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   Chapter 5 Five

Her Obsession By Lillith M Kennedy Characters: 5187

Updated: 2021-04-10 20:11

Tonya POVDakota comes over to see me. I thought he might come back, but I was not sure. He did enjoy himself last night. I still cannot believe he had never done anything with a woman before other than fooling around. He is undoubtedly a fast learner.I loved watching his face as he slides his cock in between my tits. The man is obsessed with tits. He loved every second of it, and when I finished him, I watched his face to see just how much he was enjoying himself. He was so generous to get me off after. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the night holds for us.I set the table for us. I put all of the food on the table. I go ahead and make his plate. He makes me another drink on the patio. Maybe I will fuck him out there next. He brings my glass in and hands it to me. “Nothing for you?” I ask him.“Do you have a beer?” Dakota asks.“I do, in the fridge,” I say to him.He takes a beer out of the fridge. He sits down at the table. “I cannot remember the last time I had someone cook for me,” Dakota says.“I cook every night; feel free to come to eat with me whenever you like,” I say to him.“You are very kind to me,” Dakota says.“You are easy to be kind, too,” I say to him.We eat our dinner, and he helps me clean up the kitchen. He keeps his eyes on my tits through most of the meal, and while we are cleaning, he touches my tits every chance he gets. “Do you want to go out on the patio?” I ask him.“Sure,” Dakota says.I take off my apron and go out on the patio naked. He follows behind me. “Aren’t you afraid someone will see you?” Dakota asks.“No one can see up here,” I say to him.“Really?” Dakota asks.“Yeah, really,” I answer him.

I lie back in my lounger with my legs divided. He sits between my legs and rubs my legs for a moment. “You can undress if you like; no one can see you, I promise,” I say to him.Dakota promptly stands and takes his clothes off. He dives between my legs and tops at my tits. He wants to suckle them, and I do not mind at all. I let him suckle my tits as he fingers my pussy. He gives me such pleasure. He pulls himself up to kiss me. His tongue danced in my mouth with much more ease tonight. He continues to finger my pussy hard. He learns fast. He kisses down my chest and back to my tits. “I love these,” Dakota says as he begins to suckle them one at a time again. He kisses down my stomach until he reaches my pussy. He dives in. He starts eating me like I am the best damn dessert he has ever had, and he just cannot get enough. “Do you want to fuck me out here?” I ask him.He doesn’t answer; he pulls up and lets his

cock dive into me. He thrusts into my pussy harder and harder. He latches back onto my tit as his cock penetrates me hard and deep. “Do you think about fucking me today?” I ask him.“Yes,” he moans.“Did you think about how my hot wet pussy tastes today?” I ask him.“All fucking day,” he moans, pushing into me harder as I excite him with my questions.“Did you think about sucking my tits?” I ask him.He rams into me harder. “Fuck, Yes I did!” he moans.He grabs hold of both of my tits as he rams into me harder and harder. “You want to unload on them, don’t you?” I ask him.“Yes, I want to cum all over your tits,” Dakota says. He continues ramming me harder and harder. “You want me to cum first?” I ask him.“Yes, cum for me slut!” Dakota demands for me to cum as he rams my pussy over and over. I reach down and begin to play with my clit as he rams into me. “Cum for me slut!” He demands again. I begin to cum hard, and he pulls out to eat me. He licks me until I finish. He continues eating my pussy after I cum. He is so good at eating pussy. I taught him well. He pulls me from the lounger, and I go to my knees. He slides in between my tits again and begins to push in and out until he cums on my tits. After he cums he pushes his cock into my mouth to finish him just like we did before. He helps me to my feet. “I am going to go shower, sweetie,” I say to him. I kiss him on the cheek. I leave him on the patio. I go into the shower and wash his cum off of my body. He is fun, but I know I cannot keep this up with him very long. I do not want him to get attached to me or developing any feelings for me. I will have to let him down easy, but first, I will give him one hell of a time. When I go back out on the patio, he is on the phone. I try not to listen, but I cannot help myself. When he sees me, he promptly gets off the phone. “You did not have to get off the phone because of me,” I say to him.“Sorry, it is a girl I have been seeing,” Dakota says.“Oh, I see; you don’t want her to know you are here with me, do you?” I ask him.“I do not think she would like it,” Dakota says.“Yeah, I do not think I would like to share you with anyone either if I was her,” I say to him. “Really, you think she would be jealous of you,” Dakota asks me.“Maybe I am jealous of her,” I say as I lean in and kiss him. Clearly, I will have to step up my game to hold on to his cock for the summer. I am not going to let some twenty-something twit take away my new boy toy. I thought I was going to just fuck him and let him go, but maybe I do not want to let go of him.

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