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Alysia felt hungry she thought to go down. She forgot, she had not eaten yet. The whole Mansion was dark when she came down.

When is there still no light? as she noted, they do not turn off the light at night, especially in the hallway. She was often hungry at midnight.

She heard a soft giggle over there. She would not have noticed, but the noise she heard grew louder.

So, curiosity changed her mind. But that side is dark. She went to the dining area looking for a flashlight.

Alysia rummaged through the cabinets, where the emergency light was hidden.

When she found something, she immediately took it out and looked to see if, it was still working.

Alysia temporarily forgot about hunger. Carrying the flashlight, she went to the crackle, she had heard earlier and took a stick in case it is a thief. She would not hesitate to strike it.

She heard no more crackling. But she heard a woman and a man growl behind the big Vase. Because it was dark she immediately pointed the flashlight at them, whoever they were, blasphemers! committed lewdness inside the Mansion. She could not miss it.

Because of the flashlight, they were dazzled. They were surprised and hurriedly picked up their clothes.She could not quite imagine, how they had committed the lewdness! is she here in her own house?

How she hated betraying. It has been less than a month since her father was buried. But here is Aunt Shiella! brought the man to the Mansion. Isn't she afraid Daddy will ghost him?

"Hija..get that flashlight down! we can talk about it."

Sheilla was embarrassed to please get close to the girl. Just to lower the flashlight.

"When did you cheat on Daddy? When?!" Alysia's voice trembled.

"Just calm down! I did not cheat on your father! I love your Dad. But now he is dead. I also need to love others. When I met Raul he loved me and I loved him too! I'm just a fragile person." She said with an explanation.

Alysia shook her head at her explanations. Raul is Sheilla's relationship. She sees how the man will stare at her.

"No! You don't love him. Because if you love my Dad? you won't trade him right away! You know he just died. I hope there is little respect for his memories. I can't miss, you bringing the man to the Mansion."

Her tears rolled down her cheeks. ran away and called a guard to catch the man. She immediately filed a lawsuit and was unable to re-enter the Mansion. She did not listen to Aunt Sheilla.

Sheila was furious when Raul was mercilessly picked up by the police. She did not know, how to release it.

What Domenick gave him was gone, when Raul and I were beaten in the casino. Does she think they can make up for it if they do it again but no, they will go into debt even more?

"15O, million Sheilla, so big. your indebtedness to me! interest included and I need it now!" He said.Mr Tan, the Chinese businessman lends money with interest included. Tan also has bad habits. Many have reportedly killed Tan, so Shiella is terrified to be like everyone else.

"Mr Tan give me a few more days to pay off what I owe you!" Sheilla pleads with the Chinese while kneeling on it.

"Promise we will pay! just give me a few days even if I double it. Just a few days! please?" She added in speech.

"Okay Sheilla, I'll give you today, but only two days when you pass that day. Bang! blast her skull. Do you understand?" Sheilla trembled with fear after threatening her life. That is why she will do everything, She can pay for that Chinese man and she will feed the arrogant, Mr Tan. his millions.

How else can they make the plan now if he imprisoned? She knew she was Alysia's legal guardian. But, it will not giv

e him that much value. If she asks for it. But, she wants to take, all the wealth that Alysia bequeathed, so that she can pay the debt.

Sheilla was deep in thought when she heard a noise outside the house. She immediately went down to recognize the voice.

Valerie is her eldest and Alysia is her voice.

Headed back. She saw Alysia turning her back and Valerie kneeling on the ground begging the girl who was crying.

"You killed my favourite horse! Now you want to use a horse again.If you act as you own it! you just slap here! gluttons. You have no rights. Any of you here at the Hacienda."

Alysia uttered hurtful words.She angrily bit Valerie's face in the mud.

"Alysia forgive me I.. did not accidentally die your horse!"

Valerie knelt begging the girl, Her face was filled with a mixture of mud and animal dung. Alysia's heart was hard. She doesn't listen to Valerie. She does not care if she is already hurting.

She does not know how to pity people. When it is a big sin on him. Others are angry often on the bone.

She does not forgive those who offend him, especially when you have lost something important.

From behind Shiella pushed him away and made Valerie stand up, from kneeling on the ground. She felt sorry for the eldest daughter.

When she saw the mud stick to its face and pungent odour from the horses in the quadrant. She confronted her husband's cursed child and slapped her. Because of anger.

She is already ignoring, harassing Raul and humiliating me. My Daughter was hurt. Because of Alysia's cruelty.

This is what she will not miss when her daughter is aggrieved. She is ready to kill. When it comes to children. Although she did not become a good wife, she became a good mother to her children.

" What are you doing in your sister ha?" In a high voice.

It was a shock on her face after I slapped him.

"What do you think? What I did to that woman huh? She killed my horse! Now she will use another horse, For what? to kill him?"She's blocking her stepmother. She has lost respect for them, ever since she brought the man to the Mansion.Until now, she still can't forget that Sheilla can't live without a man in her life, so she was upset with it.

"You have no right to hurt your sister, no matter what she did wrong! You still have no right. If your mother did not teach you good manners! I'm the one who will cut that horn of yours because it's so long!"Shiella said angrily.

In high tune. Simultaneously leaving in front of Alysia. After she helped Valerie stand up.

"Your courage to lay hands on me. You are just a slap in the mansion. If my Father did not marry you and adopted you! Maybe even now in the squatter living, if not for my father."

She was reluctant to answer the stepmother. She was still holding her hurt cheek.

"your arrogance one day you will also eat what you said and you are proud of this wealth, e -enJoy first, the day may come, when you will not get any more pesos. Because you will fall to the ground and experience hardship like others. Let's see if you don't beg me when that day comes!"

Alysia laughed out loud. Sheilla's words will never happen to her.

"That will not happen." She said with confidence.

She looked at it from foot to head after leaving the stable.

She dragged Valerie. She felt sorry for her daughter she could also get revenge on that naughty woman.

She also experienced what her children suffered in its cruelty. Sheilla glared at the girl before they left. But she ignored her.

"Mom? Look! that woman made me stink, Agghh!" She said crying and annoying.

"Sshh...I know..her day today, But tomorrow is ours." She said with an evil plan.

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