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   Chapter 2 Two

The Daddy Deal By Lillith M Kennedy Characters: 5227

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Crystal POVI awake and look at the clock. It is 5 pm. I have to get ready for tonight. Jamie is sending a driver to pick me up at 7. I need to get ready. I have not even looked in the bag he sent with me. I took the cash out and laid the bag on the bar. I cannot believe he is paying me ten thousand dollars for one night of role play.I crawl out of bed. I wonder what in the hell he has in mind. I was curious when I got home this morning, but I decided to sleep instead of looking through the bag. I think I will shower first, and then I will look in the bag.I come out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel to look inside the bag. I guess I need to see what Jamie’s instructions are before putting on makeup or doing my hair.I unzip the bag and begin to pull out the clothes and shoes. There is a small envelop inside. I open the envelope to see what is inside. It is a small piece of paper. The note says *Tonight you are mine. You will refer to me as sir or daddy. I request you wear your hair in pigtails, please. You may wear makeup as you see fit. Enjoy the outfit. Only wear what is in the bag, nothing else.*I pull out an extremely short plaid skirt, a white button-up top with suspenders, white stockings, panties, and red heels. There is no bra. Great, I have to go without a bra in a see-through white button-up. Something else is in the bag, a lollipop and two ribbons that I assume are for my hair.I leave everything on the bar except the panties, stockings, and ribbons. At least my hair will be manageable. I blow my hair dry. I divide it into two sections and pull it up in pigtails. I put one ribbon on each rubber band and secure the ribbon. I decide to wear lashes and a smoky eye look. My makeup is perfect. I slip into the stockings and panties. I go back to the kitchen to get the skirt and white button-up off of the bar. I leave a few buttons open. I grab the lollipop off of the bar and put it in my purse. This is going to be an exciting night. Hey, for ten thousand dollars, I will call him daddy and dance for him all night. I check the time on the clock; it is 640. I grab my purse and head out of my apartment. I told Jamie I would be out front at 645. I lock the door and rush to the elevator. I hope no one sees me in this outfit. It would not be so bad if I were wearing a bra. I make it to the front of my building just as a black sedan is pulling up out front. A young man gets out and motions for me when he sees me. I guess he has done this before. He opens the back door to the black sedan, and I get into the back seat.

“Are you comfortable? Do you need anything,

Miss?” the driver asks.“I am excellent,” I respond.He closes the glass between us. I guess he is not very friendly, or he is just professional. Maybe my tits hanging out of this shirt make him uncomfortable. The drive to Jamie’s is only about thirty minutes. As the driver pulls into the long driveway, I start to become very nervous. I have no idea why. I have known Jamie for a very long time. I should be at complete ease with this situation. It is not like he has not seen me naked before in the club. The driver comes around and opens my door. “You may go in the front door and wait for instructions,” he says.“Okay, thanks,” I say.He smiles. He gets back in the car and leaves. I walk up to the front door. I enter and wait for further instructions. Jamie’s house is exceptionally over-decorated. The house is enormous. I figured he would have a big place, but this is ridiculously large. A young lady finally comes down for me after a few minutes. “If you follow me, I will take you to your area,” She says.I follow her up the stairs and down a hall. She opens the door to a bedroom. “You will wait here. Mr. Jamie will be with you shortly,” she says.She leaves and shuts the door before I can say thank you. I look around the room. Maybe I can see what Jamie has in mind for us tonight. The room is plain. There is nothing but a bed and a few items in the room. It is not overly decorated like the rest of the house. It is immaculate. I do not think anyone uses this room. It seems like forever when the door finally opens. Jamie enters the room. He does not say anything. He looks me over. He touches the ribbons in my hair and then looks under my skirt. He peers inside my shirt to check to see if I have on a bra. It should be obvious I am not wearing one, but I did not mind his touch. “I see you can follow instructions very well, but where is your lollipop?” Jamie asks.“It is right here in my purse, sir,” I say so sweetly.“Take it out. You can leave your purse in here. No one will bother your things,” Jamie says.I take the lollipop out of my purse. I lay my purse on the bed. I walk back over to Jamie.“Is this better?” I ask.He takes the lollipop from me and unwraps it. “Now that is better little miss,” Jamie says to me.He hands it back to me. I take it into my mouth and begin to lick and suck on it. Jamie touches my face. “Such a good little miss you are for daddy,” Jamie says.I smile at him as I continue to lick on the lollipop.“Come with daddy; we are going to my playroom for privacy,” Jamie says.He reaches for my hand. We walk hand in hand out of the room.

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