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   Chapter 5 Virginia

The Lovers By Cassandra Davy Characters: 6533

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I didn't expect she would bring out the toys at our first meet. But seeing her holding black leather cuffs was making my dick twitched. And with the briefs being tight, she definitely saw my erection and also the precum that I leaked as it stained the tight white briefs.

"Oh Ethan, tonight you're going to get fucked by a woman after months. Let's make sure it's memorable." She said winking showing me the cuffs.

"Hands up baby, there won't be any safety words I'm not a sadist." She said while her naked body straddles me and she cuffed my wrists to each bedpost, then she kissed me sensually slow making me moan again when she groped my cock but still letting it caged in my briefs.

I was hard, the friction of the briefs was driving me insane and she knows it. Then she took it another notch when she cuffed my ankles to the other ends of the bed. I had never been restrained on my feet and it was strangely arousing me to another level knowing that I was completely exposed and vulnerable to her. Realizing that she was free to do whatever she wants to my body. The body that she had paid for the night.


I tried to keep the feeling down and focus on my arousal. Turns out it was a really easy thing to do. She was back on top of me and let her beautiful tits to my face and told me to lick them while her wet pussy was leaving her trail of arousal on my abs.

"Oh fuck Ethan your so sinfully good baby. She grinds her cunt to my lower abs as I suck her nipples and bite them sexily."

"Virginia, I'm so fucking hard. Please...took off my briefs."

"Don't you think the tightness makes you feel better? You're staining your briefs baby." She whispered as she licks and bites my ear, and kept on grinding her wet cunt on my abs.

"Ride my face then, you gotta give me something to take the edge off."

She bites her lip when she heard my request, then moves higher until her pink wet pussy was on my mouth and I greedily lick and taste her. I was noisy and she was liking it as she holds my short strands and keeping me in place while she was fucking my face.

My cuffs rattled as I was struggling to get closer to her, then she finally places her knees on each side of my head and lowers herself down making me able to fuck her with my tongue. I was sucking her essence as she moved her hips and fuck my face, she was moaning my name louder when she told me that she was about to climax.

I was rattling my cuffs louder instinctively wanting to touch her, knowing exactly that she was close and I wanted to keep her in place and make her come so fucking hard.

"Come for me, let me taste you..." I was pushing my tongue deeper while licking her clit with long hard strokes. I could feel that she was gripping my short strands harder until she finally climax and I sucked her dry.

Her thighs trembled from the intense climax and while I was still bound and having the urge to please her more.

"You gotta uncuffed me, I could pleasure you so much more..." I said hoarsely as my dick kept on leaking precum.

She slumped next to me, her cheek was to my chest.

"You will get to fuck me baby, hard. But for now, this is our foreplay. I always like a thick curvy cock, and yours looks delicious."

It was moments later when she finally lowe

r my briefs down after felt like hours of her stroking my briefs making it wet with my precum.

My dick springs to her face as she lowers down my tight briefs, making her let out her sexy laugh. Then she finally uncuffed my ankles as she took off my briefs.

"There... better?"

She teased as she licked and stroked my length slowly.

"Oh... fuckkk."

"Patience baby, we have all night, I'm going to savor your sexy body then you can fuck me to exhaustion."

I lost it when she took me deep into her throat, and her hands squeeze my ass cheeks guiding me deeper inside her sexy mouth.

Cursing loudly, my wrist strained the cuffs making it rattled again.

"I'm going to burst baby, you gotta let me fuck you now."

She finally uncuffed my wrists, then reach her bedside drawer for condoms. She gave one then lay back sexily, patiently wait for me to fuck her.

"How do you want me?" I asked and waited for her instructions.

"Fuck me like you haven't fuck a woman in months."

I groaned at her words then told her to kneel and face the headboard. Her hand supports her as she holds on to the board. I roughly spread her thighs while biting the crook of her neck. She moaned louder when I grabbed her torso roughly, pulling her back to flat to my chest.

There was no more teasing as I thrust hard inside her wet folds. I groaned when I felt her tightness clenching my length. She was liking my roughness, then shudder when my hand move down to her ass and squeezed it hard.

She was so supple and tight, her body was perfect. And it was taking me higher, she slithers her hand back to grab my neck and pulled me down for a kiss.

But I retreated and wrapped my hand on her shoulder-length hair and tugged her back sexily. I smirked knowing that she would love my rough play and I could feel her clenching my dick tighter.

"Virginia, I'm going to...fuck! you gotta..."

Feeling the need to climax, I started slowing down on my thrusts. Then I slithered and cupped her wet cunt, she cursed louder when I finger her faster while thrusting excruciatingly slow. She was losing it, I could feel it.

"Ethan, damn baby... so good! again, like...that...right there...oh godddd..."

I was already edging so hard when she finally climax and her legs gave up on her. I was quick to support her and thrust to her pulsating core. Over and over again, deep and hard, she was moaning, cursing, and back to moaning again. She was praising me with her sexy voice.

"Ethan baby, enough...I'm done..."

"One more Virginia, show me how you like young college boys like me..." I whispered huskily while playing with her nipple taking her higher though she said she was done.

"Let me down, have me sideways..."

I smirked knowing she was wanting me again. Her stamina was amazing and I was lowering her to the bed and positioning her to my front. Then taking her leg to her chest, opening her entrance for me. She was back to moaning my name in seconds. And I was back to stroking her insides until we finally burst seconds apart.

"Fucking hell Ethan! Your celibacy thing is phenomenal..." she said when I was back from discarding the condom. She was inviting me to her bed to relax by her side.

Damn...this sugar baby thing may not be so bad after all.

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