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   Chapter 4 True colors

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Although Adley couldn’t hear anything, she was aware of what King Armand was doing at the river bank with one of the maids who worked at the palace. Ann. that was her name. The tall beauty who attended to the queen mother. They were both standing face to face and Ann was talking.

Suddenly the king slapped her. Adley’s mouth widened. “Oh no, he’s getting careless.”

She smiled because her camera had captured everything. Finally, a lucky day. The king who most people thought was the nicest person was just as aggressive as his own mother. Only he didn’t show it in public. Well, until today. Adley could guess what Ann had said.

“She probably threatened to reveal what a bastard he is,” she laughed. “Ah poor girl.”

“Maybe she thought she’d finally be the one to tie down the king,” her best friend Cady said.

They laughed, a tad bit loud and Armand turned, forcing them to hide in the bush again. After making sure his attention was away from them they peeked again. “If she didn’t believe his nonsense about the queen mother forcing him to stay away from her, she’s not about to. She’s not as stupid as some of the others.”

Armand had now gripped Ann’s shoulders, probably issuing a final warning. A few seconds later, he let her go and vanished into the other side of the wood, where he’d find the path that led home.

Ann went and sat on the bank, her feet in the water. After sometime, Cady and Adley came out of their hiding place and found her teary eyed.

“What is it, little Ann?” Adley inquired, squatting next to the maid.

Ann, who had never hidden her dislike for Adley wiped her eyes and ignored them.

“We saw what happened,” Cady said.

Ann remained silent.

“What did you think?” Adley chuckled, rising. “That you could threaten my Armand? Darling, in this kingdom, only two people actually know the real Armand. His mother and I. For that reason, I’m the only one who can actually be with him. He doesn’t have to pretend with me and I love him the way he is. Sure, he strays but he always returns like the dog he is. Dogs sometimes leave but they always return to their owners.”

“If he is dog, why do you follow him around? It appears as if you’re the dog here.”

“What did you just call me?” Adley’s scrunched her face.

“Leave me alone,” Ann said. “After seeing the kind of person king Armand is I’m no interested in him anymore. You and all the others can have him.”

“You can say all you want about Armand but I won’t ignore what you said about me,” said. “Cady, give me my purse.”

Ann stood up.

Adley blocked her way. “You’re not going anywhere.”

Ann tried to push her but was back. Adley received a knife from Cady. What do you want to do?

‘I want to make sure your mouth remains shut. Armand maybe whatever I say he is but to the world, he is the nicest king this kingdom has ever had. Ann tried to get way but Cady grabbed her while Adley swiped the knife over her neck, slicing through Ann’s carotid artery. An expressi

on of shock and deep suffering was on Ann’s face as blood squirted out of the wound.

When the duo was satisfied that Ann was dead, they threw her body into the river. As the body floated, they took a few pictures and hastily left the crime scene.

“I hope no one was looking,” Cady said as they ran through the woods.

“Very few people go there during the rainy season. Why do you think Armand was comfortable?”

“I hope nothing happens.”

“The only thing that’ll happen is my marriage to Armand. Now, I’ve got him and he has no option but to do as I say.”

“I really hope so,” Cady said.

Adley stopped walking. “You actually seem scared.”

“Did you really have to kill her?”

‘Yes, Cady. Don’t even think of mentioning a word of this to anyone. This is our little secret. You and I.”

For a long time, Adley had wanted to have the king to herself.

Several years back, Adley and the teenage king had been sweethearts, two people who were crazy about each other. Everything had gone on well and they were planning to tell parent they wanted to get married when he changed his mind. He said he wanted to put the kingdom first and they’d get married later so broke off things.

The broken hearted girl was okay with the marriage being postponed. They could just continue dating until they were both ready to take the relationship to another level. But he was not having it. He didn’t want a relationship, he wanted to be more independent. He wanted to stay away from any commitments except the kingdom duties.

Maybe it was the high levels of testosterone or it was his mother who had never been so thrilled about his son being in a serious relationship at such an early age. From that time, he became wild, sleeping with whoever was willing to get on his bed. Older, younger, he didn’t mind. All that mattered was they were beautiful. When he tired of someone, he’d claim his mother found out and they couldn’t date. His excuse that broke a number of hearts on the island. Most of all, hers.

That wound never healed and thought it would only heal when she got together with him and become the queen of Izteca. Despite everything, he was the man that she wanted, or she believed. Despite his failings, no on could match up to him.

Now, there was her chance to become the king’s wife. The video and those pictures of the late Ann. King Armand was not going to leave her alone this time. Finally, her dreams would come true and shed make him pay for everything he’d made her go through.

And as for the queen mother who let her son get away with his misdeeds unscathed, there’d be hell to pay. That woman who knew all the bad things Armand did and never bothered to straighten him out was going to rea the fruits.

“Thank you, Cady.” she said to her best friend who had fired up a laptop for them to make copies of the video.

“No problem,” Cady said. “When you become queen, we’ll rule this kingdom together.”

Adley smiled and wound her arm around Cady.

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