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   Chapter 2 ~Time To Pay Up~

CLUBROOMS' DIARY By Jay Crawley Characters: 9183

Updated: 2021-04-12 09:48

MALAYINAMay 8th 2018 "You remember mikros?" His voice is low and steady. Keeping my head bowed. "Yes, I remember." I sigh. I just didn't think he would actually find me. Not today on my actual birthday anyway. Chad thinks my birthday's in September. A little white lie I wrote down on his payroll information booklet. I mean shit... When the guy tells you once your legal, you're for the taking. So I decided to buy myself a couple more months with the hopes of skipping town again. "How did you find me?" I ask curiously. "It wasn't hard at all." He says, offering me his hand. I accept it and stand. I walk over to the dial on the wall and lighten the room. His eyes trail down my body, feasting on my white baby doll dress, leaving little to nil for his imagination."Cute." He says approvingly, winking at me. I cover myself with my arms, turning towards the door, reaching for my robe."No." His hand snakes around my wrist and he pulls me flush up, against him.My hands land on his chest, my sex brushed up against his erection. I lightly push myself away from him and take a step back. "How?" I ask him with more urgency this time. If he could find me easily, my father wouldn't be too far behind either. "You can't find something that was never let out of your sight mikros." One side of his mouth curls up into a smile. "You've been following me?" I say through gritted teeth."Nai, you owe me a lot of money." "Shit!" I turn from him. I know I don't have near enough."I only have 10k." "You owe A hundred thousand." He states.I turn to face him, my heel snapping in the process and I feel myself heading for grand face planting to the floor. "Whoa!" He says surprised, reaching forward he catches me. I stare at his face, taking in every chiselled angle, the slope of his perfectly shaped nose and lower plumped lip.What are you doing Mal?I clear my throat and use his body to upright my self, then I fix my dress. "I don't have anything close to that amount." Fear surrounds me. "You're a sex worker, what do YOU mean you don't have anything close to that amount?. He scowls at me. "I suck dick!" I sigh loudly. "I ONLY SUCK DICK HERE." I hated the words that left my mouth. But it was the sad, horrid truth."Ha!" He scoffs. "Chad doesn't want the police showing up on his doorstep. So he's waiting till my eighteenth.""Which is today." He looks at me quizzically."Yes, but only you and I know that." I lower my voice. "And I'd like it to stay that way."He looks at me through darkened eyes, as if he's trying to decide whether or not he wants to believe me."I'll return tomorrow, and every day after that till you have something to tell me that's worth my time." He says through gritted teeth as he reaches for the door. "Wait!" He turns around to face me. I get on my knees and Recite my lines once again."My name is YINA, and I am here for your pleasure." I bow my head. "What are you doing.""You came to see me didn't you?" "Nai" His breathing picks up."I can't have you leave without being pleasured and me being paid." Shame coats me like a wildfire losing control. "Chad will fire me." "Skatá - shit." A frustrated growl leaves his body. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulls out a bundle of notes in a clip. He slides a note out and hands it to me. I take it and look at it."I can't take this." I look at him annoyed."I don't have anything smaller." He grits out. "Are you trying to make things harder for me? The girls will lose their shit, and Chad will expect me to pull hundred dollar bills outta my ass every time." He can't be serious!"As I said, I don't have anything smaller." He repeats. I stand and give it back to him. "You don't want it now?" He looks at me amused. I reach the door and open it. "I'll pay for it, just deduct it from the money I owe you." I stare at him, challenging him to refuse my offer. He arches a brow and walks through the threshold. "I think you have this whole situation wrong." He smirks at me. "How so?" "I'm the one in control here mikro, not you." He flashes me with his pearly white straight teeth and leaves. "Jerk," I say as I watch him saunter through the halls, whistling, and winking at the other girls. I slam the door behind me, and start pacing up and down the carpet, desperately trying to figure out what the fuck I'm gonna do. I don't even have anything worth cashing in, I've been living off the bare minimum trying to penny-pinch every cent I have. I mean shit, I can't even remember the last time I brought myself any new clothes or shoes. Everything I own,

