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   Chapter 5 King- Chapter 4

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Updated: 2021-04-14 16:02

“Was she awake, when they were taking her?” Aakash’s voice startled Rishi.“You scared me, Can you stop basking in dark?” Rishi announced his annoyance.“No she was unconscious “ Rishi sighed.“Tell me one thing Rishi, Does anesthesia ever give you illusions?”The boys knew this was coming. “What do you mean?” “You know what I mean! Here is a simple question; Did you give drugs to her?” Aakash sneered.He didn’t beat around the bush.“Do you think I did?” Rishi slouched down on the couch near him.This conversation is exactly what Rishi has been avoiding.“We have been doing this for 5 years Rishi, successfully, everything is falling in place, we have men who trust us, we have allies, people obey us, fear us. How do you think we got it?” Akash moved from the chair slowing walking into the light.“Trust” “It is hard to earn that Rishi, We were able to earn it only by inhibiting the weed, Aren’t we suffered enough in the past? We had enough of those drugs. Stop it, Or I will make it stop” Aakash empowered himself“Oh! The king is making his rules” Rishi shouted raising his hands above in the air.“I am not. Why are you so stubborn?” Aakash took few steps towards him.“Why aren’t you listening?” Rishi continued to shout. “I am listening Rishi” Aakash took few moments of silence to calm himself, composing his mind and the words he spoke.“Listen, I get it. We can make more money more than we expect, we will have a chance to stand in the elections in the headquarters. It will give us more power. True. But hey, look at this city, this city has given us so much Rishi, we couldn’t just destroy for a chance or for a position we can’t be mature enough to handle. We were running in this city, belonging nowhere, now we have everything we wanted. Can we just be happy with what we have? Huh? Dealing with drugs will abolish us. Do you want to take such risk?” Aakash tried to convince Rishi.“I know you aren’t convinced, I know that you will soon understand why I am so against this. We will sort this out Rishi. We always did. I ain’t a king without you. This city has two Kings, You and me” Aakash began to leave patting Rishi.“I know Aakash, I didn’t mean it. I am sorry brother. But I guess I am mature enough for the position, in case you are wondering” Rishi walked away after throwing the contents on the table, grunting in anger.Shaking his head, Aakash walked outside.Watching Rish leave fiercely, Aakash knew this wasn’t the first time they disagree on this. But Aakash decided to stay a

way this time, every time he runs to resolve with his friend end up with a forced temporary solution. These temporary solutions are going to create a drift if left unwatched. The best way to learn something is to learn by ourselves. Rishi has to learn by himself.“Who’s the new lad?” Aakash asked as soon as he noticed the new guy.“Stephen” Stephen replied as he closely observed Aakash clearly, close for the first time. The stories of the east clan have always been a terror and terrifying one as it slowly passed the air, daring no one to stand against him. Stephen never knew that one day he was going to be under them in their clan. ‘Life is unpredictable’, he thought to himself.“We picked him in the police station back in Mumbai. He was paying his blood for his gang's doings.”One of the clan members informed.“Why did you bring him here?” Aakash asked he glanced at Stephen trying to predict his age.“I saved him Bhai(Brother)” He spoke again.“We don’t run some NGO, get him a ticket to Mumbai, probably have a mother or sister depending on him. Send him to them” Aakash dismissed.“Bhai” Stephen’s voice stopped Aakash.“You are right I have a sister, not a mother. She is indeed waiting not for me but for the money I will bring to save her from a obnoxious father” Stephen stepped in front, kneeling to the ground.“Hey get up kid, Did you hear what I said? You are a teen, I don’t mess with kids. I can understand you need money, I will give you some money and a card which will get you a job at any decent place in Mumbai. Get those and leave West Bengal, This state or Kolkata city will never do you any good. Listen to elders and leave” Aakash nodded at the man standing behind Stephen to take care of him.“But they will kill me if I return. I will die either by the torture from police or by the own gang for getting caught, they will never trust me and end me” Stephen’s confession made Aakash reconsider his decision.

“You are right, let’s do a thing, I am not going to make your work, you deserve something better. I am not going to feed you for free. I will ask my boys to get a waiter job in one of the decent restaurants here, learn the language, go to a evening school with the money you earn and you have to pay a limited amount here for staying. We have kids like you in the corner building, get to know them, they will guide you. If everything goes right, you can bring your sister here” Stephen’s face beamed as he was granted permission to live here and can bring his sister too.

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