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   Chapter 5 ~That's Right Baby~

CLUBROOMS' DIARY By Jay Crawley Characters: 7318

Updated: 2021-04-12 10:00

CADDIEMay 8th 2018"Rise, mama." A mature voice says softly. I rise and stand in front of the man, my head held high, and breasts thrust forward. "What does my baby want." I purr. "Baby wants mama to bounce on his fat dick as she feeds him, and makes baby cum hard and fast." His voice is filled with excitement.  I slowly peel the spaghetti straps off my lace bodysuit, exposing my heavy breasts. The room vibrates with a satisfying growl of approval. "Baby really wants to touch mamas tits." His voice is full of need. "Strip for mama and sit on the chair in the naughty corner," I say seductively. I hear the light jingle of his belt, the zip being pulled down, and his pants hitting the floor. The guy was so eager he didn't bother taking his shoes off, so he scuffles towards the chair with his pants dragging along the carpet. He sits down, spreads his legs, and starts to stroke himself, slowly gliding his hand up and down his shaft, panting.I unclip the bottom of my suit and stand before him. "Mama didn't give you permission to play with her toy, did she?" I slap his hand. "You naughty boy," I growl at him. I reach forward and grab the bottle of lube, I squeeze a generous amount on my hand and slowly lather it on his very well portioned penis. When I'm satisfied with the slickness, I swing a leg over his body and slowly lower myself on to him, letting him feel my pussy slowly stretch around him. "So... Good." He moans with pleasure. "You like that?. I pant as I slowly lift off him, and slide back down.  I grind my clit against him, loving the jolt of pleasure it offers, as I momentarily close my eyes. "Yes mama,  I love you so fucking much.' His hands find my ass cheeks and he squeezes them, encouraging me to move fast.I comply and bring his face towards my chest enticing him to take my nipple in his mouth. His lips latch on and his warm tongue begins to massage my nipple as he lightly sucks, drinking my milk.I arch my back, riding him faster, bouncing up and down on his cock, like a teenage girl riding a bull for the first time. "That's right baby." I moan, stroking his head. "Take what you need from mama and make her cum like a good little boy." I purr. He growls with desire. "Fuck!" He says as he releases my nipple from his mouth. "So fucking good mama I'm gonna cum in your needy, dirty little cunt!" His mouth latches on to my other breast and he drinks from it."Faster mama. Faster." He begs.I give it my all and ride the shit out of him, the chair rocking back and forth, hitting the wall. My body tensed, and my lungs starve for air. "That's right baby," I scream, as my orgasm overrides my senses, and grind myself against him, getting as much friction as my greedy little pussy can get. My client mutters something incoherent and a muffled moan leaves his lips as he jets his  jizz, deep inside me, coating my walls with semen. The stress my body housed when I walked in the room after my confrontation with Ace, magically leaves my system in a form of an orgasm. I sit on my client for a minute, waiting till our breathing regulates, and I slowly rise from him with trembling legs. I fix my bodysuit and kneel, waiting for him to clean himself, and leave his payment on my table as he exits the room. As soon as I hear the click of the door, I stand and walk over to the table, taking the extra fifty he left with his regular fee and tip. I slip the fifty inside of my breast and pick up the rest of the money. I knock on Chad's office door."You may enter if you have something I want." He answers as If he's the funniest man alive. I open the door, and walk inside, placing the money

on his desk. I look at him, screwing my face up and sniffing the air."What's that smell?" I look around his office. He leans back in his chair, putting his arms behind his head."What does it smell like?" He looks at me curiously. I sniff the air again. "Smells like ass." I look at him, scowling. A big smile appears on his face. "Bingo!" He yells, throwing his hands up in the air like a winner."You're a fucking dog Chad," I say repulsed."Yeah well, she wasn't even a good lay. So we're still looking and hiring." He sits forward and picks up the money, counting it."Are you going to fuck everyone that comes in for an interview?" "No harm, no foul." He casually says. "For now, but if word gets out you're fucking the girls with no real intention of hiring them, there will be an apocalypse of angry, inspirational sex workers Chad." I look at him with narrowed eyes. "I welcome the mob of angry women Caddie. Don't you worry about me?" He says sounding like a real dipshit. "Hoe's before bro's Chad." I sigh. "Pun intended right?" He arches a brow and chuckles. I step forward and swipe my pile of money off his desk. "Seriously, pull your head outta your arse will you?" I scold him."You know Caddie, you're lucky you're my sister.""STEP sister." I interrupt him. "Full sister, half-sister, step-sister, fucking adopted sister. They're all the fucking same." He glares at me. "They all end with sister."I roll my eyes in annoyance and don't bother replying. If he really thought of me as his sister, then why the fuck would he allow me to work here? Please... I beg the gods. Please.. Don't let him have a 'Step sibling' fucking fetish. I gag just thinking about it, A picture of him standing behind me, thrusting his boney ass into me flashes across my mind. Oh... Fuck! I walk out of his office feeling like pure filth. The need to gauge my eyes out is fierce and the need to puke my guts out is high level strong. I walk down the hall and through the changing room. I grab a towel, strip, and jump in the shower that's running powerfully hot. I scrub myself raw, scrubbing the filth, and Aces touch away. A sudden wave of sadness hits me as I replay our encounter over in my head, and before I can stop myself,  I burst out crying, sliding down the wall, wrapping my arms around my legs. The waterfalls down over my head, like the tears streaming down my face. I hate my job.I hate Ace. I hate that I'm weak, but most of all.I hate my life! What did I do in my past life that has me living this monstrous one? Who will love me?Except for Jaxson and not back down to Ace? I continue to cry, wishing the ground would open up and swallow me whole. Jaxson deserves so much better, more than I could ever give him. But he is my pride and joy. My sunshine on rainy days and my anchor. If anything happened to him, I'm sure I'd die from a broken heart. I need to leave, I can't let Ace anywhere near him. Fuck this shit! I stand with determination, turning the shower off and I grab my towel. I quickly dry myself off and get changed as fast as I can. I grab my things and rush out of the changing rooms, down the hall, and exit the club. I turn around, looking up at the flashing sign 'CLUBROOMS' and raise both my hands up, flipping it the bird."Fuck you!" I yell at the sign. "FUCKKKKK YOU!" I abruptly turn and run across the carpark. Mistake number four.I didn't look before I crossed and the black SUV was coming straight towards me. I froze on the spot and watched it collide with my body as my eyes landed on a pair of honey-brown eyes, tinted with gold, full of remorse. Just as everything turned pitch black.

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