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   Chapter 3 ~Brighter Days A Head~

CLUBROOMS' DIARY By Jay Crawley Characters: 8093

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CHADMay 8th 2018"Fuck yeah." I groan with pleasure. I look down and admire the plump red coated lips wrapped around my cock, sucking the dear life out of me. I run my fingers through her dirty blonde hair and pump into her faster. "Suck me, dry baby."I throw my head back, closing my eyes, trying my hardest not to bust my nut in her mouth.  I plan on finishing deep inside her tight little ass. Lisa's gorgeous face pops in my head and the need to cum consumes me. I pull out of her mouth with a loud pop leaving her lips, she looks up at me with her puppy dog eyes, batting the shit out her dusty ass fake lashes. I help her to her feet, spin her around, and bend her over my desk. Lifting her skirt, I spit on my finger and insert it right in her ring of glory. She meows with pleasure. "You like that, baby?" I thrust faster."Fuck yes!" She spreads her legs further apart. "Fuck me, I'm ready." She begs.I slap her ass, admiring the slight jiggle it displays, I do it again, and my balls feel heavy, rising and stiffeningI remove my finger, spit on my dick, lathering it nicely with my all nat-ur-al lubricant. Her head turns and she looks at me, her eyes are filled with pure need. I take my cock in my hand and line it up, with one hard thrust, I'm in balls deep. "Fuck!" She cries out. "You're gonna rip me a new fucking asshole you prick." I pull out and drive into her again, and again, and..again. "Tell me you don't want it and I'll stop." I grit out. "I fucking want it!" She squeals. I run my hand up her spine, and wrap her hair around my hand, yanking her head back as far as it will go."How much do you want this job?" I ground out on the verge of cuming."Badly, I want this job so.. Fucking much." I give her three of my biggest, yet finest thrusts and cum hard. I stand behind her, panting, waiting for my dick to soften and I pull out. Keeping my eyes firmly where we connect, thoroughly enjoying the view of my cum slowly seeping out of her."Clean me.' I command her.And like a good little whore, she gets on her knees and licks my dick clean. I pull up my jeans and wait for her to slip on her underwear. When she's done I walk her to the door. "I'll call you." I lie. A smile graces her face and she nods with excitement. I don't plan on calling her back. Her voice is too high pitched and her asshole too loose for my liking. I like to test drive my girls first before I put them in my line for work. I can't afford to not have the best in my house. Especially when I advertise my girls as premium specialties. I exit my office, in need of a well-deserved beer. I look to my right and that's when I see Amar fucking Diamandis walking through my hall, looking every bit of a Greek god he manifests. I'm gobsmacked, fucking speechless! Never in my years would I ever believe that he would grace my house with his presence.  In MY house, to get his dick wet. He walks past me whistling.That's a good sign ain't it?I watch him exit the house and the need to do a happy dance consumes me. I stand there and shimmy my white ass. Fuck yeah! I make my way to the bar and pour myself a Bourbon to celebrate. If he had a good time I'm hoping next time he'll bring some rich mates with him. "Who did Amar Diamandis visit?" I ask Lisa. She looks at the log, and her eyes momentarily pop out of their sockets. "Mal." She says trying to contain the shock, surprise out of her voice. "Mal?" I ask her, in case I heard wrong. "Yes. Mal." She scoffs. "Ha!" I take a sip of my drink."He's requested to see her again tomorrow morning at the same time." She shows me the log list. "What the fuck does his power money-driven ass want with our little Mal?" I say deep in thought. "I wouldn't have a clue boss," Lisa answered. "YINA!" I yell at the top of my lungs. "Fetch her now." I looked at Lisa and ordered. "YOU STUPID FUCKING CRAZY BITCH!" A deep voice yells. I walk out from behind the bar and see some fuckwit running out with his balls in his hands. "I'm not paying for that fucking whore." He gl

ares at me. "What whore." I glare back"Maddie! I ain't paying shit for her. Crazy bitch uppercut my fucking balls! What the fuck am I meant to tell my wife when she asks why they're in my hand at the dinner table in front of my bratty kids?" Pain coats his words."Fucking tell her the truth." I smile at him. I don't fucking know, it ain't my fucking mess to sort out. Fuckers don't pay us to sort their troubled home issues out."Fuck you." He sneers. "Fuck you all!" He says as he hobbles his saggy ass out the door. I'll fucking sort Maddie out after I deal with Mal. I step back behind the bar and pick up my glass."Babycakes." I smile at her when she enters the room. She looks at me awkwardly. "Yes, boss." "Do you know whose dick you just blew?" I ask her taking a sip from my glass."No." She replied. I didn't think she would, what would a seventeen-year-old runaway know about Amar Diamandis. "That man," I smile brightly, bobbing my head up and down with excitement. "Is Amar Diamandis." I lightly chuckle. "He owns the biggest law firm in Auckland City. He has all the little Piggies under his thumb. Under his beck and call, because he is a force to be reckoned with. His family come from money back home in Athens. His grandfather runs the Philadelphia Greek Mob in the states. That man exudes power where ever he goes." I look at her silently for a minute, my eyes heavy on her pretty little face. "So, my question to you is... Why did that man walk into my house asking for you?" I cock a single brow, patiently anticipating her reply. "Your guess is about as good as mine boss." Her brows furrow, while she's deep in thought. Hmmmm... I keep a penetrating eye on her, gauging her reaction from the fresh piece of information I just fed her. I rub my hand along my jaw. "If that man wants your fresh little pussy, you're to give it to him. You hear me?" "I'm still underage." She stands there looking like a panicked puppy."I don't fucking care if you're still a fifteen-year-old girl. As long as you work in my house you will do as I say." I irritably say.  "Ye,s boss." She says as she bows her head turning to leave."Hold on." I ground out.Her body stops and slowly turns to face me."Where's the money." I greedily ask. She pulls it out from under her slinky dress and places it in my waiting hand. I take a good look at it. What the fuck is this shit!"Is this it?" I say with disbelief"Yes." She nods. "No tip?" I couldn't help but scoff.She shakes her head.Cheap bastard! "Do you need a lesson on how to suck Yina?"  "No." She quickly replies. "He's booked in for tomorrow. If I get this.." I throw the money at her.  "We'll be spending the rest of the day in my office having one on one lessons." My eyes dance with amusement. "Ye,s boss." She swallows. "Good. You're late for your next appointment." I dismiss her. She rushes out of the room, and I laugh at her vanishing figure. Who knew my sweet little Mal would bring me good fortune. "Right, where the fucks Maddie?" I look at Lisa. "Taking a shower getting ready for her next client." "Make sure you tell her to see me in my office before she leaves you hear me?" I look at her sternly. "Yes, boss." She nods. "Come give me a kiss." I smile at her. She slowly gets off her stool, taking her sweet ass time. When she's in arms reach, I slip my finger in the front of her sexy lace bralette and pull her in towards me. I could swear,  I caught a glimpse of repulsion in her eyes.I lightly brush my lips over hers, savouring every moment of our touching lips. I place my open mouth over hers, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, assaulting it. I slowly start to massage her tongue with mine, secretly revelling in her sweetness. I swear one of these days, I'll have this beauty bouncing on my cock with her juicy breasts jiggling in my face. Even if I have to fucking pay for it, I'll have her under me, screaming my fucking name as she cums all over MY fucking cock.One day soon I tell you.You just watch this fucking space.

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