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   Chapter 2 2. The Golden Star

The Fallen Star By Artistan Seciliano Characters: 6170

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***India, October 2018***

Devdas Star Tailes is a name well known in the world of business and socio-economics throughout the world. He even holds the title 'Midas Touch' because, in the last 30 years, anything that has been touched by Devdas Star Tailes has always been gold, making money and profits.

It is said that since he was born, both parents who are researchers at the South Pole always get the abundant fortune. Related to the results of their research in Antarctica on the vast map of mineral reserves, which led them to gather the Star Corp. Star Corp discovered the gold mining grooves that were distributed on various continents. Because Manisha and Rajashkar Tailes are Indians, they started opening a gold mine in India.

Devdas Star Tailes' parents have died, making Devdas the sole heir to Star Corp. His figure is indeed mysterious. There has never been a publication about the personal life of a single entrepreneur, only his appearance can be enshrined in the media, a man with a tall, slender body and attractive appearance. The mystery becomes a special attraction for women. He became the ideal man of many women throughout the world.

Besides being rich, handsome, and mysterious, Devdas Star Tailes is also famous for his generosity. Countless social activities are funded, starting from orphanages, hospitals, foundations for people with disabilities, social institutions, protection of children and women, as well as assistance for refugees and natural disasters. His generosity earned Devdas the title 'Hope Star'. He is praised and praised like a guardian angel for mankind.

Behind praise and flattery to him, not many know the dark side of a Star Corp CEO, Devdas Star Tailes. He has too much money so he does not hesitate to share it with people in need. And he buys what people sell to him.

Like the woman who is currently having intercourse, who sells herself for family expenses. A young woman who has a lot of potentials, but is too desperate to have no other way but to sell herself.

Beautiful body with wet tanned skin drenched in sweat. Black hair with long, messy braids. Devdas doesn't care about her face. He took the woman by making her creep. The woman's face struck the bedstand repeatedly and quickly, as fast as the beat of Devdas thrust himself into her crotch. The sound of moans and groans in pain he was ignored. He did it not to please her. He did it only to vent his passions and pleasures, to satisfy himself until his slave died.

When the woman is dying in his clutches, that's when he reaches his climax. He, Devdas Star Tailes, is a cold-blooded killer.

When he was finished with his release, he pushed the woman's body away like throwing dirty clothes on the floor. His men who always stand guard at the edge of the room immediately clean the body. Whether it's alive or dead, Devdas doesn't care.

Devdas doesn't need to speak because his men already know what to do. They will send some money to the woman's family, or whoever sells it, afterward, the outworn body will be sold to the organ market. No one will open th

eir mouths to mention Devdas Star Tailes or Star Corp. Everything is done in a neat and organized manner.

In some areas, this is common. Parents sell their children or sell themselves, men or women alike, some are still virgins and are underage, to be used as vents for some people. If there is nothing else to sell, they will sell their organs to the donor market at a low price and the organs will be sold again by collectors at high prices.

But not all of the organ sales are for medical purposes. Some buy organs for consumption. A few people consume certain organs for certain purposes, for example, to live long, to stay young, to stay rich, or to eat on a daily basis. In addition to organs, they can also become blood donors. Human blood is also traded. Even the most expensive and most trusted item is a human baby fetus. Many women are fo.rc.ed or voluntarily to sell fetuses in their wombs. Some sell, of course, because there are buyers.

Devdas cleans his body under the shower in a luxurious bathroom and he sees his reflection in the mirror. His eyes are dim and cold. He felt empty.

Countless women and men are dying in his hands. Men, women,, opium, wealth, praise, pleasure, life, and everything in this world is easily obtained, too easy instead, making him bored and fed up with his daily activities. Drugs don't give the happy effect he wants anymore. Intercourse no longer gives him satisfaction, killing no longer gives him any sensation.

Fifty-seven years he has been on earth and living as a human, the longer he is getting bored. As soon as he fell to the earth, he apparently had the same lusts and needs as ordinary people. He felt hungry and thirsty. Things that he had never felt when he was a celestial being. He felt like animals. He felt sleepy and tired. And he also felt pain. He can get hurt, he can fall and feel pain because of it. But no matter how bad or severe the injuries he sustained, he would not kill him.

He does not age and can not die. He has eternity. As if that wasn't enough, one more thing that bore him as a human being is that everywhere he has to walk on foot. Previously he had wings and he could go anywhere by flying and racing fast and disappearing in an instant. Using the feet is impractical and a waste of energy.

Devdas exits the bathroom while drying himself with a towel and some of his men are waiting. They are men in black suits, well-built, and ready at all times.

"Sir!" exclaimed Sanjay, his personal assistant. The man bowed and handed a suit and shirt to Devdas to wear. "Do I need to prepare another snack tonight, Sir?" Sanjay asked again while Devdas buttoned up his shirt. "Not!" answered Devdas. "Tonight, I will personally look for my snack!"

He smoothed his collar and looked at his own face in the mirror. Hunting alone would be more fun, he thought with a thin smile tilted on his lips. Intoxicating and mysterious smile.


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