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   Chapter 2 Unpleasant encounter with a stanger

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Triffany visited her cousin Nick Jade at his house, which was where she loves going whenever she was bored of being at home. She sat with Allison, Nick sister chatting while Nick who was almost a game addict sat playing his video game. Triffany couldn't help but scoff."You're not concern about getting a job, what's your secret, you don't have to hide it from us," Triffany told him curious about what his plans for the future would be."Video games," Nick said casually without looking at her.Triffany was confused. "Video games is not a company or a job.""Yes, it's a game.""You did not study for four years to play a game," Triffany told him. She was scared that she can't find a job and now her cousin too would be hopeless just playing a game all his life.Nick paused his game almost reading her thoughts he faces her and shakes his head. "You don't have a clue Triffany.""Then make me do." She lifts her chin."I'm going to make games." Nick fold his arm and said seriously."Games." Nick knew she was confused, Triffany has always been this way since he knew her. She was naive so he just smiled and explained gently to her. "Yes games, I studied art, so I'm going to be a cartoonist and make videos games.""Wow! You figured that all by yourself." Triffany can't help smiling as she was amazed at how well he planned himself. Nick just nods proudly. "I'm jealous." She said finally now realizing that she was more pitiful."You've always been," Nick said with a smile."Don't be so full of yourself, I haven't always been." She frowned. Nick smiled and turned to continue his game. "Since you studied art and want to be a cartoonist, then I also studied art and management, what should I do?" Triffany wondered out loud as Allison and Nick but laughed. "What's funny?" Triffany looked at them.Allison who has been watching them silently and now laughing told her. "You are.""That's true, no matter what no company wants to accept me, I'd just go into modelling since I'm pretty," Triffany said with a smile for the new idea she just had. "I'm not pretty?"Nick who was still playing his game said honestly. "Sure you are, I almost kissed you at the school party 3 years ago, because you were so charming and dazzling.""You're right I'm charming and dazzling." Triffany sighed not satisfied. "Why don't they see my beauty huh!"Nick laughed at her question. "That's because you're clumsy." Triffany furrowed her brow and threw the banana peel she was holding at him. "Who is clumsy?""Hey! I'm older than you here." Nick told her, still playing his game. Triffany threw a cup at him again. "Triffany will you stop, I'm about to win this match." He told her.She was distracting him and he could stop her since he was so focused on his game.Triffany who was enjoying her moment kept throwing things at him. "Apologize first." She told him."Okay I'm sorry, you're not clumsy, so please stop throwing things at me, continue your discussion with Allison." He told her.Triffany stopped and stood up. "Well focus on your game." She was bored of staying here already.Allison looked at Triffany who was picking up her bag. "Are you going somewhere?" She asked."This place is boring, I need to take a walk, never know if I could see something better to do." She told her."Do you want me to tag along," Allison asked.Triffany smiled, she has always loved being with Allison. "I'd love that."Allison stood up immediately. "I'll go change my dress and be out soon." She said before leaving to her room.Triffany walked to the mirror and looked at her image for a long time. "I'm really pretty." She admires herself.No matter what anyone says, she knew she was very pretty, she doesn't care if she was complemented by anyone."Goal!" Nike voiced out immediately.Triffany looked at him and sighed. "Keep it low please.""I scored a goal Triffany, I won the match." He told her with excitement."You just said that two seconds ago." She shook her head and packed her hair.Nick turned to face her, he had won the match and now has the time to look at her. "So what were you saying a few minutes ago about being pretty?" He asked.He had heard her say something pretty but was immersed in the game at that time.Triffany smiled and looked at him. "I'm not fit to be a model?" She asked him. Thinking of how beautiful she was, being a model wasn't a bad idea.Nick looked at her face down to her dress, he shook his head. "To be sincere, No.""Why?" Triffany let out a sigh."You just don't have any sense of fashion or style." He told her honestly.Triffany scoff, to her, he was talking nonsense, she looked away. "Just focus on your game." Allison came out dressed. "I'm done."They both turned to leave. "Bye girls, don't wander too far, and Triffany," Nick called out."What!" She looked at him."Don't go blabbering about your problems to people." He told her seriously.Triffany was tired of hearing him talk to her, she sighed. "Aish... Just play your game, I won't." She turned to Allison. "Let's leave this game boy." They both left the house...."So what now Triffany, where do we go?" Allison asked her.After thinking for a while. "Let's see the beach first, I need air." She told her.Alison looked at her cousin seriously. "Do you have a bus fare for the trip?" She asked her.Triffany paused and looked into her pause. "I forgot. Let's just walk to anywhere our legs would take us." She told her and walked ahead of her.Alison shakes her head and breathe out. "That's the problem." She ran to catch up with Triffany. "Are you okay?" Alison had to ask her."Nope, but I'm getting a little idea.""What idea?""Applying as a model.""Triffany do you even have money to apply for that?" "I'm just going to sell all my stuff," Triffany said with a smile.Alison who couldn't understand what this girl was saying sighed and looked at her like she's crazy. "You've just lost it."Glommaly estate.Carlos Zack arrived at the company and was guided through the hallway let to his office. His grandfather was waiting for him.Philip his chief assistant handed him a file. "Sir that's the total name of people who brought in their application." He told him as they enter the elevator."What about the once who placed for a position as a secretary?" He asked elegantly."Here." Philip hands him another file.Carlos looked at it. "Four people.""Yes sir.""Have you sent the disqualified emails already?" He asked in his deep voice."Yes sir." Carlos closed the file. "Bring me their resume, let me take a look.""Okay, sir

