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   Chapter 3 A secret shouldn't be told

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Triffany was too boiled up and she continues. "Who are you? You got a job and ride flashy cars and now think others are not worth it." Tears flowing down her cheek with Carlos watching her speechlessly. "You think I won't get a job, I hate you, I hate this life, you think I'm happy living this way huh! Being insulted by my little brother and laughed at by my cousins. I never choose this life!" Triffany said with a choked voice.Carlos who don't know what else to do in this situation could only try to say a few words. "I'm sor..." Before he could apologize Triffany interrupted him again. "Hold it!" She closed and opened her eyes, she was already tired and weak to continue, thinking of her situation have exhausted her."Just go. I don't want to hear anything from you, go to where you were heading to, looking at you makes me more miserable."She turned and walked out slowly in tears leaving the money scattered on the ground.Allison turned to Carlos politely. "I'm so sorry, she's just too sensitive these days, you should head-on."Allison then turned and went after Triffany. "Wait for me.""Sir we have to go." Shanne respectfully told him to open the car door.Carlos took one more glance at Triffany before concentrating on his phone."Triffany." Allison looked at her.Triffany stopped walking and turned to her. "I'm miserable right?" She asked her."No, you're not.""Allison..." Triffany broke down in tears again."Hey come here." Allison hugged her in comfort. "It's okay, don't cry, things will work out for you."Triffany gently pulled away and looked at Allison seriously. "Allison, I'm not going to do anything anymore, looking at my life I'm hopeless.""Don't say that.""I'm going home Allison, I will just live alone peacefully, I'll go home now to put in my plans for this year," Triffany told her and wiped her tears."Are you going to be okay on your own?" Allison asked with concern."I will." Triffany stopped a taxi and left....Hospital.Carlos Zack arrived at the hospital and went to the ward the staffs were in, immediately they saw him they both sat up."Sir.""You should both rest, you can lye down." He told them."Sir, we're sorry." They kept apologizing."I understand, you both should just focus on getting better, in other to leave here immediately." He told them."We will."Carlos put his hands into his pocket. "So what was the medical report?" He asked."Our bones are okay, luckily we would be discharged in a week." They told him."I'm glad it was not a serious injury." "It isn't." They both respond."Alright then, you should both rest now." He turned and left the ward and hospital.Shanne drove him to the construction site where he met the person he placed in charge."What is the cause of this damage?" He asked in a deep indifferent voice."Sir, it due to the heavy engine and the survey we did recently was carried out by a fraudster," Rex reported.Carlos turns his cold gaze at him. "You were in charge of this and you couldn't carry out your job properly!" "I'm sorry sir." Rex apologizes trembling."I'm tired of hearing I'm sorry, I placed you here thinking you are fit for this job but here you are saying you were tricked by a fraudster. What have you tried to do about it, do you realize you endangered people's life because you did not check the work correctly? This is useless!" Carlos's voice was slightly raised.Carlos looked around. "Hey, Rony!" He called out a staff close by."Yes sir." The staff hurried closer."Show me the survey list," Carlos demanded."Sure sir." He handed it over.Carlos went through it, he looked up in few minutes. "Is this all?" He asked with his cold indifferent voice."No sir." Rony handed the next list to him, trembling."Okay, I'll look into it later," Carlos said, he then turned over to Rex. "For now Rex you're fired!" Rex looked up shocked. "Sir.."Without giving him another glance he turned to Rony. "Rony!""Yes sir." Rony answer without hesitation now trembling."Find a better replacement and report to me," Carlos told him.Rony looked at Rex and then answered. "Okay, sir."Carlos left them without another words or glance.Rex just stares at the cold man that left he looked down. "How can he be so cruel?" Rony who was his junior looked at him. "I'm so sorry sir." Rex who already know the person he worked for turned to Rony. "I'm aware no pleading will make him take me back, it's all my fault anyway." "Sir don't say that.""You should work hard from now, and do your work diligently, do not follow my footsteps," Rex advised him.Rony looked at him. "why is he like that? you've worked so well for him all this while." Rony asked.Rony signed. "I destroyed something worth 200 million dollars. I'm lucky he's letting me off easily.""Sir...""You better go do your job in other not to end up like me." Rex turned and left."Life..." Rony shook his head and went to where other staffs were.Kelsey Davin called Carlos immediately she heard what had happened to the site."Hey, Kelsey," Carlos called out her name tenderly after picking the call.Whenever he hears her voice he always has this gentle tone and a warm smile on his face."Carlos I just heard..." Kelsey worried voice came from the other end of the line."You did." "How are you feeling? Hope you're o.." Before she could finish Carlos interrupt her."Don't worry Kelsey, talking to you now just made me okay." He told her with the familiar gently voice."You're faking it." Kelsey who seems to notice it told him."I'm seri

