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   Chapter 4 News that change your life

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Triffany Joey came downstairs with her father behind her, she saw her smiling mother and brother who seems to be happy at her husband's success in bringing her daughter down.Triffany went over to her mother. "I'm sorry Mom for all the troubles I've caused you." She apologized. She knew her mom had been worried about herLaura shook her head and took her daughter's hands gently. "No Triffany, come over here." She hugged her child."I won't make you worried anymore," Triffany told her."That's a part of every mother, they will always worry about their child," Laura told her truthfully."I love you, Mom," Triffany told her softly."I love you too." Laura touches her cheek affectionately. "Go now to the dining your dinner is there." She told her."Thanks, Mom." Triffany left for the dining.Laura sat close to her husband who was now watching a news channel, she looked at him. "You have so much which I'm short of." She told him, admiring his ways.She had talked to Triffany but she had not convinced her to come downstairs, but with only one try from her husband she was downstairs and also her cheerful self.Trevor hugged her shoulder and smiled. "I also have a part to play in the family and also bringing up our children," He tenderly told her.They have loved each other and still feel young in love. Laura looked at him and asked curiously. "What did you say to her, that made her mood changed quickly?" She asked curiously."It's I and Triffany's secret to keep." He told her, pinching her nose lovingly.Laura smiled at his affection for her. "Okay, I won't let you spill it.""Thanks." He kissed her lips and they both watched the TV....Club party.Gabby Zack was seen dancing at the party when a guy came behind her and placed his hand on her butt, she turned to see who it was."Hey!" Gabby smiled while dancing, she was enjoying the attention already."You're beautiful and hot." The man behind her told her with a smile on his lips.She laughed, knowing he was flirting with her, she also knows how to flirt, let the game begin. She looked at him. "You're not looking bad yourself."He saw she was interested. "Do you want to go to some quiet place let's chat things out?" He asked her.Gabby leans close to his ear. "Like drinking and being playfully rough?" She asked with his hot breath close to his ears."Wow, I love this girl." He lifted the corner of his lips."Bad girls?" Gabby asked giving him a wink." with brains." He said with lust in his eyes.Gabby noticed this, he was someone that could keep her from getting bored. "Let's grab a drink first." She told him.They both sat down at the bar in the club and order a glass of whiskey. "So what brought you to this party?" She asked him He scanned her, wow she has a good shape he thinks. "Searching for a girl like you." He told her."A hook up to clear your head." Gabby sipped her drink."Something like that, how about you?" He asked her."I love parties, don't take any chances." She said, looking at his face, okay he was handsome.He laughed at her words and leans close. "What about taking some with me?" He asked.Gabby rolled her eyes. "Nah... I'm going to break your heart." She told him leaning on her chair.He smiled. "I love heart breakers." He told her.Gabby looked at him, he was quite interesting too. "Then I'll give you what you want." She told him. She leans close to him and gave him a deep hot kiss, catching her breath she said a few words. "Then let's take the chances.Damn this girl's kisses made him want her more. "Okay." He smiled and held her waist, he kissed her soft lips deeper.Gabby frowned and pushed him away, he was going too fast she has to stop him. "You know what?" She leans back to her chair."What?" He asked her, damn that lips were so delicious, he wanted more.Gabby sipped her drink. "You're not a good kisser like you don't know how to kiss!" She told him without glancing at him."Huh!" He looked at her, surprised she said that.Gabby ignored his reaction and continued. "Am I the first girl you've kissed, cause you're looking like a wet puppy, who was forced down here by his friends to play the bad boy?" She told him with a smirk on her face."What!" He scoffed slightly pissed she was a little bratGabby looked at him and smiled. "Just kidding." She laughed enjoying the looks on his face."You're a rude bitch!" He told her with his brow raised."You can say that again." Gabby smiled and sipped her drink."You're a brat!" He said"Yes, I am." Gabby agreed, this was not the first time someone called her a brat."And it doesn't suit your face." He told her."I know," Gabby said, caring less about his words.He leans close to her face. "Still I want you and I want you badly." He took a shot of his drink and kissed her more deeply than before.Gabby who seems to enjoy this laughed. "I love your type though." They both laugh. "Time to go to your calm room for the rough play." She told him.Understanding what she meant, he smiled and they both left the club party for his place.Kelsey met Carlos outside her workplace and they both head out to a nearby restaurant.After placing their order they ate and chat gently. "You're pretty." Carlos looked at Kelsey with love in his eyes.To him, she was always pretty, and today she was wearing a tight work skirt and a navy blue shirt to match, her brown hair was packed up in a ponytail

