so sorry for this girl who is on the verge of crying.

“It’s ok Miss. Rita” saying so Mishty leaves the company. Even though she is a carefree bubbly girl who always shares happiness with everyone around her, the deep sensitive girl inside her wakes up at times like this. Her family supported her in every stage be it her decision of studying MBA or be it rejecting every offer which is in a lower grade for her. It’s high time she should think about her family rather than hanging upon her stubbornness.

Wiping her tears she smiled again to get herself back so that her closed ones don’t feel bad. Her thought starts clouding with the encounter in the morning with the two monsters which made her day in the worst way possible. Unknown anger was established inside her for both who is the sole reason for her rejection in the interview.


The sound is evident in the messed-up home. It entered her home where she could hear the earthquake types effect from Siddharth’s room. Siddharth opened the door hearing Isitha’s voice outside. Looking at the red eyes filled with anger tears Isitha gets concerned.

“what happened bittu?” asked Isitha carefully consoling him in between with her soft hands been massaging his shoulders.

“nothing serious, it's just business tension” lied Siddharth. He can’t tell her about Arjun for sure. Isita would be broken completely. Siddharth can never let that happen.

"If you don't want to tell me, you can say that directly. As you know I hate lies." Snapped Isitha in her most annoyed angry voice. She can be very sensitive when it comes to lies. Siddharth sighed in defeat. whom he is betraying? Isita? She can find it in the blink of eyes even before Siddharth could even think to hide.

"Ok fine. Don't make this sulking face now. It's nothing. Nothing to worry about" he said stressing the word 'nothing' and Isitha rolled her eyes in defeat.

"Dude! Isitha sister" Siddharth, and Isitha rushed downstairs hearing it.

"Mihir? Did you come back so soon?" Asked Siddharth amused with his arrival which will be after a week.

"That's not important right now. Look at this " saying so Mihir handles some documents to Siddharth in his tensed tone.

Reading the documents, Siddharth eyes turned dark. His expressions become rigid. Fisting his hands till it turned white, Siddharth threw all the papers over the ground.

"How dare they?" Snarled Siddharth gritting his teeth harder.

"What happened bittu?" Inquired Isitha to pick up those documents from the floor.


ing the papers, Isitha stumbled back. Siddharth supports Isitha at the right moment helping her to stand straight.

"I have looked into all possibilities to terminate the contract but we can't just do injustice to Mr.Kuber who was the first to trust us." Said Mihir sighing in defeat. Mihir who knew about everyone in and out, thoroughly checked about everything to avoid such a situation where the duo can come face to face to worsen the case. But nothing is in his hands now. The contract which they all signed 3 years back, now blackmailing them to work together.

"Mihir. I think you should meet kuber sir and sort out this as soon as possible" said Siddharth as if Mihir has no other options. Siddharth took Isitha to her bedroom.

"Bittu, what will happen now?" Asked Isha having void expressions on her face.

"Sister, trust me I won't allow that man to enter our life again," said Siddharth more to himself.


"Relax Mishty, if you don't get a job as per your qualification, why don't you accept something which could help you to at least get inside the field?" Asked Garima, mother of Mishty, consoling her to her best.

"Areey it's a loss for that enterprise not to have you in their company" commented madhumathi, her aunt trying to ease the situation.

"Aunt, even I made Mum as a blind, and you as a heartless landlord who is giving a hard time to us, and you can't imagine what I did with Jiji. I made her a mentally retard sister of mine. But those heartless people didn't listen to me" pouted Mishty like a little kid. Whereas madhumathi and Garima started beating Mishty.

"Maaaa" screamed payal when trying to escape from the bunch of kids.

"Jiji, what happened?" Asked Mishty in a panic tone making her stand in stable.

"Mishty… look at these kids, they lost the bet still claiming that I should pay them chocolates, this is not fair is it?" Asked payal in her pouting voice making all giggle at her regular antics.

"Payal, can you for god's sake behave like an elder sister for at least once a year?" Asked madhumathi slapping her head in dismay.

"What is there to behave? I am already the one," said payal proudly making all sigh in defeat.

"Mishty lost her interview," said Garima making payal come back to reality zone from her dreamland.

Looking at Mishty, payal asked through her eyes to confirm the news to which Mishty nodded making payal close her eyes in defeat.

"Relax Mishty, when this elder sister is here, no one should fear. Tomorrow I will surely get a job and you all will be suffocated to death as to thinking how to use these all money to spend" said payal in her chirpiest voice making all smile at least by her positive words.

" I heard, you made me mentally challenged sister of yours?" Asked payal raising her eyebrows.

"Jiji. If anyone inspects our home for catching my lies. They won't get any doubt seeing you that's why I said perfect lie for you" said Mishty winking at payal while she stood up ready to run away from payal.

Bith the sisters fought with pilow which soothes the worries of the home. They didnt care about the next day's meal which they had to earn by some means. All they do is live today with a smiling face. Madhumathi went inside to prepare sweets to sell those in the colony so that they could pass this another day with ease.

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