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   Chapter 5 Twist

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"is that not my daughter on TV." Trevor who was watching the news saw Triffany on TV.Laura came close and saw the same thing. "Triffany!" She called out."Yes, Mom." Triffany who was washing the dishes in the kitchen answered."Come over here," Laura told her."Mom." Triffany Walked to the sitting room."Why are you on TV?" Laura asked.Triffany saw the news and looked shocked. "What the heck! Why are they making me remember the horror that occurred this afternoon." She said and sat down. "Dad, mom, that was an incident and the news will die soon." She told her worried parents.Trevor looked at his daughter with a worried expression. "Triffany Joey, your life just took a new turn." He told her."What turn?" Triffany looked at her father.Trevor let out a big sigh. "I dealt with the press in my line of job and I'm assuring you this will not die or stop here, all-news station is reporting this. A bigger issue is coming ahead and it has to do with the heir of Glammaly estate." Triffany seems so relaxed. "I don't even know him, whereas I have rude people. I'm going upstairs." She said and left for her room.Her phone was ringing and she picked up. "Hello, Nick." "Did you see the news!" Nike asked without hesitation.Triffany rolled her eyes and sat on the bed, seems everyone is aware of the news. "Yes, what's the big deal about it?" She asked lazily. Why was everyone concern about this?"You've just become popular!" Nike blurted from the other side of the line.Celine scoff at his words. "You're hopeless Nike." She told him.Nick ignored her and Said. "Hey, that's your lottery card to become a superstar."Triffany sighed, her cousin was saying nonsense. "Knock it out, Nick. I'm tired, I have to rest, goodnight." She hung up not wanting to hear anymore.Triffany kept her phone and lyes down to sleep, all she was thinking was her job hunt tomorrow...."How are you going to solve this?" Gabby asked her brother who was spacing out.Carlos looks so worried. "Why today of all days?" He asked.His phone was ringing so he picked up. "Carlos what have you brought to yourself." Ethan's voice came from the other side of the line."It's a misunderstanding grandpa." He told him without hesitating."You have to turn this around to make sure this news doesn't go any further," Ethan told him."I will," Carlos said not sure what to do."First thing tomorrow morning come to my Villa." "I will grandpa," Carlos replied.Ethan ends the call and Carlos held the space between his brow.Gabby crossed her hand on her chest and crossed her leg. "How do you feel after hearing an earful?" She asked him."Not now Gabby." Carlos was already weak, he knew his sister would use his words against him. "It is a misunderstanding." He told her."Sure." Gabby stands up. "Well, goodnight." She told him, she got nothing to do now, he should solve his problems himself, she went upstairs to her room.Carlos Lean on his chair. "That girl is bad luck." Referring to Triffany.Just then he remembered Kelsey, he picked up his phone to call her, he has to explain to her before she misunderstands."Hello, Carlos." A voice that belongs to Kelsey answered. "Kelsey that on the news is..." He was about to explain but she interrupts him."I know it's a misunderstanding, they are just trying to spoil your reputation." Kelsey gently voice told him.Carlos seems to be relieved by her understanding, he smiled gently. "I'm glad you understand.""You should rest now Carlos, you have a big day tomorrow." She told him.What he needs now was a rest to calm him down. "I love you." She told him.Her sweet voice sounds in his ears and he smiled. "I love you more."Glammaly estate.Shanne Cole, Carlos Zack's driver drove him to the company early the next morning where reporters have clouded the entrance.Carlos Zack's security came over to escort him inside the company. "Sir we're here," Shanne told him.Carlos looked out through the window to see reporters at his company premises. "Let's go in." He told Shanne with a cold voice.Shanne opened the door for him and the camera flashes from different angles with reporters throwing questions to him."Mr Carlos Zack, how would you react to the news that aired yesterday?""What do you have to say about the news?""Who is the lady?""Have you known her for long? Is it your first encounter?" "Why did she cry in the scene?""How are you planning to resolve this issue?"Carlos did not answer any of their questions and was lead inside by the securities.Some staffs looked and stared at him while some chit-chat among themselves.Philip hurried towards Carlos. "Sir you're here." Philip and Carlos head into his office. Carlos loosen his tie and looked out of the big window, the reporters were still there. "Gosh!" He exclaimed softly. His eyes were cold and he was thinking. "Philip.""Yes sir." Philip who stood close answered without hesitation."Send a call to the press to calm them down for the main time, then, tell the secretary to bring me the documents that need signing.""Okay, sir." Philip left to do as he was ordered.Carlos Zack sat down and poured himself a glass of whiskey. He drank it one shot and held t