ous Kelsey, I'd like to meet up with you after this, will you be free?" He asked nothing wanting her to worry about him."I am.""Okay." He smiled warmly. "Text me the time and place I'll meet you up." He told her."Okay, I will.." Kelsey said still not satisfied with his words.Carlos who have always known how to hide his sadness from others said quickly. "I have to go now.""Alright then." She answered knowing he had many things to deal with at the moment, she ended the call.Carlos looked at Kelsey's picture on his phone and smiled, he loved her too much, she always makes him happy.After putting his phone in his suit pocket, he turned to Rony with a serious business face."Sir, it's been set," Rony told him."Okay let's go take a look." He walked out with his long leg covered in Black trousers with Rony following behind him....Joey's building.The family were having dinner together but Tiffany's sit was empty. Trevor Joey looked at his wife. "Laura is Triffany not eating with us today?" He asked.He had just returned from his business trip and haven't seen her.Laura heaves a sigh. "She's been that way for days now." She told her husband."What's going on?"Laura looked at her husband. "I think you should talk with her.""I will."Tanner looked at his father and warned him. "Dad you have to be careful." His little voice said."Why do you say so?" Trevor asked surprise with gently smiling."She's sensitive these days so avoid hitting the deep spot." His childish voice said seriously.Trevor laughed and Pat his son's head gently. "Tanner you're funny.""I'm serious dad." His eyes looked at his dad seriously."Okay, I will be careful." Trevor smiled and assured him."Okay." Tanner smiled and continue his meal.Laura looked upstairs and sigh. "I wish Triffany would join us too, I miss that lively girl."After dinner, Trevor Joey went upstairs and knocked on Tiffany's door."Mom I'm not hungry," Triffany told her from her room, thinking it was her mom wanting her to join them for dinner."Triffany it's your dad," Trevor told her."Dad, please come in." She sat up on her bed as Trevor enter. "Dad when did you return?" She asked, she wasn't expecting her dad to be home today."A few hours ago." He told her."Sorry I couldn't come to welcome you." She apologized and hugged her father."It's okay. You're really in a bad state, what's wrong Triffany?" He asked her. "Your mom told me you've been distressed and you couldn't even join us for dinner." They both sat down on the sofa.Triffany who had always loved her father and shared her sadness and happiness with him told him about how frustrated she was in her job hunt. "Dad I've shamed you." She sobTrevor pats her shoulder. "Triffany, baby, you don't have to say that you've shamed me, there's a story I'd like to share with you." He told her.Triffany looked at her father with tears in her eyes. "Which story? I'm all ears""There was a young man who graduated as you did, he couldn't find a job too, he had many worries, he wondered how he would meet his parent's expectations, how he would buy cars or own a house, to shelter his family if he gets married. He searched all over for even one job but all applications were declined, he was intelligent and diligent but for three years he couldn't find any job. All his hopes were lost and he tried to end his life.""End his life?" Triffany asked shocked."Yes." Trevor continues. "He starved himself and even tried to commit suicide by hanging himself but a woman saved his life. A treasure."Triffany smiled wiping her tears away, she was interested in this story. "What happened next?" She asked."That woman gave him the best words he had ever heard, she encouraged him and gave him an undying hope, this young man then decided he won't give up, and suddenly help came through his believe and guess what Triffany?" He asked her. "He got a job.""Yes. As an engineer and work for a year, through his hard work and honest he was promoted and had many contacts in different countries, now he won't have any worries, he had a car and a house and got married with two kids he is happy now." He told her.Triffany smiled happily and looked at her father curiously. "Dad who did he marry, was it that treasure who saved him?" She asked.Trevor smiled. "Yes she's the best, so he married her." She smiled. "Interesting."Trevor looked at her seriously. "Should I tell you the shocking part of this story?" He asked."Yes, dad.""That man was me."Triffany looked up at him shocked. "huh! Then mom is...""Yes, the treasure was your mom and the two kids are you and Tanner, and I'm so proud of you both." He told her.Tiffany's eyes became wet again. "Dad.."Trevor looked at his beautiful daughter. "Triffany, you've not shamed me at all. I'm one of the people who understands you best, so you don't have to kill yourself because of this, there is hope somewhere." He told her seriously."Dad.." Triffany hugged him tightly. "I love you, dad.""I love you more. Now come downstairs you have to eat, don't make my beautiful treasure worried." He told her.Triffany smiled knowing who he was talking about. "Okay, dad.""One more thing." Trevor looked at his daughter."What's that?" She asked him."Don't mention this story to your mother or brother, I promised her I would keep it a secret." He told her.Triffany smiled and zipped her lips. "I won't spill a single word." They both laughed. "Alright, come let's go downstairs," Trevor told her and they both head downstairs.

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