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   Chapter 4 ~Cursed With The Best~

CLUBROOMS' DIARY By Jay Crawley Characters: 9239

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CADDIEMay 8th 2018I lean up against the brick wall on the side of the club. Puffing away on a nicotine stick, inhaling my life away. Not that you can call it much of a life. I work at clubrooms three days a week, pulling fifteen-hour shifts to make up the forty-five hour full-time requirements I have in place, to keep my son, Jaxson. He's a sweet little boy, who unfortunately is a spitting image of his cunt of a father. I bring my hand up to my breast and cup it. Fuck!I'm gonna need to go to the changing rooms and quickly hand express my fully engorged breasts. I take one last drag of my smoke, savouring the hit I get from it, slowly releasing it from my lungs. I flick it to the ground and use the tip of my heel to put it out. I bend down, picking it up and a marked patrol car pulls up in front of me. I sigh with pure annoyance. I look up and it's the cunt himself, sitting in his patrol car looking as smug as the day he exited his mothers loose  cunt."What the fuck do you want Ace?" I glare at him. "Officer Ace to you." He corrects me. "I don't have time for your fucking shit." I turn and walk away. I hear the door open, and his keys jiggling."I want to see my son." He roughly puts his hand on my arm and turns me to face him. "Your son now is he?" I spit out. "Where the fuck were you five months ago when he was born?." I stare deadly daggers at him. "Oh, that's right." I chuckle. "You were too busy banging the shit out of my mother!" I look at him fuelled with anger and disgust. His grip tightens on my arm, a pinch of pain pricks where his fingers lay.Months ago it would've hurt like a bitch, months ago I was blind to see what a lowlife piece of shit he really was. He was one of my regulars every Thursday evening. One of those nights it began to rain heavily, my car was around the corner at the mechanics getting some work done. Taking the bus was my only option to get home, I stood under the bus shelter when he pulled up. "Get in." He leaned over and opened the passengers' door. "It's okay." I kindly declined his offer, shivering. "Come on, it's pissing down and you'll get sick." He looked me up and down. Looking like a drowned rat, bouncing on the heels of my feet. Desperately trying to stop my limbs from freezing over and stiffening. I get in his car. That was mistake number one. Letting him drive me home and inviting him in for a coffee was mistake number two. Mistake number three was agreeing to go on a date with him. Knowing we're permitted to see our client's outside of work. The rules were put in place for our safety, and like all rules, they were made to be broken. But in all honesty, I thought I was safe because he was a man of the law. Little did I know, after the honeymoon period ended his true self came out to play. He began throwing vile words at me, belittling me behind closed doors, physically abusing me for fun, and sexually exploiting me in front of his friends. Months later I found out I was pregnant, and when I finally built up the courage to tell him. He stood there fucking laughing at me. "What the fuck do you want me to do about it Caddie?" He looked at me while taking a swig of his beer. "I don't know." I was shocked into silence. "You can keep the little rugrat if you want. Just don't expect me to build you a house with a white picket fence." He chuckles as he gets up from his chair and drags me towards the bedroom. He fucked me most of the night, even though I cried, begging him to stop because he was intentionally hurting me. When he finally fell asleep that's when I left him and went to stay with Mal. My baby deserved better, and a father would adore the crap out of it. Mals such a fucking sweetheart. I still don't get why she works here when she has her whole life ahead of her. The night I went into labour, I walked in on Ace banging my mother on the kitchen counter. They didn't bother to stop when they saw me standing there with tears streaming down my face. Now,  don't go getting it twisted, I wasn't crying over Ace. I was crying over the fact that my mother knew I was on my way over, and she had the nerve to let my baby daddy fuck her loose snatch box, knowing I'd walk through her door any minute. While she sat there screaming her dusty ass lungs off, he stood there, penetrating my eyes with his, while he licked his lips with a sardonic smile forming on his face. I swear the whole vulgar scene jump-started my labour.I'm cursed with the best I'm sure!I gave birth to Jaxson six hours later with Mal at my side. And in honour of her being such a godsend, I named Jaxson after her. Mayal

