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   Chapter 1 1. The Fallen Star

The Fallen Star By Artistan Seciliano Characters: 5647

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The lord of the universe created various creatures complete with all the advantages and disadvantages of each. All creatures were created by God with love and no one has evil in them. Situations that make someone do evil.That also applies to the great beings of heaven, beings that are created holy, free from, and never oppose the command of the Almighty. They carry out their respective duties and functions like a god-level agency and corporation. The creatures were manly and handsome adult human beings equipped with sturdy wings on their shoulders to make it easier for them to travel.The holy creature apparently did not escape making mistakes. One of them is an angel, because of his arrogance, opposing superiors who question the implementation of their duties on an incident. His boss was furious and kicked the young man so he was thrown from the ground floor of heaven.

The winged young man shouted with all his might. His scream penetrated the sky and was heard as far as the earth like a huge explosion that split the sky. The youth's fall was not a short distance, because he passed tens of times the speed of light. When entering the solar system, gravity pulls its body into the protective layer of a planet.

The gold-silver shield and the silk clothes that he was wearing slowly disintegrated because of the fire arising from friction with atmospheric particles. His body also burned to make his screams louder, until the ground shook. The white wings turn black, become coals to the bones, then turn to ash and erode. It doesn't have wings anymore. His body is hot, cools as the air passes through.

Now he was only a pile of flesh wrapped in skin, long limbs, and a dark-haired head. He looked at his fingers. He stopped screaming, saw the light blue sky above him. Is this the end? His hands were clenched into fists. He growled angrily and glared up at the people up there.

He has been insulted by being dropped into a puddle called the Earth. Hundreds of years of service in the sky have been paid by the dismissal of one-sided employment by his superiors. He is not willing !! He promised himself he would repay this insult. He will make creatures on Earth become more despicable than himself. So humiliated that only darkness would be seen. He will create very thick darkness until those in the sky see how black the Earth is.

*South Pole, Antarctica. December 22, 1960.*

Antarctica is the only continent on Earth that has no permanent native population. Its area is isolated far right in the area of the axis of the southern Earth. With an area of around 14 million square kilometers, most of it is covered by thick ice with thicknesses of up to hundreds of meters. Such geographical conditions make temperatures in Antarctica reach tens of degrees below zero centigrade.


countries set up research posts in Antarctica. In addition to research interests, it is also due to mining materials in the region. The oil content in Antarctica is predicted to be more than 200 billion barrels and abundant coal. However, because Antarctica is classified as a conservation area and scientific research, mining activities are not yet permitted and all military activities are prohibited there. Its population is still small. Minimal life support infrastructure, except in the area of the research post, there are no cities and no centers.

At that time the sun was shining brightly, but the air temperature was no more than -28 degrees Celsius. A loud thud, the ground, and buildings shook, making hundreds of people in a research camp run out of the building to see what was causing the noise and vibration. For a moment they thought it might be an earthquake or a small asteroid or a huge avalanche. But what was seen was completely beyond their expectation.

On a vast stretch of snow formed a niche around 500 meters long. The gap is dark and deep. Black smoke seemed to waft out of the gap. As if that wasn't enough to stun, they were shocked by the figure of a man climbing out of the gap. A man with a very handsome and young face, dark hair, sharp nose and sharp eyes in gray, without any strings covering his body. Golden skin wraps the tall, slender body with perfect dense muscular indentations.

The male na.ked body was flawlessly smooth. He stood tall in the snow, while the black smoke behind him encircled his body and formed an invisible wing that spread wide on his shoulders. The minus temperature around him doesn't make him cold. The man glared at the people in thick clothes before him. They looked at him without blinking and open mouths, fascinated. He was a man who was extraordinarily handsome, making other men feel ashamed of themselves and the women were ready to take off their clothes for this man.

Black smoke emanated from the tips of his fingers, spreading toward the people who were frozen to look at him. A small amount of smoke entered the cavities of their bodies and their eyes turned completely black for a moment and then returned to normal after they blinked.

A sinister smile crossed the young man's lips from the sky. He said in a deep voice. "Are you not going to greet me, human? I am an angel who will guide you to eternity," he said.

The people before him knelt, then bowed to worship him.

Some angels are destined to fall because that way they can rule in the world. The young man looked up at the sky. "Remember my words!" he growled. "I will make this world completely shrouded in darkness!" Then his gaze moved to the humans before him. "Starting with these humans." His lips grimaced evil.

The angel is named Devdas Star Tailes.

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