he space between his brow. "All this happened at my tight ends."There was a knock on his office door. "Come in." He ordered knowing who it might be.A female secretary steps into the office. "Good morning sir, I'm resuming my duty today." She went close to his desk. "I'm Felicity Shade." She told him with respect."I'm aware, did you bring the documents?" He asked her looking at her."Here sir." She kept it on his desk.Carlos started going through them. "Cancel all my morning schedule and inform Shane Cole to prepare the car." He told her.Felicity looked at him, she just started working here today and was not aware who he was talking about. "Sir who is Shanne Cole?" She asked him.Carlos raised his eyebrows and looked at her indifferently. "My driver," he told her. This was the first time an employee dares to question him.Felicity saw the coldness in his eyes and looked down. "I'm sorry sir, I'll go do that now." She said hastily in a shudder."Felicity," Carlos called her name looking at her."Yes sir." She answered."I don't need a naive person in my company or someone who is not smart enough to do this job. I'm only pardoning you because it's your first day here. I won't let it slide next time. Do you understand?" Carlos deep voice asked her."Yes sir." She answered and left the office, heading to her desk to resume her work. "I have to catch up immediately." She told herself and continue her work....Carlos Zack arrived at his grandfather's Villa, he went in to see Ethan Zack standing close to the window. "Chairman I'm here." He told him.Ethan Zack turned to face his grandson. "Take a seat." They both sat down.Ethan Zack cleared his throat and looked at Carlos with a serious expression. "How did you let such a thing happen?" He asked him."I never did that intentionally," Carlos told him."You should know that many eyes are watching to see your downfall." Ethan gaze was a little cold, the wrinkles on his forehead were even more visible now."I've told them to block the news immediately," Carlos told him."It won't help Carlos," Ethan told him with a deep voice. "The news has gone viral already, I've received a call from many reporters and the board of directors. Carlos, I'm not impressed at all, neither am I happy." Ethan told him with disappointment on his face."I'll find a means possible to resolve this," Carlos told his grandfather knowing how much trouble he had caused this time.Ethan relax on his chair and looked at Carlos, he exhaled and said this word with so much hesitation. "Carlos, the only way out of this is to propose marriage to her." "What! Chairman." Carlos looked at him stunned, he was not expecting these words from his grandfather."You can call me grandpa now, we are alone," Ethan told him gently."Grandpa I can't do that," Carlos told him hastily."That's the only way, Carlos."Carlos furrowed his brow and looked at his grandfather with deep eyes. "How can you ask me to marry a girl I've never known, I don't know her name or location, or family background even before now. Why would you come up with this conclusion?. I can't propose marriage to her, I already have someone else." Carlos told him.This was the first time he spoke back at his father, this was the first time he wishes to go against Ethan Zack's word.Ethan looked at him. "The company comes first Carlos...I've spent my life developing that estate and if your parents, my son haven't died he would have managed it at this my old age. You have to take that place,e Carlos, you have to preserve it this way." Ethan told him.Carlos scoffed in his heart. "I don't believe you would say I should get married to someone you've not met, I don't love her grandpa." Carlos's voice was a little sad.Bailey Zack his grandma came into the room where they were."Why the faces?" She asked, seeing their expressions were not so good.Carlos saw his grandma and told her what his grandfather had just said. "Grandma, grandpa is trying to make me marry someone I've not known until the event that took place." Bailey's eyes grew sad seeing her grandson's grief, she moved close to him and sits down. "Carlos we've talked this out too, it seems to be the only way to stop this mess you've created." She told him gently.Ethan looked at his grandson, he can't let himself get soft now, this is for his company. "You should hold an interview, telling them you've known each other before now and the tears in her eyes were because you've promised her marriage before you both drifted apart, she was overwhelmed to see you once again but was sad because of the way you both meet again.Carlos looked at his grandfather. "Grandpa you're unbelievable, how can you map out all this lie in one speech. I'm going to find another way to solve this mess I've created, I can't betray Kelsey and then lie and live with someone I don't know." He told his grandfather with his eyes darkened.Ethan exhaled. "I would watch you from now, until tomorrow, if this mess is not solved then I'm calling the press for the private interview. You only have today to resolve this in your way." Ethan told him indifferently.Carlos stood up and left the Villa unhappy.

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