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   Chapter 2 Running- Chapter one

MORTALS OF EAST CLAN By Thiya Characters: 6250

Updated: 2021-04-14 15:59

Mid noon sun shoots down the city sucking all of the energy, people dragging themselves covered with sweats all over the city. But nothing matters when we run for our very own survival. Every step we take counts as it adds every minute of life. So as the condition of Stephen, a 20year old boy running in the streets of Bombay in ragged blood - shirt with a broken bleeding arm for life. It is his third injury and fifth attempt to escape from jail.Dealing with a gangster for smuggling at a young age for money with a little sister waiting for him at home with a fanatic alcohol addict father was all his life. Getting captured by police due to the failure of his smuggling deals was a rare occasion for him two months ago. But now with the arrival of the new DGP and all his strategies and sources he has been hunting down every big gangster and their hierarchy. Some tend to get free jail cards through political support or some through money. Only a few people even knowing the sequences still have the guts to run away from jail after a series of failures of attempt. All his attempts will fail in the second step. But this is his very first time he had made it to the outside world. He couldn’t be happy or proud of his success plan because as soon as he got out of jail alarms caught him off guard. From the very minute, he has been running in the city hoping that at one point the police will lose him. He planned to leave the city and get help from one of his friends who worked with him last year now probably working for a new boss.

When he finally steps into some known area he searches for a hiding place and couldn’t find one. But as soon as he spots a temple he runs inside trying to get away from the police as they wouldn’t consider the temple as an option. He did lose the police but people started to panic and shout for help when they noticed the wounded Stephen. He fell to his knees and begged them to keep quiet while grunting over his pain.

“Someone call the ambulance” a lady shouted. The hospital will be the worst place and easy target for the police to reach him hence he again ran out of the temple. He ran as much as he could until his legs and body gave up. He stopped and sat near a beggar. Stinky smell and torn-out clothes the beggar and observed Stephen with utmost concern. Stephen gestured for water, beggar handed his half-broken plastic water bottle to Stephen motioning him to drink it. Poor quality of water was not new to Stephan but bitter and sour washed down his throat as he had it. It will be the least of his worries. He suddenly turned over as he heard a police jeep sound and flinched as someone touched his wounded arm. He slowly turned to see the beggar handed him an old faded-out randomly torn red colored cloth to cover himself. Gratefulness and sadness lingered over his eyes as he was unable to process his words to thank him. Stephen wore it over his head hiding his face and leaving his eyes as his cloth ended midway in his chest.

Again Stephen started running to save his life. The dark sky started to engulf his head. Growling stomach, wobbling legs, bl

urring vision but not diminishing hope he walked using his last pound of strength to reach a bus stop outside of Mumbai city. From all the running and beating his body craved for rest. He slumped himself on the metal sitting under the cemented cracked bus stop. Hunger, tiredness, pain exploding in every part of the body gone unnoticed as he thought about his little sister, Lincy. If he couldn’t get himself from this mess as soon as possible, then the police will take Lincy and his father. In name of investigation, only God knows what they will put them through, though his father is his least concern.

Born in poverty, born for a fanatic obnoxious father wasn’t his or Lincy’s choice. But they had to pay for it and illegal trades were the fastest way for Stephen to have a normal life away from poverty and fulfill his father’s cruel deeds. As much as he hated his father he is the only person besides Stephen who can take care of Lincy. Soon worry and tiredness consumed him followed by sleep. He lay down on metal seating scooting close to the warmth of the blanket, pulling his legs close to his chest, hands gripping stomach to avoid the feeling of hunger the cold weather making him shiver through torn out holes of the blanket. A sharp pain passed through his back as he woke up realizing the very familiar beatings he had been receiving for the past month. He sucked in sharp breathe as he noticed the opposite person wearing khaki pants and a white shirt. Wearing a scowl, caressing the fire mark near his ears the policeman’s eyes were fixated on Stephen’s terrified eyes. The policeman grabbed Stephen's wounded arm and led him into the police jeep. Stephen winced in pain as the police officer pulled Stephen’s hands to the webbed window of the jeep locking him in a handcuff.Aware of the fact that fighting him or pleading with him will agitate him more and this police officer will not forgive Stephen as easy he expected. Stephen knew that one day he had to repay him for his deeds. Stephen knew that this particular police officer did hold a personal grudge against him and in no way near to forgive him. Dead stares and clenching of fists didn’t stop Stephen from trying to escape. He pulled and twisted the metal handcuffs but every effort ended in vain. He fought to gather all his strength. More than escaping one question did scare him the most. To be precise, not the question but the answer scared him the most. Will he take him under his custody and press any of his old crimes? By doing so he can satisfy the revenge he had been holding for nearly 2 years. Or he might have heard about the escape and hand me to them due to his superior orders. Well, Stephen knew that it will not be a welcoming return to Mumbai central prison. Or the police officer had another way, beating Stephen up to his satisfaction and hand him to Mumbai central prison after 2 days along with appreciation. Everything seemed a failure to him. Finally, Stephen gave up not only breaking handcuffs but hope too. He just let him dragged away by Policemen as the jeep arrived at Goregoan west police station.

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