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   Chapter 4 Kidnap - Chapter three

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Maya's POV

**DarknessDarknessAnd again darkness.**Slowly I began to sense the surroundings with a difficult fluttering a light peeped and again with loud thud darkness engulfed me.A familiar feminine scream forced me to pull myself from the darkness. From Where do I know the voice? Where am I?I woke up as the screaming rose and I screamed along as my skin started to burn.“Maya, Maya What happened ?” The same voice asked me.Monica“Monica, Monica. Are you okay?” I asked as soon as I spot my sister.“I am fine. You are burning up and shivering” Monica touched me.“It is the drugs they injected me with, I am burning up due to my history with them. Where are we? ““I have no idea Maya, there seems no exit” Monica shouted for help.“Try removing my hand ropes” I moved near her.“They are cuffed Maya” She responded.“Bastards, it is always because of your father.” “What did our father do now? He just tried to get you married. Isn’t fate that we were kidnapped? Wait, did you do this to escape from marriage?” My sister has gone mad.“Have you lost it? If kidnapping was my plan why would I kidnap you too? Why would I inject myself with drugs and burn my own body” I was shivering and sweating profusely due to the allergic reactions and my history with drugs.“ You are right, Who did this?” Monica continued to shout for help.“Monica, Stop shouting they are watching you look at the camera at the corner. Now use your dumb head and do something” I was hyperventilating and my jaws began to swell.“How the hell did we end up here?” Monica fell after trying to get up with her legs and hands tied.“ This is not going to work, Oh my god you are bleeding, Maya comes on stay awake, Maya ”My younger sister's voice faded as I fell into darkness again.I sensed screams when a cold feeling passed through my body, it was going cooler and cooler and I shouted in agony when my whole body was drenched with a bucket of ice water.“Good you are awake” My vision was stooping due to the enormous light falling on my face. It took seconds to accommodate my surroundings. The allergic reaction was still intact. Unknowing I was clattering my teeth until one of the men moved towards me and stuffed a cloth a red cloth in my mouth. It tasted sour and made me gag my stomach out. My vision was still a blur all I could figure out was a red lehenga spread beside me, which I am not sure is mine or belong to Monica. Monica, yes Is she safe? I turned around and there was no sign of her. I could only hear screaming. Are they trying to hurt her? Is she being molested? I have to help her. I have to wake up but my body was numb I am unable to move, I decided to drag myself, slowly pulling my body I moved a inch and then a sharp pain passed through my head and all I know was I am again drawn into darkness after whispering ‘ Monica ‘ for few times.I saw a pair of legs farther corner of the room and I see a man smirking at her, It was him. “No” I screamed. He never listened to me and he started to unbuckle his pants and I was shouting my little sister’s name when I saw the butterfly tattoo on one of those legs lying in the farther corner of the room. “Monica, Monica I shouted again” Few people get hold of me and pushed me back, I heard a man calling for a doctor. “Where am I? Where is my sister? Don’t

dare you to touch her!” Those were the words I could muster up before falling unconscious again.I found myself sitting in my bed, various parts of my body covered with bandages, my mother and my sister on either side of my bed. I am not sure when I was brought to the home. The sickening smell of hospital stirring my stomach, the bitter taste of medicine all over my mouth, the urge to gag all out of my system while a fixated glare from my father standing in the corner of the room made my every second as torture as hell.“Monica” My dad nodded at my sister.Here comes the drill.Monica and Mom began to leave, leaving him and me alone.“Was that your plan?” Seriously, this is the first question he had to ask. Never mind.This isn’t new Maya.I sighed.“If you are asking about getting infected again on my wedding day, then no” I began after straightening myself in the bed.“But canceling the wedding was, I planned to run away not getting kidnapped.” I finished.He sighed in frustration.“Why don’t you need a marriage?” He shouted.I shivered in his sudden change in tone. But it was an expected reaction.“I said, I don’t want to marry a guy who wants because I am your daughter or because I am a police officer, or I earn money, there is so much behind those degrees, the badges in my uniform and these walls. I want someone who couldn’t recognize me, the real me.”“I deserve a person who loves me, not my job, my money, not your appreciation and the status of being called your son-in-law”“Don’t you think dad? Don’t you want someone for me who love your daughter when she has nothing I mentioned above” He stood still.And this was also an expected reaction or I would say an experienced situation. “The guy you chose for me isn’t the one” I finished.Today, I don’t have the strength to fight more.“Is that the only reason you have applied for transfer? Or you got someone worthless enough to fulfill your stupid above conditions?” He sneered.Stupid? I am stupid to believe for a moment he tried to listen to my feelings.I inhaled a sharp breath.“Here this is the plan. After running away from marriage, I have a friend from my IPS training in Mumbai, she offered me to help, hence I decided to stay with her until I get my transfer with my savings. I knew you found about my transfer application, I know you will restrict it. If I didn’t come back home or work, you will eventually give in as you respect your pride over anything, after all, you don’t want everyone asking about my presence. But everything got upside down as they kidnapped me.” I finished. You cannot predict how life will change, here I am confessing out my plan to a person which I planned behind his back.We remained in absolute silence; I wouldn’t say he was surprised because it wasn’t the first time I made a plan to escape my wedding but applying for a transfer will be the first time.To be honest, this silence terrified me. Last, when we're in such a situation, he shipped me to another marriage after two weeks after the situation.“Your leave is over. Join the duty tomorrow” He ordered me.He left as soon as he bestowed me with his duty orders. You must note the sarcasm.I slumped down my shoulders and made myself comfortable in my bed. Medicines and tiredness took over me as I slowly drowned into slumber.

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