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   Chapter 4 Virginia

The Lovers By Cassandra Davy Characters: 6368

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It was moments before the opening time when I arrived at Players. Jack greeted me with his usual new mix of cocktail drinks. I have been his guinea pig since the first day I started working by his side.

"Hey what's up man, you don't look so hot?"

"Pfft... I'm always hot and you know it, and the ladies too. I'm making more tips than you..."

"Yeah, but that's because you flirt with the guys too! Not fair."

I laughed at his words, knowing that he's right. I did flirt with the guys, but that was it. Couldn't make myself go home and have casual sex with them. I should try to do that and relieved some tensions that I was having.

"So, do you know how I could earn more tips? I need a higher pay..."

"Are you in some kind of trouble? You can always ask Shane..."

Our boss Shane always takes care of his employees, but I was not looking for a short-term loan. I was actually looking to earn more each month.

"Not an urgent kind of trouble, wait..." I was about to spill when a woman came by the bar and ordered a drink. Then I was back talking to Jack within moments.

"So...where was I? Oh right, I don't know, maybe I need another job which pays higher but doesn't mess with my study. You know?"

We kept on talking while setting up for the opening crowd. The woman had gone and left me a big tip and a card. I smile looking at it, they would do this from time to time expecting me to do the nasty with them.

But it looked like a real business card with only her name and phone number on it. Then her writing on the back.

If you're serious about making additional income. Call me.

"Dude, you know her?" I asked while showing him the card.

"Wow, wait...damn...go for it, man!" Jack said slapping my back.


"She's from the top escort agency I heard only whispers about her, didn't think it's real."

"You mean I should be a whore?"

"Hey, it's sex and you'd get paid for it. Just check it out, it could be your short-term solution."

It hit me right there and then, that I was that crazy to might even give it a try.

That night I called the number while I was on my break. Then she set up an appointment for me the next day, and from then on it was going at a lightning speed.

That week Hugh was busy with his girlfriend, while I was busy with my new whoring job.

The photoshoot for my profile for their clients, health check-up, background check-up, confidentiality agreement signing with their lawyers, all happened in just a couple of days.

And by the weekend Kamaria had me set up with a client. A woman in her forties, my new boss Kamaria said she's one of their loyal clients and always wants to taste the new boys. She also said I was going to be a hit with their clients for being bisexual and that I was up for any play for the right price.

I was starting to get worried after I decided to check all the boxes. I was down with bondage, dominance, and roleplay but that was it no sadist and all that shit. I just hope no one will cross the line since Kamaria said all her clients were millionaires and even billionaires. People with money tend to think that they could bend the rules with their money.

It was fifteen minutes to my me

eting time, I was already in the basement of her apartment. Trying to lose my bundle of nerves, then after ten minutes, I decided to just get it over with.

I was waxed and trimmed to her liking, wearing my jeans and casual campus-style just as she requested complete with my jordans and leather satchel where I put condoms, boxes of it. Not knowing how many I'd need for that night since she also might want me to spend the night.

"Ah, the college boy. Come in, I'm Virginia. I must say you looked better in person Ethan."

I smiled and thanked her then come into the penthouse. It was clean and lavish, but I was strangely a bit nervous seeing her almost naked already just wearing her sexy lingerie. She was beautiful and sexy, though Kamaria said these people choose to be with an escort just because they have the money. I know perfectly that she could get someone to fuck her for free. She was hot for a forty-year-old woman, she didn't look a day over thirty.

"Ethan, you can strip to your briefs baby. I've seen it already. I need to confirm it."

She said as she was pouring two drinks from the bar, then walked my way and smirking waiting for me to strip.

I cleared my throat and did exactly that.

"Sorry, my first." 

"I know, I paid extra to taste you first."


I tried to break the ice while I start stripping down to my white briefs, as per her request.

White briefs one size smaller than I usually wear. It was stated in my email for the meetup. My bulge was imprinted clearly as it was a size too snug for my dick and my balls.

"Impressive... we're going to have so much fun baby."

Her eyes went straight to my cock, then she gave me the drink. A whiskey the expensive kind. The smooth taste and the heat burn my throat delicately.

She didn't waste her time when she finished her drink and put it down on the coffee table. She told me to keep on drinking while she circled me and trace her hand on my body. I almost choked on my drink when she moves forward and licked my nipple.

"I'm sorry."

She chuckled at my apology, but took my glass and put it beside hers. Then grabbed my hand and take me to her bedroom.

"Oh Ethan, we're going to have fun." She caressed my briefs and pulled me down to kiss her. I was feeling the urge to fuck her but patiently waited for her instructions. I moaned when her hands reached my back then trail lower under my tight briefs and cupped my ass. Then she gave it a sexy squeeze making me let out a rough moan.

"Virginia, I haven't been with a woman in a while. You gotta slow down..."

"Hmmm... interesting, how long exactly?"

"Couple of months."

I let out another groan when she dropped her lingerie, exposing her supple pink perky tits. Her ass was begging for my touch, her thong was discarded next. Then she took my hand and dipped it in her folds. It was warm and moist already, I could imagine how it would feel around my dick.

"Take your fingers and licked them let see how you like my taste."

I did exactly that and realized that I missed women. She was liking my expression when she told me to lay back on the bed, then she was gone leaving me hard after tasting her arousal.

Damn it!

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