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After the lawyer informed the girl of her Father's condition. She did not hesitate to wrap The time she endured and did not show two years away from her father and now she needed it. It was also time to go home and face her father's second family.

She was grateful that her friend had not neglected him in her time of need. Even though they are far away from each other, they still talk in Group chat. The call continues. Unfortunately, they had to separate after graduating from college.

She took a deep breath as her mind refreshed the past... the past that until now was still heavy in her will.

She used to come home from vacation with a friend.

She saw that they had guests at the Mansion because they had prepared and had a celebration.

When she saw their maid whose name was Sunya, she immediately asked her who her Dad's guest was.

"Señorita, is that you? It's a good idea to go home to meet your stepmother and siblings."

"What? second Mother? When else. Besides who are these sisters you say, aunt? Are you kidding?"

"No. señorita! Your Dad remarried, didn't he tell you?"

When she found out from Sunya. It was as if, cold water had been poured on him and she immediately sought her Father, she wanted to know the truth from it.

But when she saw them happily chatting with his so-called new wife. She felt jealous and for a moment she looked badly at them she saw the shock on their faces when she came and especially her Dad.


"Dad. Is it true that I found out that you've replaced mommy now, why?" She looked at it sharply with the feeling that they were an opportunist for they had won the lotto that her father had married. Because she believes money is just chasing her father.

"I explained..." Domenick said. Tried to calm him down and hold her hand but she walked away from the father

"Now you explain! Is it true that you replaced Mommy and why didn't you tell me you were married and you even brought them? Don't you know I'm hurting?" The woman sobbed.

"I'm sorry Alysia... I can't wait to tell you, I'm remarried Hija.. your mommy has been dead for five years... it's time for me to love again. I hope you understand me, Alysia ... I still want us to be together as a family. "

"NO!? I can't accept them, sorry Dad... I don't want them for you! because they are only chasing you for money, one day their true nature will also come out. "She angrily taught them to make her father conscious. But, what she received was a strong slap from her father.

It was so painful that he chose them more than her daughter. out of resentment she left the Mansion and ran away.


She was in front of their Mansion. Why did she leave it with her new family?

For two years she stood firm. She endured not being able to see and talk to him. Alysia couldn't stop crying, As she approached the Gate her steps are getting heavier.

Her chest was very heavy. She wanted to run and hug her Father. Apologies him. But she did not want to move her legs, holding her chest so heavy, she, in turn, open the big gate. Sunya the butler of the Mansion was released.

She was surprised to see her, but for a moment, she was Smiling approached me.

"Señ are here why don't you go inside? It's cold outside here!" Sunya said and worried. It was fun when she saw me in the two years she was gone.

"The Daddy..., Sunya, where is he?" She shook her voice.

"Señorita, he is into a room, after taking the medicine, he enters his room!" Sunya answer.

"Okay. I'm going to Daddy. You'll take care of my belongings." She walked first. After wiping the tears from her cheeks.

Alysia slowly walked closer to the room, where her Daddy was. Over two years much has changed. The big portrait of her mother is no longer in her former place.

Because someone else was there, her stepmother. That it looks like a queen in the whole Mansion. She made it even bigger than her mother's picture. Its rugged aura can be seen on her face.

She entered her Daddy's room when she reached the second floor of the Mansion. The whole Mansion is quiet. She did not see any shadow of the mother and daughters.

The room was dark and she wondered quietly. She presses the switch at the nearby door.

When she turned it on.

Alysia immediately looked for her Father. She toured her eyes around the room. She saw someone lying on the side of his bed. She immediately approached it when she recognized it.

Her father was unconscious in his room. "Why? where is Aunt Shiella? why did she leave my father alone in the room?" Alysia wondered, but she couldn't stop herself from crying when she saw her father. Her Father's body was very thin.

It moaned calling Alysia's name. Its eyes are closed. Alysia sat down and placed her father's head on her thighs. It has something to say, but not much to understand.

"Daddy..." She called with a shudder.

He moaned again, trying to open his eyes. It is very difficult to speak.

"Daddy... I'm here, your daughter is Alysia. What painful want me to take you to the hospital? Aunt shiella where is she? why are you left alone here!" She immediately attended it. She asked her father a tearful question. It is very weak.

"Daughter... thank you for coming home... I'm happy to see you... I won't be long..., take care of yourself huh?" Alysia's father smiled at her. He tried to ease his heart.

"No!, Daddy... you are not going to die! I will take you to the hospital!"Alysia cried knowingly. She tries to make her Father stand up.

But he refuses Alysia's hands are prevented from forcing Domenick to stand up. Domenick is the name of Alysia's father.

"Don't Alysia, I no longer.. so I felt... I love you so much, sorry" He said. Domenick's palm tried to reach Alysia's face to caress it. Alysia approached herself as she bowed to her father so that she could feel the caress of a departed Father.

"I love you so much, Daddy..sorry if, I leave. But here I'm... I will take care of you!" She sobbing.

Alysia last glanced at her father with a frugal smile. Before he passed away, he was still holding her hand.

"Daddy!!" She shouted sobbing.

She slumped on the floor. She looked at her lifeless Father. Only her moan was heard in every corner of the room. She stood on both knees and rested her head while crying.

"Daddy... I'm sorry... I became selfish... If, I hadn't walked away from you... I wish... I hadn't been with you for so long.." She whispered repeatedly to herself while staring at her father. But she crawled closer to it and hugged her father again. Her head rested on her Father's chest, as she hugged it sobbing.

In that order, Sunya entered the room. She was surprised for a moment to see her on the floor and crying as she hugged her lifeless Father.

It left for a while. When she returned, she was accompanied by men. They took her father. A few minutes later, People came to the house, her Stepmother and Stepsisters arrived.

They were momentarily surprised to see me. But for a moment they approached me and kissed my cheek.

They are just human beings. That I feel that no matter what, I do, I' am not comfortable being with them in the same house.

Alysia wants to ask her stepmother. where did it come from why is it not in her Father's room? But Alysia changed her mind. Now is not the right time to question a woman.

Alysia is now taking care of her father's grave. Her stepmother suggested things to the corpse. She just let it go.

She was quietly mourning. She did not want to talk to any of them. Her stepmother talked to everyone, who sympathized with her Father. After five days Don Domenick was buried in the final destination. Alysia was left alone in the cemetery after her father was buried. She wanted to be alone even at the last moment.

Someone unexpectedly came to empathize with it. She did not I mediately recognize it, because of its beautiful attire, it seems to have changed for a long time.

When she glanced off him. Immediately their eyes met. The expression on its face was serious. She first looked down when she could not bear to stare at him...

Benedick Ray Meller, half American. He was born here in the Philippines. His father is American and his mother is Filipina. He is Alysia's mutual friends.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you like it.

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