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   Chapter 3 Favor

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My jaw fell opened after hearing my friend’s reports to me. They showered me the informations that I did not know about 'the' Vren Marzon. How filthy rich he is. That even though his family is already rich, he still strive making his own name in the industry. He is a multi-billionare himself to be exact. Not to mention his inherits from his family. They told me even the tiniest things about him.

For a few seconds, I was amazed by him. Definitely amazed that I had forgotten that I met him earlier and how I was irritated at him everytime. I had forgotten his also rude attitude towards me. How he said that line of him that he is my fiancé. And how arrogant he is in my eyes.

And now these two are telling me that he is a successful man?

Hell. I did not even thought of that. Even a bit! It is not obvious! Truth is, I thought he is just a simple son of a rich man. That idea didn’t really entered my mind. Really!

“Seriously, Chan, in what planet were you from?” Vivien asked in a serious tone.

“You do know that I am not interested with business!” I groaned.

“But atleast you could’ve made some research!” Eliana said while fixing her short hair.

“I do not have the time to make a reseach when we were in the car, alright? And I still didn’t know him that time,” I explained.

“OMG! So you are really serious?!” they said in chorus.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. If I could just tweak their hairs right now, I would. These two..

“So you think I’m a liar?”

“Of course not! We just... Couldn’t accept it! Oh my goodness! How did that happen? We know that Marzons are not doing arrange marriages!”

“And Vren is okay with it? I thought he has a girlfriend?”

My brows shot up on what Vivien said. Girlfriend? He has a girlfriend? Well.. He has the looks so probably, he has. It is impossible if he doesn’t have, though. But why did he tell me that he is already my fiancé? What? A fiancé that has mistress?

Oh you, Chantylle!

I closed my eyes tightly and shook my head. I shouldn’t think of that. He is not my fiancé. Will never be! I have a freaking boyfriend for whoever’s sake! I shall stop that plans of my parents. That wedding they are planning to do, it shouldn’t come..

That’s what I am thinking until I fell asleep. When I woke up the next day, I took a bath quickly and wore a simple floral dress paired with a flat shoes. All my things were on my sling bag.

When I went down, Mama was in the kitchen, cooking our foods since they fired all of our maids. Meanwhile Papa’s in the dinning table with his newspaper and coffee and usual. I stopped and stood there for a minute to stare at them. I couldn’t help but to feel sad again. Staring at them made me feel that everything is alright when it is not..

I continued walking towards them. I saw Papa glanced at me then back to his newspaper. Sighing, I still kissed his cheeks.

“Papa.. Uh, I am going to meet my friends after breakfast...” I said, crossing my fingers.

But I know better, he would say no...

“Okay, you can go.”

I gasped softly as my eyes widened in surprise. Still couldn’t believe on what I’ve heard, I stared at Papa, thinking if is it really him who talked?

“Pardon, Papa?”

He hissed and looked at me again. “I said, you can go. Should I repeat it the third time?”

“N-No, Papa..” I shook my head repeatedly, scared on his tone and scared that he might change his decision.

I sat down, still amused. Mama is looking at me with her brows furrowed but I ignored it. Because of happiness I was feeling, I ate energetically. I almost forgot that I am with my parents. My mind is clouded with the thought that finally after a week of being locked in this boring house, I am finally free.. Or not. Because I still know my father. This will only be for today.

At the same time, I am nervous and confused. What happened to Papa that lead him to decide like this? But maybe, he is gui

lty that he scolded me for so long last night...

I winced in that thought. I should just be happy with it.

“Mama, Papa, I’ll go now,” I excitingly said when I finished eating. I kissed them both on their cheeks before turning around.

“Stop right there.”

I frowned and turn around to face them again. Papa put down his news paper and sipped on his coffee.

”Papa?” I said, confused.

“Wait for Vren because he’s going to drive you. You are not allowed to go anywhere today without him.”

What the...

“Papa—” Before I could finish talking, I already heard an engine of a car.

My face paled as I took a glanced on the window and saw a luxury car parking outside our gate. From the car, Vren Marzon came out. Wearing a black tshirt that is slightly hugging his well built body and a pants, he looks so attractive. And again, he doesn’t look like a businessman my friends are talking about. He looks like a model to me.

That is why I understand why our teen neighbors went out of their houses just to look at this handsome freaking man who is now walking towards our house.

But I am fuming mad, despite of his looks right now!

What the hell, right? I thought Papa was in the good mood reason why he allowed me to go out. And now, this? This is the real reason!

“Chantylle, open the door. It must be Vren..”

I breathed in and out before following Mama. Vren is about to knock when I opened the door.

Funny because my plan is to not look at him however our eyes still met. And like the first time that I saw his dark, mysterious and menacing eyes, I felt nervous. My heart pounded fast again in fear. I had never felt this kind of feeling before but I know this is not good.

“Your parents?” he asked in a deep voice.

“In the kitchen. Follow me..” I answered in grimaced.

I opened the door widely and stepped back a bit for him come in. When he did, I untentionally slammed the door and I was even surprised for it. I looked up to him only to saw his blank stare on me. My brows shot up on him.

“What?” I arrogantly said.

He just stared at me again, blankly.

I rolled my eyes on him before walking towards the kitchen. He followed me and when we got there, he greeted my parents. I could not help to be fascinated by how he talked to my parents like a normal people. Like his wealth is not far from ours. When in fact, it is. And he was so formal in the meeting and right now but there’s something on him that made me amused.

“Papa, I’m going,” I said again, when I noticed that their talk is getting longer and longer. Though, I was hoping that Papa is joking earlier.

“Vren, take care of my daughter. Call me when she did something unpleasant. Alright?”


“Papa, I can commute—”

“I said Vren’s going to drive you,” Papa said in a loud and authorative voice that made me shut.

I blinked twice and gulped. I couldn’t look at Vren in embarrassment.

Mama walked near me and whispered, “Don’t do anything stupid again, Chantylle. I am warning you,” then she stepped back.

“We’ll get going now, Sir, Ma’am..”

They just nodded. Vren looked at me and again, I avoided his gaze. But I almost gasped when he walked towards me to wrapped his hands around my waist before he escorted me the way out.

When we were out of my parent’s sight, I immediately torn down his hands off me. I glared at him.

“You don’t need to do that!”

He just shrugged and walked towards his car. He opened the shotgun seat for me and I silently went in. I stopped myself to be amazed by his car but I couldn’t! This is fantastic!

“Aren’t you busy? Why did you accept this favor of my father?” I asked, frowning but my eyes were roaming around his car.

“This isn’t your father’s favor.”

“What?” I looked at him, confused. “Then who’s favor is this? My Mama?”

Vren did not reply. He just looked at me with a grin on his face before he started the engine of his car.

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