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   Chapter 5 REVENGE

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Ash took her to the bedroom and made her sit in the bed. He bent down, took her leg, and started massaging it. Rose was shocked to see it .Ash was looking downward and Said “I am sorry; I didn't know she would come.”

Rose did not understand what the meaning of his word was. Why is he saying that? Therefore, Rose put her hand on his shoulder and looked at him. Ash said" she is my half-sister and her name is Alina. My dad married her mother and they both came into this house. I am sorry to let you see her. ‘Rose didn't understand why he had to be sorry for his sister. Ash also did not explain anything. The phone starts Beeping again. Ash took the phone and walked outside. Rose left all by herself and she started walking around the room.

Yesterday she did not have time to look around the room. She should today. She was looking at the room carefully. It was also black and there was a picture of ash sitting on a beachside. Something strikes Rose but she could not put a finger on it. It felt like she saw this but where she can't remember. She was looking very carefully but suddenly ash came behind her and hugged her from behind. Do you like this picture?

Rose shook her head as yes. "Do you know where this is?"Ash asked. Rose shook her head as no. "This is () beach, have you ever been there." Rose again shook her head as no. "One day I will take you there." Rose gave a very beautiful smile upon hearing it.

She took out a little finger and pointed it at him. Ash did not know and asked, "What is this?" she again showed her finger in front of him. Ash also took his little finger and they both bound two fingers. Ash did not understand the meaning of it and said what it means. Rose didn't say anything." you won’t talk with me. Are you ok? Let us see how much longer you will not speak with me. But now I have to go. I have some work to do." Then he kissed her on the forehead and he walked out of the room.

After an hour of driving, he reached a tall building. Some people came out to greet him. They all gave a deep bow to him but he did not even look at them .He just walked to the elevator. He went to his cabin on the top floor. An assistant came into his room "good morning sir. Do you want coffee?"

“No, tell me about today's meeting." They both discussed meetings and then the assistant left the room. Ash started to work on some files and again his phone started ringing. When he looked at the caller, ID his face became dark. He took a deep breath and received the call. On the other line, there was silence. After a few seconds male voices came in, "Don’t you greet your dad?" Ash only said one-word "SPEAK," the other man said, “Is this how you treat your dad.”

“I learned it from my dad." Ash's dad became angry and shouted, "How dare you," Ash said, "I know why you called." Dad asked

"Then explain who she is? What was she doing at your mansion yesterday?"

Ash said, "My woman and I don't have anything further to say than this. Ash's dad became angrier and said, “Don’t you

have any shame? You brought a roadside girl and took her into your house? Are you becoming mad day by day?”

“Stay out of my business like I didn't in your case "and cut the call. The assistant knocked on the door and Said" sir, the meeting is about to start in 10 minutes''. Ash just shook his head and indicated to get out. After 10 minutes, the meeting started and all the heads of the apartment were present in the meeting. For some reason today, they were shivering in this cold aura. They all looked toward the source of this and this is none other than their Boss. Ash indicated to start the meeting and all of them were relieved to see Ash did not shout at anyone. After the presentation ended, Ash looked at all of them and stated, "What is this? How do you all work? Is that why I pay you money? Please if you can't do the job then get out."

After saying this, he just left the room. All of them became shocked and did not know what to do. Then the assistant came and said that "sir is today .you all just redo your work. Tomorrow we will have another meeting. I will talk with the boss “and the assistant also left. Ash came into the room and threw all the files on the floor. The assistant came into the room and said, "May I help you, sir?" he just said no and said to go out. The assistant left but just about the time the assistant left a man came into the room and said, "Hi buddy." "Not now; Roy," Ash said. "Why? Why is my friend in such sour mode?" he looked at the assistant and the assistant just shook as he did not know and he left. Roy came and sat on the sofa, as he owns it.

“What are you doing? Ash asked. "Are you blind can't you see I am sitting"

“I can see that but I asked what are you doing here?"

"Come on man. I am here to talk with you. I have some spicy news for you. Some idiot brought a girl with 1 trillion dollars can you believe it. I was there at the auction but I cannot see any specific reason to buy this girl for about one trillion. In addition, this morning when I came to know that this idiot is my one and only friend I became shocked. Why did you do this? Are you crazy?” Ash didn't say anything." come on men. Speak up .Why did you do this? Are you some sort of crazy?" Ash walked near his sofa and said" I am not crazy as you are. I love my money more than you think I do."

“Yes, I can see that. You just did whatever you wanted." Ash said, "Look Roy; I know what I am doing."

Roy just looked at him and said, "You know the girl, don't you?

"Why do you think that so?" Ash asked. "Because I know you are not crazy. Who is she? How can I don't know that girl?”Ash smiled and said, “she was the reason why I am in this HELL". Roy asked "what?”

"Yes it's the long story to make it short I need her to speak up and only then can I have my REVENGE on her"

Hi, guys .How are you? I hope you all like today's chapter and let me know about those new CHARACTERS. The biggest reason why ASH wants REVENGE from our rose.

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