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   Chapter 5 5. Scared to be

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From Tibet, Delisha plans to continue the journey to India alone while Kimberly has to go to China. Kimberly accompanies her to the NL City Train Station.

"Are you sure you can do it by yourself, Delisha?" asked the golden-haired woman with concern while holding Delisha's hand. She knew that Delisha had never gone anywhere alone. Delisha must be accompanied by people who are familiar with her. Because of her close relatives, she is calmer and less disturbed by various appearances.

Delisha nodded quickly. She held Kimberly's hand. "I'm confident, Kim. Besides, I can't keep depending on others. I think it's time for me to learn to live independently. Father and Xandy are getting married, I don't want to be a nuisance in their relationship." His father, Richard, was a senior agent at Xin Corp, while Xandy or Xandreena Aurora Xin, was his father's fiance, daughter of CEO of Xin Corp and Kimberly, as well as her childhood friend. "It's time for me to manage my own life and maybe find a life partner if I'm lucky enough ...."

Kimberly looked at her with glittering golden eyes then hugged her tightly. "Oh, Babe, I'm glad you think so. I hope you find it soon, I'm sure there will be a man for you, Delisha!" said Kimberly firmly.

"Thank you, Kim!" Delisha said as she carried her sling bag and then tighten her traveling coat.

"Uh, wait a minute!" Kimberly exclaimed when Delisha was about to turn away. She pulled something out of her pocket. The Lady's Badge. Golden emblem with a unique shape carved. It's the shape of the golden eye in the middle of the badge. "Take this!" Kimberly said. She put the badge on Delisha's hand.

"Kimberly, this is ...." Delisha was hesitant to accept it. She knew it was very significant to Kimberly.

"You keep it. I rarely use it. Maybe this thing will be more useful for you. Think of it as a lucky charm, okay?" Kimberly insisted.

Delisha kept the object in her pocket. "Thank you!" she said again and turned away. She waved to Kimberly before disappearing on the fast train that took her to India.


ND City, India.


About 48 hours away and several times changing trains, Delisha arrived at the ND City Train Station and the atmosphere in the biggest city in India was extraordinarily crowded. With high population density, diverse tribes, and castes, varied lifestyles, economic and educational disparities, making big cities like ND City prone to crime. Kimberly warned her to stay alert and not be alone when going for a walk in India. Xin Corp's representative employees in India will pick her up.

Humans are crammed in and out of trains. Women in brightly colored traditional Indian clothing did not hesitate to jostles with men who were big and strong enough, even many of them crammed with children and large luggage. Delisha did not want to die squashed by the crowd, she joined the throng, trying to get out of the train and find the station exit.

In the station yard, she sat on the porch steps like most others, waiting for pickup. Delisha put on sunglasses, maintaining her view of the surrounding conditions. There are a variety of people she sees. The one who moves to persuade a crying child is an ordinary human, although she sees the mother as a female cow and the child as a naughty cat. The man who spoke on the phone was also an ordinary person. Even though his head was covered with a cloudy aura. Some women look like hens. They speak Hindi, thick accent, nonstop, and mutually replied to nagging.

There was also a woman with a gray face, thin and looked pitiful, her sari gray, shabby and dirty, sitting crouching at the end of the stairs, people passing her by like fog. That is, definitely, a ghost. Delisha's body shuddered as she felt cold. The cold often feels when there are astral creatures around. She has often experienced it. The cold feeling and the hair on the back of the neck that always stands up, cannot be prevented.

She cast her gaze in the other way because the gray woman look

ed at her. In the middle of the road, among the passing vehicles, she saw a figure of a young man standstill with a body covered in blood, his head half gone, perhaps broken by accident. The young man looked at his own body as if wondering what had happened to him. Most wandering souls are trapped in their last feelings or memories before they die.

Delisha let out a nervous sigh. Waiting for her chest to stifle, moreover, the gray woman at the edge of the stairs crawled up the stairs and looked at her. She worried that the woman approached him. This ghost, duh, does not care whether it's broad daylight and many people, still roaming!

The gray woman did come at her. Crawling with hands and body soiled by black soil and smelly sewage. Gosh, Delisha really wants to throw up and run away! No one around her noticed the gray woman crawling near her feet and raising her hand. "Bhojan ...!" Food, she exclaimed in a hoarse voice and black sooty mouth. Delisha's legs trembled. She looked back and forth, looking for someone she knew. Delisha hurried to stand on her feet. She carried her bag, suitcase, and jacket, then ran from that place.

She entered a small shop near the station, and what she saw in the shop was even more terrible. A giant rat serves an unusual mixture of food to a group of starving dogs. Fresh blood dripped from their mouths. Panicking, Delisha turned, even hitting the door as she hurriedly ran out of the shop.

"What's wrong with that woman?" asked the men in the shop. They are a group of construction workers resting. Their mouths look bleeding from chewing khat.

Delisha wanted to cry but feels embarrassed. Shame to herself, because she was scared. She is not afraid of what she sees but she is afraid of solitude. She was alone in a foreign country and a big city full of foreigners. She stood on the side of the road and pulled out her cellphone nervously. She was about to con. tact Xin Corp representative who would pick her up, but her cellphone battery was exhausted. "Damn it !!" disdained Delisha. "What should I do?" She muttered softly. Behind the sunglasses that she wore, she could see people, especially men watching her movements. If she looks confused the bad guys could make use of her. She tried to calm down. She raised her head and stepped steadily as if she knew where she was going.

Delisha entered a modern minimarket. Luckily there aren't many people inside. Two employees are residents and two women are picking on goods. They didn't look terrible, even though one employee had a long mustache and a dark red face, while his friend had a white cotton face with black eyes and blood-red lips.

"Namaste! Welcome! Happy shopping!" greeted the two shop clerks while clasping their hands in front of their chests.

Delisha clasped her hands together and nodded at them.

"Can I charge my cellphone?" Delisha asked. She glanced at the employee ID card from behind her glasses. From the photos, the two men's faces are quite handsome actually.

"Sure, Miss, go ahead!" said the employee with a long mustache (in Delisha's vision) while giving the charger box key. Delisha left her cellphone in the charger box. Then she went around the convenience store choosing food and drinks. She paid for her groceries and prepared to go out when it suddenly rained heavily.

"Ah, it's raining!" Delisha murmured. She always feels depressed when she sees rain.

She chose to wait in a convenience store while brewing hot coffee. Sunglasses are placed on the top of her head. Delisha sat on the pantry bench and prepared to sip her coffee when a man entered the convenience store and seeing him, Delisha was stunned to the point where she did not notice the coffee in her hand had fallen. The black coffee spilled and puddled on the floor.

She is wondering what creature is that man.


To be continue ....

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