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   Chapter 3 ASH

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New moon, as slim and beautiful it is; it resembles how less thing we need to start new. And our rose doesn't have anything, only clothes in her body. Tactically speaking, it is also given by "master" that is what they call him. Rose could not see him but when he asked to come close, she saw a man. No, maybe a god is sitting there. Because there is no way someone can be so beautiful. However, even the moon has its scar. That man has a scar running down from the forehead to chin in a crescent shape. As if, someone wants to remind him that the moon, no matter how beautiful it is, is not perfect. Nevertheless, he looked so handsome that the word could not describe it.

Rose was looking into his eyes and saw Ash color eyes. The man came towards her and put his hand on her shoulder. "Do you know why I took you in? It’s because your eyes are so dark that it could consume anyone. You have many questions, I guess." The girl just kept staring at him. She did not know what to say. Or she might forget how to say it.

The girl lost in his eyes the man released and said, "My name is Ash. That is all you have to know. Now come to bed. "

The girl kept on staring at him. Ash became impatient. He took her hand and come to bed and said, “STRIP"

the girl becomes shocked. She started to shiver. Ash took a deep breath and came close to her. As Ash came toward her, she went backwards; this kept ongoing. Until she was blocked by a bed. She did not know where to go. Ash held both of her shoulders .She tried to resist but Ash said,"STOP."

The girls stopped struggling and looked into his eyes. Ash started unbuttoning the front of her dress. The girl did not say anything, just kept staring at him. The dress fell on the floor gently. Ash pushed the girl into the bed. He started moving his finger from her hair then to her cheek to the chin and downward to the neck. The girl remained silent. She looked into His eyes.

Ash said, "Why are you silent?

Why didn't you scream?

Why didn't you try to run away?

Why are you letting others do this to you?

Are you Mute?

Are you stupid?

Don’t you have anything to say for yourself?

Will you let me keep going?"

Rose looked into his eyes but said nothing. The man became frustra

ted and took hold of her hair. But the girl didn't say anything. Finally, Ash became angry and threw a punch beside her in bed. He removed himself from the bed and started to walk.

Ash kept asking "why, why, why?”

“Leave this room before I kill you," Ash ordered. Rose did not move and stayed in the bed. She did not leave. Ash became shocked by her behavior and said, "Fine do as you wish. I am leaving ".

Rose didn't know what came into her. She moved from the bed and got hold of ash's hands. Ash became astonished and asked“What are you doing?”But Rose didn't say anything as usual. Ash gave a deep sigh. Moreover, said, “Fine let's sleep. I am very tired today." he took her to bed and both of them were lying on the bed. Rose looked at him. She held his hand tightly. This movement made Ash look at her. He said, “If you don't say anything, how am I supposed to know what you want? I am not a mind reader; if you want to say something you have to say it, write it or Express so that I can understand" Rose just looked at him and tears dropped from her eyes. Ash became shocked and wiped the tears. “Why are you crying silly?" and Rose started crying more.“Ok Ok, no more crying. I'll tell you story it's a story about................ "

He told her story for an hour. Finally, she slept .Ash looking at her sleeping posture and smiled.

“Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be happy?

I met with you and thought that if I am really seeing you? How did this happen all these years? Do you know who I am? do you know me? Do I know you? Maybe this question will remain as a question. I do not know why you are here but I will keep you. Yeah no matter what, I will not let you go. I will keep you in this PRISON."

Rose started starring and Ash covered her with a blanket. The night came to end and what will be the new beginning? The future of these two only gods knows. Will their life be played by the faith or will it surrender to ENDLESS DARK? Only a new morning can tell. It will decide what will happen in their life.

Hi, guys what do you think? Does Ash know Rose from before? Why did she react to him? Or is there something more than this? Please comment and share your ideas. Lots and lots of love for you all.

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