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   Chapter 3 What's going on between you two

Unlucky inlove By Kamogelo Palane Characters: 3491

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We were laughing and chatting on our way home, until I heard him calling me. "Kay! Kay! Kaymo!" I just kept walking.

"Hey someone is calling you" said Grace while turning back to see who it is. "It's Kemal wait I know him, he's my class mate" she has already stopped walking but I kept waiting. She pulled my hand "hey Kaymo stop".

She was so excited. "Why are you stopping me" when turned to look at her I saw the excitement in her face. "Why are you excited?"

"Nothing I just like this guy, he's a good and handsome guy. He doesn't like to get into fights or arguments like other guys at school." Grace said

Before I could say anything he was already there, "hey girls " he said " how was school? I hope you wrote your papers well kaymo.." and just looked at him for a while and said, " yes it was great papers ".

"School wasn't bad we were not doing anything important today just studying. Why didn't you come to school today?" Grace asked

"I had few things to do " he was starring at me, he even give Grace a glance while talking. "Kay did you think of our conversation? Kemal asked.

"I just glance at him and continued walking, they started walking too. "No I didn't get time to think I was busy writing my paper" I said

Kemal said "Sorry for disturbing you on your exam period, I don't mean to confuse you or anything.. I just can't take this anymore.. I.. I'm.. Hey Grace can you give us a minute please?"

"No girl you have to go anywhere, there's nothing serious we can talk about here." I told Grace

He frowned "Kay please don't do that to me, I need to talk you my love." Said Kemal " Grace please give us some space..

"No" I said

"Grace please we'll talk later" said Kemal.

"Okay if we will talk later" said Grace. She wa

lked to join another group.

"Kay I've been trying to talk for a while now and you didn't give me a chance " he said " I even send your other friend Neo from primary to talk to you for me.

"But she didn't give me an answer" he said.

And I could remember the day she came and told about a guy who wants me very clearly." girl there is this guy who is a friend of my brother and my neighbor, he sent me tell you he would like to talk you. "

"Why is he send you ?" I asked

"He says he tried talking to you yesterday and you didn't let him breathe a word" Neo said.

"Okay tell him I don't have time today as you can see we lots of homeworks" I said

He kept coming with all his three friends everyday but they get chance to talk to me. And when I remember clearly the guy Neo was talking about it wasn't Kemal Collins, it was his best friend Freddy.

And all this time I thought it was him who had a thing for me until now. " uhmm! Oh!" I didn't know want to say.

"So what do you say? Will you give us chance? Will you be my girlfriend? Please say yes beautiful " he pleaded

And I said " I don't know I'll have to think about this first but for we can be friends that's it.

" Okay no problem we can be friends and see where it takes us, right?"

"Sure" I said in low voice.

With smile he said "from now on when I'm free I'll walk you to school and from school"

"Okay " I agreed. You never see me boy I'll find another way to school from now I thought. But deep down I knew the were not shotcuts to school, this was the only way that wasn't long. I frowned upon thinking about that.

We walked together and he was the one who was talking I was just nodding and saying no all the way. Until I was close to home and we said our goodbye.

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