including my undergarments, come from the thrifty stores.One blow job would buy me a new top, three for pair of jeans and six for a pair of shoes. That's ten blow jobs for one fucking outfit. Tips around here are shit too. I did ask chad if I could work behind the bar when I'm client free."Honey," He chuckles. "Why would I put you behind the bar when you're underage? I'd rather have you In the rooms bouncing on some horny bastards dick." He gave me a stern look. "I'll get a pretty penny for your virgin pussy when you hit eighteen." He smirks. That's it! I could sell my virginity online. I've seen the threads all over social media about other girls selling their most prized possession. Something you can only give away once. I owe Amar A hundred thousand, I've seen some of those girls get as high as Two hundred thousand. If I'm lucky enough, I'll be able to have enough money to set myself up somewhere nice for good. I'll be free of this place and free from the slavery I brought upon myself. I exhale long and slow, ridding myself with the newfound problematic stress I've brought upon myself. Today's a good day. I swear it upon the gods, my life is looking a lot brighter. I smile.  "YINA!" Chad yells out for the second time today.Shit! Let me rephrase that. Tomorrow's going to be a good day!"Mal," Lisa says as she opens the door. "Shitface is waiting for you at the bar." She sighs. The girls like to call Chad Shitface because when he asks for a kiss, it's like kissing a log of shit. "His breath fucking stinks! I swear the man eats arse for breakfast and it isn't the good type too." Lisa gagged as she rushed off to the bathroom to wash her mouth out. "Coming." I sigh. "Hey, have you got a spare 'Double Sawbuck' ($20) till tomorrow?" I quickly ask her. She reaches into her bra and pulls out the money. "Here," she said looking at me oddly. "Thanks" I tuck it inside the string of my thong on my hipbone. I follow Lisa to the bar. Chads standing behind the bar, nursing a glass of bourbon. When he sees me entering his face lights up. "Babycakes..." He tilts his head to the side and smiles  "Yes, boss." I look at him oddly. "Do you know whose dick you just blew?"He takes a sip from his glass. "No." I lie."That man," He smiles brightly, bobbing his head up and down with excitement. "Is Amar Diamandis." He laughs. "He owns the biggest law firm in Auckland City. He has all the little Piggies under his thumb. Under his beck and call because he is a force to be reckoned with. His family come from money back home in Athens. His grandfather runs the Philadelphia Greek Mob in the states. That man exudes power where he goes." He looks at me silently for a minute, his eyes heavy on my face. "So, my question to you is... Why did that man walk into my house asking for you?" He cocks a single brow. "Your guess is about as good as mine boss," I reply. FUCK!!! My inner self screams.We're royally fucked. He keeps a penetrating eye on me, gauging my reaction to the history lesson he just gave me. Rubbing his jaw with his hand. "If that man wants your fresh little pussy, you're to give it to him. You hear me?" "I'm still underage." "I don't fucking care if you're still a fifteen-year-old girl. As long as you work in my house you will do as I say." He says cruelly.  "Yes, boss," I say bowing my head. I turn to leave."Hold on." He snaps.My body freezes and I slowly turn towards him."Where's the money." His eyes light up. I pull it out from under my dress and place it in his open hand. He looks at it, examining it closely. "Is this it?" He looks disappointed."Yes." I nod. "No tip?" He scoffs. I shake my head. "Do you need a lesson on how to suck Yina?" His brows furrow. "No." I start to panic. I've heard the stories about his lessons, and quite frankly they scare the shit outta me."He's booked in for tomorrow. If I get this.." He throws the money at me. "We'll be spending the rest of the day in my office having one on one lessons." His eyes flash with excitement. "Yes, boss." I swallow. "Good. You're late for your next appointment." He dismisses me. I walk back to my room with shaking limbs. Amar Diamandis is a fucking Greek god in the real, big bad world. This plan selling my virginity better fucking work or I'm as good as dead.But if his family come from money then why is he so eager to get me to pay him back? Fear creeps its nasty little self back up my spine. "Hi, my names YINA." I close my eyes and bow, getting on my knees. "I am here for your pleasure." A wave of nausea hits me. 

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