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   Chapter 3 Way out- Chapter two

MORTALS OF EAST CLAN By Thiya Characters: 7259

Updated: 2021-04-14 15:59

Blood oozing out of his nose as the Inspector hit Stephen’s face. Stephen’s face fell, his arms tied to a rope pulling his weight back to air. He fell back as a wooden stick hit both knees, his head falling back crying for forgiveness. Stephen’s painful screams all through the day don’t go unnoticed by other prisoners. From the very minute Stephen arrived, he was been given third-degree treatment. Beatings all over his back mouth and hands tied to his naked body. Coldwater hit his face choking him for air every time his eyes started to droop. The inspector pulled Stephen back to his legs by grabbing Stephen’s wounded arm and twisted it to hear a scream from Stephen. Moving his hands to the side, the inspector was handed a wooden stick. His hands raised above Stephen’s head and fell on Stephen’s head breaking the wooden stick into two. Stephen’s face hit the floor breaking the ropes that kept him in the air. Before his chest hit the floor Stephen’s body was captured by another police officer.

“ Have you gone crazy?” The other police officer asked the inspector.“He is just a teenager. I am sure he hadn’t done this to you with any intention or sort of revenge “ “I don’t care he is just a teenager or an old man. She was just a little girl too. Fifteen bullets Aarav fifteen damn bullets. Not even a trained military officer cannot take those kinds of intensity. She did. She did take five minutes. My daughter did. Nothing is more painful than watching her lying on road, lying in faith that her dad will save her, will remove her pain, and take her home back. I did take her home back but just her body without her soul. Breathing her last minutes she looked into my eyes, that pain and that fear, these people infested them into her, I can never forget. I am not going to stop, If you are here to stop me, find yourself a way out “ The Inspector left the room unable to restrain himself.“Take him down to the cell” Aarav ordered and walked away giving a glare to Stephen and moving to his friend.Policemen dragged Stephen down to the cell where other prisoners are being held.Coughing out blood Stephen was lying in a bed of his blood with broken arms. Grunting and crying in pain Stephen pushed himself to the corner of the cell to quench himself. Trembling hands drew back as cold water touched his open wounds. Stephen screamed in pain. Carefully lifting his upper body, clenching his teeth to endure the pain from the cruel beatings, he took a glass of water with his trembling hands. Taking a sip filling his throat with the sourness of his blood, the bitterness of water he puked his mixed disgusting liquid to the ground.Enough of this torture he gave up by crashing into the floor and gasping for air. His wounds started to burn, body quaking, he slowly losing consciousness and he fell into a slumber. Shivering and sobbing filled the cells neighbor to him all night. Sun rose with an unconscious Stephen inside the cell and it’s been two days since Stephen was brutally attacked.

**WEST BENGAL** “ They took my men. Does it look joke to you?” Aakash woke up from the meeting kicking the chair away and slamming the table.“Relax Aakash, You are not only the person with problems here. Moreover, It is not our mistake, you people are being predictable and getting caught. Above all, locked up and getting beaten up. Pathetic!” Valentine laughed at Aaksah’s inability to do anything against either the police people and towards him. Even though, Aakash was one of the masters in the council. They never did anything back to him. He has been part of many smugglings across the country, captured

by police, experienced torture days and nights but always ended up being rescued by his best friend Rishi. Now even Rishi will not be able to help him. “Ingratitude Bastard” Aakash sneered.Valentine continued to smirk because he knew, at this present time Aakash is capable of only cursing, he can never raise a hand against him due to lack of support and men.“Aakash, I will arrange to get your men out. You need to import the weapons without any interference by police or media. Did you get that?” The head of the council ordered.“I cannot I would prefer I won’t “ Aakash walked away from the meeting. Betrayal and anger weren’t new to him but ignorance was. He expected the head of the council to be different from other members of the council but he proved Aakash wrong.“ Boss! If we are not going to import, we will be doomed. They will kick us out of the council” Samir, Aakash’s driver and a trustworthy person asked.“We are going to rescue our men from police with or without them” Aakash replied.As soon as he got in the car, he was greeted by a despairing person, Salim, the eldest of the EAST CLAN. “ Our men are held in Mumbai Police station. Commissioner's special order after discovering drugs in the city he assumed we did it.” Salim reported.“Did we? Did we smuggled drugs?”Aakash spoke his eyes fixed on the road, rage through nerves trying hard to maintain calmness. Serene has never been his nature.“ No, they have accused us wrongly and he seems to be a new commissioner” Salim understood the struggle. But he had no courage or solution to come up with.“Do the commissioner have Children?”**MUMBAI**“Sir, a commissioner on line”After a few minutes of arguments, suggestions, and pleadings the phone call ended with the decision of releasing Aakash’s men being held here. As the constable was about to open the cell, “ I think you have to pay something for our loss” one of the members of THE EAST CLAN demanded.“What? What did you lose by staying here?” The Inspector asked.“Our freedom, our peace, and our respect which was lost when you dragged us by holding the collar from the market place” East clan member spoke.“ Stop saying those words, It never suits anyone of you people not even your head” Aarav warned.“Do you want to see your Commissioner’s daughter like your daughter? If so then keep giving threatening and ignore us. “Clan member smirked.“What do you want?” The Inspector spoke through gritted teeth.“ Release of that Stephen boy” a Clan member demanded.“What?” “Yeah, he will be one of us soon. So. It would be better if you release him now or you have to lose someone else too” a Clan member warned.“I am not letting him out. Rather I would shoot him now and take the damn responsibility” The Inspector declared.“Make sure you make the right choice and for information, if you didn’t let him out you are going to lose your job for not following your higher official’s orders and reason for an innocent girl’s death” a Clan member threatened.Silence ruled over between them. The situation agitated both the policemen. They would have never thought in life that they will be pushed to a situation where they have to make deal with criminals who are less moral than themselves.But Aarav realized that possibility of capturing them again will be more than the possibility of losing out their jobs. He knew that now he had to choose the fear of failure over morality and it doesn’t feel right to him. But he also must follow his higher official’s orders. There was a life threat to someone too.“Release Stephen” Aarav ordered despite the Inspector’s refrainment.

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