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   Chapter 4 4. The Journey

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***Himalayan Mountains, Tibet, October 2018***

October is the best season for climbing the Himalayas. During daylight, the weather is quite sunny, and the temperature around 7°C. There were two women in thick warm clothes and equipped with hiking backpacks, lying on their backs under the bright blue sky. They are Kimberly and Delisha. Delisha was still trying to catch her breath, while Kimberly was calmer. They were resting because they had just reached the summit of Everest. Low air pressure and less oxygen make their bodies have to make adjustments first.

Kimberly and Delisha came from 2034. Be able to control time allowed Kimberly to bring Delisha to 2018. Because of her ability to control the time, Kimberly did not seem to age, even though her actual age was around 50 years, while for Delisha, currently 24 years old, they looked on a par.

In 2034 due to extreme global warming, the Himalayan peaks are almost snowless, the earth becomes very hot, makes many beautiful scenes damaged by the uncontrolled exploitation of nature. In 2018, according to Kimberly, is the emergence of the biggest triggers of global warming. Therefore they will try to investigate and prevent that or at least minimize its impact.

Before starting the mission, Kimberly and Delisha went on an expedition to the Himalayas. Kimberly's goal is to trace the journey of her mother's life. In the youth of Alice, her mother, had a spiritual experience in the area. She hopes to experience events like her mother. As for Delisha, Kimberly wanted to give her training before carrying out the mission.

"How does it feel to conquer the highest peak in the world, Delisha?" asked Kimberly.

"Extraordinary!" Delisha answered, breathing hard. Kimberly gets up first and reaches out to help her get up.

"This is good for your physical training, Delisha. Climbing will also train your survival instincts and the ability to make decisions and strong beliefs. If you are hesitant or confused choosing which path you should take, you will end up harming yourself and others." Kimberly advised her. Delisha is her best friend's child, and this is the first time she has been sent off on a mission, so she is so worried about Delisha.

Delisha's mission is to investigate several business figures in India who are the cause of the massive exploitation of nature in 2018. Armed with her knowledge in the future, Delisha expected to be able to prevent the occurrence of things that can trigger global warming.

Despite having the ability to see the past and future, Kimberly can not see Delisha's life journey. If she tried to glimpse Delisha's life, she only saw darkness, like sinking into a bottomless black mist without end. According to her, it was because Delisha'life did not list in the book of life.

Delisha knows that her life is a mystery, even for women who have abilities like Kimberly. She did not think that there was a weakness in Kimberly's ability. Feeling herself were different from normal humans, Delisha was often overwhelmed by grief.

When she was three years old, Delisha was taken hostage by those who wanted to damage Xin Corp. They threatened her mother to betray the corporation by kidnapping Xander Xin's son, Anthony. It was the drama that makes her mother killed at the hands of agent Kimberly, who was none other than Anthony's mother.

At the age of 3 years, Delisha should have died because her captors killed her. But Kimberly came to the past, saving her from death. Now she lives in a time when she should have died.

The distortion of this life made Delisha have a unique ability if you don't want to call it a curse. Because the lifeline that did not list in the book of life and death, she is often the target of wandering spirits who want to take over her body.

As if the world hadn't tried enough to break her, she had one more abnormality. It is her eyes seei

ng things that cannot be seen by ordinary eyes.

Delisha sees someone based on the person's aura. Rarely did she see someone with that person's normal appearance without any frills, including those closest to her. Ordinary humans are not humans for her. In her eyes, their faces and bodies can be like animals or auras with certain colors and shapes. Sometimes she could not distinguish the people before her between ordinary people, imitation creatures, or haunted ghosts. From that aura, Delisha can also predict one's life span.

Because of that, at school, Delisha could not get along normally. She is too straightforward when dealing with others. Actually, it means to remind someone not to behave like an animal, or to comment about problems that afflict someone and tell sensitive things like, "I know when you die!" It turns out that it only plunged her into exile and oppression by others.

"On top of the Himalayas it is believed there are stairs that connect to the gates of heaven," Kimberly said. "Did you see the stairs, Delisha?" she said while glancing at the border between the snow on the mainland and the blue sky at the highest peak of the world.

Delisha shook her head. "I can't see things like that, Kimberly, I think my eyes only see spirits and aura, which is no use at all," she said wistfully. She felt that her ability made it difficult and not useful for any mission. She wondered why this time Xin Corp sent her because of that ability.

Kimberly tapped her shoulder, "Ah, don't be so pessimistic, Delisha! I'm sure your ability must be of use, God won't create us for nothing," she said encouragingly.

Delisha smiled wryly but was grateful for that. Herself was not convinced, but there were others who were convinced of her abilities, Delisha was comforted.

"Come on, let's continue the journey! It's time for us to go down. We must arrive at the camp before dark," Kimberly said as she packed up their climbing gear. "We have a lot of things to do immediately, like going to India and getting to know handsome men there and maybe dating one of them," she said excitedly to Delisha.

The woman snickered. "Kim, please don't make fun of me, you know, men are not normal in my eyes, they will be like horses or brindle crocodiles. How can I date animals? I'm not fond of," she is whining and covering her face because of shame.

{{ or zo.op.hi.lia is a term of disorder that describes feelings or behaviors involving animals, perhaps focusing on pets such as dogs or farm animals such as sheep, cattle, and goats. Perpetrators get satisfaction when engaging in activities with animals, both only physically and with their feelings.}}

Delisha is a beautiful woman with healthy beige skin, round brown eyes sparkling bright, bright nose, and a square jaw with filled-cheeks, forming dimples when smiling. But beauty does not make her easy to get a partner. During this time being, she was never close to the opposite se.x because of their appearance in her eyes. She won't be able to kiss someone who looks like a horse or a crocodile, let alone making love to her. Just imagining it makes her desperate.

Kimberly looked at her sympathetically and hugged her tightly. "Oh, Babe, I'm sure you will find it, and that person will become a very special person!" said Kimberly firmly. "Life is full of mysteries, so is love, Delisha."

Hearing those words made Delisha excited. She smiled sweetly, showing curves on both cheeks that added beauty to her face. They shouldered a backpack containing equipment and continued their journey down the Himalayan hills.

This trip, let it be a mystery. We will never know what will be experienced or encountered.


To be continue ....

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