I will." The elevator opened and they stepped out. Philip stopped at the office door. Carlos enters the office to see his father standing at the French window. "Chairman Zack." He greeted.Ethan Zack turned with a smile. "My son."They both sat down. "What brings you to the office, today chairman.""I heard of the New Zealand business, have you filled the production plans?" He asked him with a serious face."Yes. I split it already, knowing what they would like." Carlos told him respectfully."That's good, New Zealand chairman is a very strict businessman, and also have people just like him. This find will help our company." Ethan said."I'm aware. I've started my moves already." Carlos told him, he has already calculated them well.Ethan knew he could trust his grandson to that. He has always been proud of his strategic plan in business. "Okay. So how about the development?""It's still going on well.""I'm intrusting you to that.""I will not disappoint you," Carlos assured him, he knew how well his grandfather cares about his company.Ethan Zack stood up and Carlos also did. "I will leave you to work now.""Okay, Chairman."Ethan looked at Carlos gently and smiled. "Business talks are over now, you can call me grandpa." Carlos looked at him. "I'd be on my way now." He walked to the door with Carlos behind him.Ethan turned around and faced him. "Come around soon, your grandma miss you.""I will," Carlos told him.Ethan then left the office, Carlos sat down in his office chair, going through some documents when Philip came in after ordered in."Sir, I brought you the resume you requested." "Okay, leave it on the desk." Philip dropped it and stepped back. "You may leave now.""Sir." Carlos looked at him to continue. "There is a break down at the construction site."Carlos looked up at him with a serious face."Two people were injured due to it." Philip continues reporting.Carlos stood up immediately. "Have they been hospitalized?" He asked picking his suit jacket."Yes sir," Philip answered immediately."You should have reported this to me earlier," Carlos said while wearing his suit jacket"You were with the chairman and I don't want to interrupt your meeting," Philip explained.Carlos walked out of the office with Philip behind him. "Apart from two people, we're there any other injured staff?" He asked and entered the elevator heading down."No sir, we had the other workers leave the site and it is under control by few guards," Philip told him "Okay, I'll head over to the site now, then to the hospital, reschedule all my meetings, also stop this from getting out to the media," Carlos ordered."Yes sir." "That resume I left on my desk, pick out the one who is more skilled to handle the job, tell that person to resume tomorrow," Carlos told him as he came out of the elevator"Okay, sir."Carlos walked to the car with his long leg covered with a black suit pant. Shanne Cole his driver opened the door and drove off immediately....Triffany and Allison were walking back from the park playfully. They were talking about the fun show they just watched when Allison looked ahead."Triffany how about working there. There is a vacancy position." Allison points to a restaurant.Triffany trace her hand to the restaurant and frowned at Allison. "Hey Allison, do you forget that I'm a graduate. How would you expect me to work at that restaurant? Give me a better choice.""Alright." Alison kept silent.Tiffany's eyes drifted ahead to a signpost. "Allison." She Pats her friend shoulder."What." She looked at her."I think I see something." Triffany ran close to the sign close to the road and took the paper off, she read it with a smile and glitter in her eyes."Model interview." Triffany smiled broadly. "Allison I've found my lottery card."She waved the paper in the air for Allison to see. Just then a car speed up past her.Splash!..Celine and the paper in her hand were splashed with mud. "Owokoo..."Allison ran close to Triffany. "Triffany are you okay?" She asked her. The car stopped.Triffany looked at Allison. "Do I look okay to you, I'm covered by mud water and you ask if I'm okay.." she looked at the paper in her hand. "Oh, my lottery card. It's a mess already."She turned with anger and walked to the car. Shanne came out of the car."I'm sorry." Shanne apologizes to her.Triffany glare at him. "Does saying sorry reverse things? huh! Or is it because I don't have a flashy car too." Celine said with an angry voice.Inside the car Carlos checked his time, he doesn't have all day to spend here, he looked out the car window to see Triffany wasting their time."You rich people don't consider people, why don't you watch where you're heading before speeding up," Triffany said in anger, looking at the car she knew only a rich man can have this.Carlos Zack came down from the car, Allison looked at him in surprise, he was so handsome and elegant, his presence even made her shudder.He brought out money from his pocket and hand over to her. "This settles it right." He said in his deep indifferent voice."Shanne let go." He turned to enter the car.Triffany threw the money at Carlos as they scattered on the ground, Allison covered her mouth shocked by her attitude. Carlos turned with anger.Triffany looked at him also furious. "Do I look pitiful to you? Or do I look poor? Huh!" Triffany asked him without fear."You rich people think everything is solved with money. Did I ask for money? Can your money clean my lottery card?" She askedShe was so angry that this man has looked down on her. "You ride in a flashy car and I walk on feet, is that what gave you the right!" She couldn't take his attitude, no matter how wealthy he is. "I'm all splashed with dirt and all you can do is throw money on me and say that settles it!" Carlos's eyes darkened, who the heck is this girl to dare speak to him this way. "Hey!..""Hold it!" Triffany raised her hand to stop him. "I'm a graduate and I've not gotten a job yet all the company I applied to rejected me and I'm trying to find something else, but here you are making me more miserable," Tiffany said with a hoarse voice.Allison knew Triffany was becoming sentimental and went close to stop her. "Triffany, stop it, it's okay." Triffany was not ready to hear anything. "Hold it, Allison. You too, you suggested I work in a restaurant. I choose to apply as a model but right now I'm covered with dirt." Carlos looked at her, he knew he was wasting time here, but his cold and angry gaze was softening.

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