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   Chapter 1 PROLOGUE

MORTALS OF EAST CLAN By Thiya Characters: 3100

Updated: 2021-04-14 15:58

"Rishi is dead, Aakash. He is dead" Maya shouted inching closer to the broken gangster taking his hand in hers and she whispered " You have to let him go"She took the first aid box wrapping it in his wounded hands she took it near her face and kissed his hand."Rishi chose to die to save yours. Is this how you repay him? Are you going to destroy his sacrifice for nothing?" Tears fell on Aakash's hands as she held onto him.Aakash's mad rage isn't doing anything to him neither Rishi. His revenging the murders did give no happiness to Rishi. All Rishi wanted while dying is to give Aakash a life he wished for himself. "People don't choose to die, Maya. They die for repaying their mistakes. Rishi did die because of my mistakes. I just killed him" Aakash pulled himself away from Maya." Aakash you can't beat yourself up to it. It is not your fault. He is your brother. He loved you so much. He will never blame you for his death. Neither do us" Maya got moved her hands down his arms intertwining their fingers."You should, everyone should. I ain't worthy of forgiveness" Aakash's sudden outburst jerked Maya away. Aakash did read something in Maya's away.FearHe saw fear at the flicker of a moment." am a monster. Just stay away from me" Aakash pushed her away with fear and anger. Fear of hurting her due to his anger on himself for his failure.He lost his friendHe lost his brotherHe lost his familyHe lost Rishi.He has to send Maya away from this mess.His mess.Maya doesn't deserve him. No one around him." Just stop

flirting around me like a slut and just go and do something for your father as he ordered. Tell him Aakash isn't going to stop. He will never stop until they breathe stops " Aakash spoke as he faced the sea and back to her holding Rishi's locket in his one hand buried inside pocket and another hand supporting his trembling mouth as tears fled down his eyes.Maya couldn't help herself as she heard the words."Did you just call me...?" Maya took a step forward hoping those words will be words of mistake."DIdn't you just hear that? You came to me first as one, don't you remember? Well played Ms. Maya Aaditya prakash. Now just go and me your father's loyal dog " Aakash said after turning towards her waving his hands in the air. Tears stood still in his eyes as he spat those words."I hate you " Maya clenched her teeth."You crossed the line just rot in hell. I hate you" Maya threw the ring on him tears drowning her face. She turned to wipe her tears.Stumbling the way out of his room she held her bag close to her chest as sharp pain passing through it. She loved him. She truly did."You know what some people die thinking that their life is valued less than their loved ones. They just give up their happiness, dreams, and everything just because...." She sniffled and continued"only because they love someone so truly they end up sacrificing them. But you know their sacrifice just stays worthless because they did do a mistake of sacrificing for the wrong people. Rishi just did that" Maya walked away leaving Aakash in turmoil.

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