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   Chapter 3 3 The Hunter

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Even being a hunter is very easy for Devdas. He does not need to go to the forest or crawl in the dark of the night to find prey. He only needs to wait for the prey will come to his place, offering themself to him.

That night in his Golden Star Hotel club, he was present in a party crowd. In the dim and flickering lights and loud middle-eastern rhythmic music, people were frozen to look at the figure of the one man. Wearing a tuxedo suit wrapping around his perfect body. Black hair is neatly combed back, handsome face beaming and deep eyes, calm captivate everyone who saw it. People know, only Devdas Star Tailes is able to give such strong charm with just a glimpse of his appearance.

Devdas sat in a dark corner of the room. Guards on standby nearby. The drink is served before him. Three women dropped their bodies by his side. They are there to serve him. Devdas sat back with his legs crossed, took a sip slowly. His gaze fell on the belly dancer woman who was wriggling on the stage in the middle of the club.

The woman with golden skin, long wavy hair flowing, chain jewel adorned her head. The coli top with sparkling sequins like gems, forming dense rounded breasts like peeled coconut. A flat stomach and shaking trembling like an earthquake when the dancer shimmy. Thin skirt's fabric with a long hemisphere to the hips displays a beautiful long leg. Jewelry on the hips, hands, and feet jingle to follow the movements of her body.

The dancer shook her body to the rhythm of music from the zither, drum, and violin plus electro beat. On the edge of the stage, many people crowded around looking at her and wanting to touch her body. But as powerful as anyone who surrounds it, unable to make her turned head. Her eyes were only fixed on the figure in the dark corner. She is Maya, a long-standing erotic belly dancer in the entertainment world, and tonight she chooses who is her prey. Devdas Star Tailes, CEO of Star Corp.

Is there something he can't get? Devdas asks himself. A grin spread across his face as his bodyguard whispered about the belly dancer.

After the show was over and the loud applause echoed in the club, Devdas chose to leave the club and head for his room on the top floor of the hotel. Devdas stood facing a large bed covered with black bed linen which this time looked neat and tight as if it had never been used. When he loosened his collar, a voice called from behind.

"CEO Devdas Star Tailes!" exclaimed a woman in a soft, seductive voice. Devdas glances behind him and sees the dancer standing in the middle of his room.

That's so fast! thought Devdas. Then he won't waste time either. He turned to face the woman. "Miss Maya, the Goddess!" His eyes winked at the beauty of Maya. Big emerald green eyes and seductive red lips. The body wrapped in minimal clothes with a flick of a finger will be separated from the beautiful body. The face is quite calculated this time.

"It is an honor to serve you, my lord!" Maya exclaimed while bending her body and breasts as if they were about to fall from their place.

"Not!" said Devdas "I am the honored one to entertain a woman like you in my bed, Miss Maya!"

"Please, just call me Maya, my lord!" Maya said, staring at the man before her with a flirty glance. "I'm here to please my lord!"

Devdas immediately pulled Maya and threw her body onto the bed. He opened the suit quickly and left it lying on the floor. His masculinity straightens up to touch his navel.

Maya was too amazed to see that he couldn't wait to touch her. "Sir, why don't you let me warm you up first?" Maya asked. Devdas had crawled up the bed and pushed her lay on her back.

"What comes quickly will leave quickly too!" Devdas muttered and then crushed Maya's red lips strongly.

Maya, who had longed to be with Devdas, was both surprised and delighted to find that the man was passionate about her. Not in vain she has been studying various studies and conducting various rituals so that men bend their knee

s to her. Even the CEO type of men like Devdas was easily conquered. She was very happy. Moreover, Devdas seemed to like to play rough and not hesitate to her.

"Aah!" Maya cried when her breast covering coli was removed from her body with a strong pull from the CEO's hand, freeing her plump breasts from the support. The cheesecloth of her skirt was roughly torn and the jeweled sequined bikini she was wearing was pulled roughly. Gem beads scattered on the floor. Large and rough hands squeezed strongly and pressed against her chest made Maya almost unable to breathe. Luckily, her breasts were real, if they were made of silicone they might break because of the man's squeeze.

"Sir!" sighed Maya half-screamed when Devdas quickly inserted his male utensils into her body.

"Ahh !!" Devdas sighed heavily when his maleness entered the gap in Maya's groin. Not expecting this woman's cunt still tight. Indeed women like Maya are on a different level than ordinary women. Enjoyment of the body would receive special care. This woman is not as easy as she seems.

Maya smiled with satisfaction seeing the man's eyes half-closed and seemed to give up when entering hers. But her smile disappeared when Devdas looked back at her.

Her looks to be a plus. Devdas stretched her out so he could enjoy her face and he didn't like to see her smile. He wants to see another face. A beautiful face that was hurt. He plunged his body into Maya's body, pumping with all his strength and as fast as possible.

"Ah ... ah, ah ...!" Maya's rapid sighing and hunting breath rang in the room. Maya glared at the man who could not be named again because their bodies vibrate so fast. She has reached a climax. But Devdas continued to hunt without giving her a chance to breathe and calm her turmoil.

"Ah, hahaha !" Maya laughs at her discovery.

"What makes you laugh?" asked Devdas, trembling.

"Sir ... ah ... you are, ah ... very ... amazing!"

"Oh, huh?" His temples twitched. Devdas doesn't like praise. He was tired of hearing that. "Then ...," he murmured, "I want to see if you can still laugh. Just a little longer." He made Maya's body tremble faster and stomped strongly against the head of the bed, making Maya creak short several times.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Maya grimaced in pain.

"Arrgh!" Devdas growled and parts of his body inside Maya felt tight as it enlarged and were ready to blow up their cargo. His hands reached Maya's soft neck and his fingers curled there. Maya's face, which initially whimpered in pleasure mixed with pain, now added to fear. Her green eyes enlarged and darkened when big and strong hands gripped her neck. She could hear and see how hard her own self was trying to breathe.

"Akhk!" Maya's screeches stuck in her throat. Devdas choked her neck and squeezed tightly like squeezing something until it drained the liquid it was carrying. Maya can hear the sound of broken bones and that's when a big explosion wave gushes in her womb and the waves of pleasure that deliver to the end of life. Maya's life is separated from her body. Eyes wide open and unnatural curve in the neck.

"Beautiful!" sighed Devdas while slowing his thrust into Maya's body. He loved to see a beautiful face with eyes wide open and an expression of fear that was not made up. "Too bad you came too soon," he muttered, pulling himself from Maya's lifeless body. The body was still warm and seemed to be breathing.

Devdas doesn't care. He cleaned his crotch with a tissue and then looked at his own body wet with sweat. He felt relieved. One thing he realized since becoming a human. Why humans have because it turns out to follow one's desire and vent it, can wreak extraordinary pleasure. Unfortunately, he quickly became bored.

"It seems to be more fun to hunt out there than to hunt in a cage alone," he snorted cynically.


To be continue ....

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