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   Chapter 5 The actor

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Patrick was an extremely handsome young man. He had a tall form and towered over almost everyone he met. He hard sharp, shifty eyes that were always picking up everything, including people’s emotions. He was an actor and he knew how to make people believe everything he said. He played pranks on them and they fell for it.

Patrick walked into the palace and asked for the queen mother. He was confident, taking brisk strides as he was escorted to the queen mother’s office. Once there, he took in the surroundings, accepted the offer of a seat by the secretary. The queen mother’s office was quite large and her secretary to the queen mother worked in the outer office while she stayed in the inner one, a guard by the door.

“Please introduce yourself,” the queen mother told him when she was finally ushered in to her office. She seemed irritated but faced him with a practiced poise.

On the desk sat a desktop computer, an open file and stacks of unopened ones on one side. There was a tablet and a framed photo of the king on the other side. Behind her throne was a glass covered book shelf filled with big books.

Patrick smiled and tilted his head. He smiled, looking directly into Orianna's eyes knowing it would drive her crazy. “Don’t you remember me?”

He felt safe. She might be inclined to murder him after hearing what he had to stay but she couldn’t do it in the office. Kalen had told him to be careful, avoid nudging the queen mother the wrong way because she was like a ticking bomb that could explode at any time. Introduce yourself and leave immediately, he had said. They didn’t want complications that could arise from staying too long. But Patrick had a flare for the dramatic. He liked toying with people, making them react how he wanted like a puppet master. He would never let the chance to do that pass by without him utilizing it.

The queen mother of Izteca could scare anyone but not Patrick. He had heard all about her. Apparently, she was cold, mean and ruthless. She was everything negative and nothing postive. Despite knowing for a fact that she had killed Kaleb and Arya's parents, he was not very much fazed. She had been young but now that she was growing old and weaker, maybe she wasn't that evil anymore.

“Should I remember you?” The queen mother’s eyebrows snapped together. “I don’t think we have met so please don’t waste my time and tell me what you want. Unlike you and all the other lazy loafers in this kingdom, I have a lot of responsibilities.”

“For a queen mother you’re very rude,” he looked straight into her eyes. “I expect you to treat your subjects better.”

The queen’s eyes never left him and Patrick liked how it was going. She wanted to infuriate her. “I’m your

son, Oriana.”

“That’s it,” the queen stood up. “Guard?”

The door opened and the guard he had seen standing outside the door peeked in.

“Please take this fool away from here and give him a befitting punishment for blatant disrespect.”

Patrick leaned back against his seat. “It’s not necessary to call your guard. I’ll tell you who I am now.”

“Please leave,” she gave the guard a dismissive wave and sat down. Patrick did not where she suddenly got patience from but he was glad she was willing to listen “I’m wearing thin on patience with you. Make it snappy or I’ll have you dragged out of here to prison for disrespecting me.”

Patrick laughed. He could charm his way out of jail as he’d done before so that wouldn’t be a problem.

“I’m your late husband’s son, a prince that was stripped of his birthright and made to live away from his people.”

He got exactly the reaction he was hoping for. The queen mother’s lips parted and her eyes roamed over him. Her lips pressed into a thin line. “My late husband has only one son and his name is Armand. I want to get out of here and never say that again.”

“Why not, if it’s the truth. You know it very well because you’re the one who ordered the murder of my father and his friend.”

“I’m giving you chance to get out of here.”

“This palace belongs to me too. I’ll not move from here and I’ll take what belongs to you and have you thrown in prison where you belong.”

“You’re not part of this family, young man and the sooner you accept it, the better for you. Everything here belongs to me and my children. Your lies won’t hold.”

“If you’re sure that I do not have royal blood hen surely you’ll be okay with m taking a DNA test.”

Oriana tilted her head and shook it. It was as if she couldn’t believe the guts this boy had to talk to her like she was an ordinary person.

She stood up and walked around to his side. “Why do you think you can threaten me? If I killed your father and friend, what makes you think I won’t kill you?”

“I’m in the palace and a number of people saw me come in. Besides, if you tried anything I could scream and I don’t think people will ignore that.”

“You’re right about that,” she nodded. “It’ll be too dangerous to kill you right here but it wouldn’t be the first time.”

She leaned over the table and picked up her phone. At that moment, he heard a click. His eyes widened and he looked up as she opened the drawer at the bottom of the table. He tried to sit up but she pushed him down with one hand as she held up a handgun with another. For a woman of her age, she was surprisingly strong.

“Please, I’ll leave now.” He said before she stunned him with the gun. A few seconds later, he let his head limply hung on the backrest.

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