.Kelsey blushed. "Thanks." She knew she would never get used to his complement.Carlos looked at her red face and smiled. "Can you come to my place tonight? I don't want to sleep alone." He said to her."Huh!" Kelsey looked at him Carlos noticed he had said something stupid. "I mean I don't want to be alone." He added immediately."Kelsey smiled as he corrects himself, he was so cute this way, she looked at him seriously. "Troubles with work?" She asked."I'm so stressed up and I need you. I'm in real need of a hug Kelsey. I think I've failed my parents, my grandparents and everyone too." He said with a hoarse voice."Don't say that." Kelsey looked at him with her gentle eyes.Carlos sighed sadly. "The production site will take some time to get fixed to normal and the terminal date for that contract is next month, where would I start from?" He asked with a sad expression."Carlos you can do it, I'm sure of it," Kelsey assured him.Carlos looked at her with deep eyes. "Kelsey I'm glad and happy I have you." He told her.They both stare at each other's eyes. He leans in to kiss her lips but was interrupted by the ringing of his phone."Answer," Kelsey told him.Carlos hesitated but then pick up. "Hello, Blake." "I can't find Gabby in the night club." Blake worried voice came from the other side of the line."She played hockey again." Carlos raised his brow."Seems like it," Blake said.Blake had followed her to the night club since she insisted, he had kept a close eye on her but lost sight of her at a bit distracting."Have you asked around?" Carlos asked him lazily."Yes, she left with a guy," Blake reported."Damn this girl." Carlos sighed. "Blake don't worry I'll track her using her GPS." He said and hang up. "She's on it again."Kelsey looked at him. "Your sister?" She asked."Yes, Kelsey I have to go." He stood up from his chair.His sister was a spoilt little brat always playing around, he had to find that girl before she gets in trouble."Okay," Kelsey said with understanding.Carlos paid the bills and left, with the help of his phone he tracked Gabby's location and moved over to where she was He opened the door to see his little spoilt sister kissing a guy in the room bed. He pulled his sister from the stranger and punched him on the cheek."Hey stop it!" Gabby shout at her brother.The guy who was punched by Carlos stood up. "Who the heck are you?" He asked him."And who are you to be with her!?" Carlos shouted.The man wanted to hit Carlos but Carlos caught his hand and twisted it behind his back and pushed him aside. "Ouch!" The stranger whined in pain."Both of you should stop!" Gabby screamed. She looked at her brother. "You're the worst brother I've ever seen!" Gabby barked at him and ran out.He followed her. "Hey Gabby, stop there."Outside Gabby stopped and turned to face him in anger. "What do you have to say?" She asked in furry. "You came in and spoiled my night, now you want to give me an earful of words. Save it, Carlos! I don't want to listen to you." She glares at him."These things aren't wise Gabby." Carlos tried to reason with her."Save your lectures, Carlos, not like you're my mother or anything! Just let me be." She ran out from him "Gabby!" Carlos hits his hand on the wall in anger....Carlos Zack arrived home to see Gabby drinking wine at the wine table, he sat close to her. She turned and looked at him in anger. "What now?" She asked. "You want to lecture me to stop drinking wine too.""No... I need one myself." He poured a glass for himself, took a long sip and looked at his sister. "I'm sorry Gabby." He apologized."I know you're going to say that." She sighed."I'm serious, I'm not a good brother, neither am I good myself. I'm sorry." He apologized sincerely."I know you're suffering Carlos, but please don't put some on me." She told him seriously.Carlos looked at her with a deep expression. "Gabby I've got only you and grandparents, and I don't want you to waste your life this way, I know I shouldn't have hit your date but you doing that is dangerous and you just met him, living your life that way is just out of the option." "I get your point." Gabby sipped her wine. Her brother nags her a lot.Just then Carlos phone rang and he picked up. It was Eric on the line. "Hello, Carlos.""Yes, Eric," Carlos answered sensing Eric serious voice."Have you seen the news that just aired now?" He asked seriously."No..what news?" Carlos asked."Tune your TV now to the news channel 122," Eric told him."Okay." Carlos hangs up and turns on the TV. "What the heck!" His expression darkened.Gabby turned her head to see the news her face look shocked. "That's you, Carlos, what have you gotten yourself into?" She asked.In the news they talked about Glammaly estate heir, some reporter have captured a video of him and Triffany Joey on the road where he hands her money and Triffany threw the money back at him They were saying he deserves what the lady did to him since he did not show any remorse but threw money at her.They were asking a question if he had known this lady to have made her cry at the scene, have they been in contact for a while and how he would resolve this issue."That's useless." Carlos scoffed. "This doesn't make any sense." Gabby laughed at him mockingly. "You called me a rude brat, but you just portrayed that and everyone now knows." Gabby sighed.

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