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   Chapter 3 Hugh

The Lovers By Cassandra Davy Characters: 6529

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It was Sunday morning, and after last night I decided to stay indoors and have a lazy morning. But I didn't expect to see Hugh all sweaty, walking into the apartment with his hair drenched in sweat looking sexy as hell.

It would be a couple of times a week when I would catch him after his morning run, and usually, we would say hi and go on our separate ways moments later.

But after last night, he greeted me in awkward silence. So I just let him be and carry on making my breakfast. I was still in my boxers and t-shirt while enjoying my cereal when he came out all fresh and clean after his shower wearing his usual low rise jeans and nothing else.

"Hey, em...about last night..."

"It's cool man, it's a one-time thing I get it," I said casually when strangely I was a bit disappointed on the inside.

"It's not you..."

"Hugh, I get it."

"Right, so we're good?" he put on his sexy boyish smirk making me want to slap his ass again.

"We're good." I finished my cereal and wash the dishes, still feeling a bit upset as I also have a lot on my mind.

I need to find another job to pay for my daily expenses. Being a bartender was messing up with my studies, and my grades were dropping to the point that it may threaten my scholarship.

"So, what are you up to today?"

"Look, Hugh, we don't have to chitchat just because we fuck okay? I've done this before  and honestly, you're the last thing on my mind at the moment..."

"Oh okay..." he said, while seemingly looking a bit disappointed?

"Look, I'm going to take a shower."

I left him in the kitchen and went straight to the shower. I was stripping myself naked and then sighed when the cool water poured on my body. My mind was busy with the calculation of my monthly expenses.

And I cursed my parents for not letting me know that they were in a bad shape financially. This could all be avoided easily if I had known about their fallback. I was having money trouble and actually needed to work and at the same time keeping up with my grades. I barely have enough for next month's rent, and I need to come up with my share of the payment.

Not realizing that I needed the relieved the stress, my hand was already stroking my cock. My body was soapy when I started to moan lowly from my strokes. And I was about to climax when Hugh was clearing his throat behind me.

"What the fuck, dude! is there a bat call every time I'm trying to have a me-time?"

He smiled at me while looking at my soapy body then down to my very stiff cock.

"Maybe? I don't know."

"Look, either you come and join me or just go and let me have my privacy." I arched my eyebrow challenging him.  

I know it was a slim chance after our awkward morning greetings, but I still didn't expect that he took off his jeans and joined me under the shower.

He was making the initial move by holding my jaw and started kissing me hungrily.

Well then...

"I really need to distance myself from you." He said huskily in between his kisses.

"You should stop coming to my rescue whenever I have the urge to fuck myself." I pushed him to the shower wall taking both his hands above his body then grind his dick with mine.

"I really should stop, but your moans are too damn sexy." 

"Yeah? Looks like you want me tha

t bad huh?" I took his hands back to the wall when he was about to touch me. He groaned and tilted his head back when I sucked his throat.

"Follow me..." I turned off the shower when my body was clear from the suds, then lead him to face the bathroom counter.

"Look at me, hands on the counter, and spread your legs. Wider." His face was flustered knowing that he was about to get fucked again.

Reaching for the lube and the condom from the drawer, I told him to stay still. His erection touched the cool marble counter, leaking with precum.

I was flat to his back moments later, looking at him through the bathroom mirror, kissing and playfully biting his shoulder while I grabbed his waist roughly and pulled him back aligning him to my cock. He moaned closing his eyes when he felt my hardness against his cheeks.

"I said look at the mirror." I grabbed his neck forcing him gently to face the mirror, he did just that and groan sexily when my fingers were between his cheeks.

"Oh God..." his knuckles curled as the anticipation was getting to him.

"Mm... so tight, and it's Ethan baby, moan my name..." I add another finger and parted his legs wider, then he let out another gasp as my other hand trail to his very hard dick.

"Ethan please..."

"What do you want me to do? look into the mirror and say it, look at your needy self beg for more."

He did just that and I was twitching to his plea, his muscled arms were flexing, his knuckles were holding on to his desire, he was waiting for me to fuck him. Badly.

I finally let go of him and quickly sheathed myself then parted his cheeks and pushed into him slowly. He was about to close his eyes when I pulled out abruptly.

"Eyes on us baby, I want you to see yourself being fuck. I want you to see just how pleasurable it is for you. Then...maybe, I'll smack your sexy ass." With my last words he looks at the mirror, he was biting his lip and unconsciously spreading his legs wider for me.

"Fuck Ethan, deeper. Ohhh... fuckkk..." we were both breathing heavily as I was pounding him harder.

"... my dick, Ethan please..." he pleaded biting his lip sexily, then moan louder when I circled my lubed palm and squeezes his dick and moving up and down his length.

His stare was full of lust, I was getting harder by the way that he was looking back at me. My thrusts were becoming more erratic, and he moaned harder when I finally smack his cheeks. I was jerking him off faster, while I fuck him deeper. I was keeping the same pace and it was making him crazy. We were both breathing and moaning heavily until we burst and climaxed in unison.

It was moments later when I pulled myself back and discarded the condom. I rest on his chest when he turned to face me and his hands circled my body as he pulled me into his embrace.

"Better?" he asked as if he knew that I was deep in my thoughts earlier.

"Yes, thanks."

"You want that cuddle time?" he backed away looking straight into my eyes while supporting a sexy smirk.

"Nope, I'm good. I just have lots in my mind."

I backed away from him and cover my nakedness with a towel. Heading back to my bedroom, my mind was back to its busy state leaving the sexy French student where I fucked him for the second time after last night.

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