ina Wynter Jaxson. Jaxson is her mothers maiden name and she holds the name close to her heart in memory of her grandfather. For the past three months Ace has been hounding my ass, he set the new bar for being a low prick when he called child services on me. Son-of-a-bitch lied saying  I wasn't fit enough to raise my son, with my line of work. But what his dumb arse forgot to mention was that he met me as a sex worker, and he was balls deep inside my mother when I was giving birth. And because of that, his case was dropped and the judge walked off laughing at him. "Yes, my son. The little sprog looks just like me when I was a kid." He proudly says. I try shaking him off my arm. "I don't want you anywhere near my child," I say to him with fierce determination. "I have rights." He says like a snarky little kid. "You lost those rights the night I told you I was pregnant and the night you merrily banged my mother." I look him right in the eye. We stand there staring at each other, our eyes challenging the other to look away. A black SUV pulls up and our eyes watch with curiosity, waiting for the owner to exit. The drivers' door opens and a tall, bulky man exits. He walks to the passengers' backseat and opens the door. A man dressed in an expensive suit slides out, he says something to his driver and heads our way. When he gets in hearing distance Ace steps forward and thrust his hand out."Mr Amar Diamandis." He says with surprise. The man lowers his shades, looks at him, then me and continues to walk straight past us without a second look at Ace. I accidentally scoff out loud. I've never seen Niko Ace try to kiss ass before. And now I know why, it's because he sucks with a capital S. We continue to watch the mysterious man entering the club, when the door shuts behind him, Ace has my jaw in his hand squeezing it, till my bottom teeth draw blood from my cheeks. "What the fuck are you laughing at SLUT!" He says full of anger. I claw at his wrists, desperately trying to get him to release me, scared he'll break my jaw. Tears sting my eyes and fear explodes all around me. My eyes frantically search our surroundings, desperately trying to find help. And when they land on a pair of honey-brown eyes, with a tint of gold, nausea hits me. The tall driver is making his way over towards us, his eyes heavy on mine, and his lips drawn into a thin line.He taps Ace on the shoulder. "Kólos- Asshole." He says with a heavy accent. Ace's head turns quickly with annoyance."What!" He says.Next thing ya know the pricks been hit in the face and he drags me down with him. Just as I think my heads gonna hit the ground and it's gonna be fucking sore. A pair of large, calloused hands catch me and saves me from hurting myself. The driver continues to touch me until he's satisfied I'm steady on my feet. I look up at him, my eyes searching his face, he's doing the same and my hand Itch's to touch him."FUCK!" Ace gets to his feet, nursing the side of his face."Who the fuck are you!" He says with anger, looking at the driver. "Vanko." He replies with his eyes still on mine.I clear my throat and look at Ace. "I think you better go." I fail to keep the laughter out of my voice."This isn't over Caddie. Not by a long shot." He gives me the death stare as he jumps in his car and takes off speeding. "Thank you," I say to Vanko. He bows his head and walks back towards the SUV. I watch him for a few seconds then I  turn and enter the club. I walk to the back, I take a look in the mirror and purple fingerprints are already appearing on my face. I take a glance at the clock. Fuck you Ace you fuckery fucker! I scream in my head at the top of my lungs. I only have time to get changed and powder my face. Expressing my nips ain't gonna happen and they're already starting to leak. I sigh with frustration knowing what I'm about to do and I fucking hate it. My milk's meant to be for my son, my breasts are only meant to belong to him to feed off. But my clients are kinky as hell and pay me extra on the side to suckle on them like babies. I only allow it when the weeks been slow and I'm short on cash. But my breasts are heavy and full, and they need to be milked to keep up my regular supply for Jaxson. I walk into my room, turning down the white light. I step forward."Hi, my names CADDIE." I close my eyes, and bow, getting on my knees."I am here for your pleasure and Mama excepts."The next set of words that leave my mouth are in our highest paying clients booklet that Lisa handed out secretly behind Chad's back. And mama excepts. Is a code for breastfeeding.

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