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   Chapter 2 Hugh

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Hugh looked at me with his calculating look. I thought that he would go back to his room and realized that he had try and had enough. But I didn't expect that he would push me down and start kissing me again.

"I had never left my sexual partner unsatisfied... and I'm not going to start now." He took my hand to his ass and his other hand grabbed my jaw tilting me upward so he can trail his kisses down to my throat.

I was squeezing his firm ass, making him grunt. But there was something in me that wasn't sure about him. 

"You can't handle me, Hugh. Just back off." I tried to push him away but he was holding me down with his weight.

"Oh yeah? try me." He retorted harshly and back to stroking my length making me even harder. I grabbed his neck and made him looked at me when I told him to suck me.

"Your mouth on my dick, right now." I arched my eyebrow challenging him, but was taken by surprise when smirked and lowered himself down between my legs.

"I got this one girl who does amazing orals, let's see what I've learned from her."

Maybe it was the months without sex but the moment he wrapped his lips to my tip I shuddered and cursed louder.

"Fuckkk... she must've been very good...oh damn... are you...sure this is...your first...mmh...time?"

He didn't answer me, but he took me deeper as he relaxes his throat. The tightness was making me bite my lip trying to suppress another moan. He kept on licking my length, sucking my tip, making me hungry for more. His hands caressed my thighs enhancing my wants for him even greater.

"Enough, I said enough!" I flipped him and made him face the sheets, he struggled for dominance but I was keeping him still.

He groaned as he finally lets me overpower him. His muscled back was flat to my chest, his breathing was heavy. I was keeping his wrists above his head while kissing the back of his neck roughly.

"Your words, you wanted this. Are you backing down on me? last chance." I whispered while grinding my dick between his ass, my hand moves down to his waist keeping him down while my other one was holding his neck.

He moaned his answer, he was a quivering mess.

"Keep your hands there, I'm too horny to have to bound you right now. Let's save that for when you still wanted me after tonight." I said harshly in his ear while pushing my weight down on him. Harder.

"One more time, do you still want this?"

He was squirming but was definitely not backing down, I hesitated and was about to let him go when he said his words roughly.

"Fuck me, I want this."

Fucking a dominant male was always so much arousing, but nothing beats the feeling of having to hear the first words of him submitting himself to you. And knowing that I was his first was making me harder than ever.

"Okay, just relax... I need to make you ready for me."

Reaching the lube, I started kissing the back of his neck. He moaned as my fingers coated him with the lube. T

hen louder when I easily slid another finger and raising him higher to my crotch while I kneel behind him.

The room was quiet when I tear the foil and sheathed my cock. I could see the goosebumps on his arm as I teased my tip to his back.

"Oh Ethan, oh...fuckkk... it's..."

"Relax, just let me in... you're so fucking tight... damn...good boy..."

He moaned louder when I squeezed his cheeks with both hands. Then I chuckled knowing that he was liking the friction when within moments he was moving himself to my thrusts.

"You're getting greedy, Hugh. Are you hard baby?" he moaned to my question, then louder when I reached his throbbing hard dick stroking him up and down.

"Okay, now I'm going to fuck you. Stay still and hold yourself."

He cursed when I pushed harder and deeper, but he was getting greedy again as he started to move to my thrusts.

"On all fours, don't move."

"Ethan I can't, so...fucking close."

"You can and you will. You, came into my room... you, started to touch to yourself... you, wanted me to fuck you. Do you want me to END this now?"

"No, not now...I..." his voice was strained as if he was really struggling to hold himself from coming.

It has been a while since I feel my need to dominate my partner, but his beautiful body, his handsome face, and his careless attitude were making me want to slap his ass to submission.

And that was exactly what I did seconds later, and he arched his back as the stings send his body to another level of arousal. I could see his jaw clenched, and a trickle of sweat was trailing down his spine.

His pale ass was red from my hand as the imprint was visible making my dick twitched inside him.

"You are too sexy Hugh, fuck baby... I'm going to come." But then he moves back as if he wanted me to smack his other side.

"You're asking for it aren't you? hell, so freaking tight."

I squeezed his cheek when I thrust deeper and harder over and over again, then finish off with a hard smack to his other side.

"Now! fucking hell... come with me, come with me NOW..." 

I was deep inside him and pumped myself as I burst holding on to his quivering body while he stained my sheets when he climaxed without even being touch.

So hot!

His legs trembled a bit as he tried to grasp what just happened, I was kissing his shoulder trying to calm himself down. Then I slowly pulled out, and he finally slumped down to the bed.

"Oh damn..." he breathed out his words heavily.

" pleasure, you're delicious." I was back in my bed after I discarded the condom.

"So, I better get back and..."

"You can stay if you want, we can cuddle?" I said, teasing him.

"Fuck no, I need my bed." He got up, but then flinched when he felt the tenderness on his ass.

"You're okay there?"

"I'll be fine..." he grabbed his boxers and leave my room in all his naked glory.

I was back to rest on my pillow and finally rest for the night. Smiling.

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